Prony the Python

Sta. Filomena, Alburquerque, Bohol

Prony the Python
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Nicko R.
3.0 Stars

Not much to see here. Just a bunch of pythons they caught and caged. They have a big one that died and stuffed it for picture taking. The whole place is depressing. It's not worth spending your time or your 30 pesos entrance fee.

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Shiela P.
2.0 Stars

Few snakes. Main attraction is the preserved Prony.

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Rachel T.
3.0 Stars

Besides snakes, you can also see different kinds of bird species at this zoo. The original attraction, prony, the largest snake here at bohol has already died but according to our driver they have another snake and has named it prony 2. There is also a short performance being shown here where a gay is lipsyncing a song. He will make you laugh. Some snakes are allowed for touching and taking pictures as long as you don't use flash to stress them out.

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

Having visited Bohol for a couple of times, Prony was no exception to our tours.

She's very much cared by the family that captured her and people from all over the world became fascinated by her.

On few occasions during our visit, we would get a glimpse of her during feeding time - it was a sight to see as well 128521 ..her caretaker who would entertain us visitors, also became very famous, who learned to speak a dozen greetings, thanks to foreign visitors that would visit the python.

Prony will be remembered in photos and nemories for those who have seen, touched and visited her. 128144128144128144

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Mikko F.
3.0 Stars

Scary snake. But the monkeys were entertaining! ✅

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Nesty A.
3.0 Stars

Prony is dead but his body is preserved. I thought he died because he was old (16 years old when he died) but the entertainer told us that he sacrificed his life for the life of his owner who was suffering from cancer, now cancer-free. It is said to be Chinese's belief. How touching!

Prony isn't totally gone. You can still see his dead body, shining. Not scary to touch nor take pictures anymore. For so long years, I didn't have guts to take picture with him. He was good, doesn't bite, but the thought that I could fit in his mouth made me really coward 128557.

That one in the photo is Prony's bone.

The owner got another phyton, Burmese, one of the largest snakes in the world also. He's young though and not as big as Prony yet.

There are some wild snakes in the area who actually bite, so be careful what you are touching. And some wild animals like birds and wild cats.

The entrance fee now is P25.

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Jacy Mae L.
3.0 Stars

There's this Chinese belief that their pets can sacrifice their life for their owners. This holds true for Prony the Python.

It was kinda creepy. According to the caretaker, Prony belonged to a Chinese owner who had cancer. Prony died, it exchanged its life for his beloved owner. Owner is still alive and cancer-free! But the famous Prony the Python is now dead. :(

It lived for good long 16 years! It was really huge! It had a 3ft diameter body. Look how big Prony was! I've attached a photo. Imagine that they feed it 2 goats once a month when it was still alive?

The body and bones were preserved and you can have a pictorial with it. Entrance fee is 60 pesos. You can see/touch and even kiss a bunch of pythons here.

3 stars because I'm not fond of snakes. :))

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

This was part of the tour we availed during our Bohol trip (in Dec 2011). Well, since we're already here then might as well face my fear of snakes... Not just a small one but this HUGE phyton. Meet Prony. 128013

I was actually okay! Hahaha! Not that scary coz there was a caretaker beside us inside the cage. At least, I didn't miss out on this experience! 128541

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Theresa L.
4.0 Stars

Decided to be "feeling matapang again" 128541

The biggest python in captivity can be found in Bohol that's why we also included this one on our itinerary! The place seems like a super mini zoo at all. All I remember is that, there's a monkey128018, different birds 128036, turtles 128034 etc. but the main attraction is Prony! 128013128013128013

It's not actually scary. *whee? 128517 Since Prony is well behave. It's my first time to touch a snake! The skin is like a leather bag, and I can actually feel him breathing! 128552

*it's selfie shot again 128557

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