Prosperity Court

2/F Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila, Newport Blvd., Newport City, Pasay, Metro Manila

Prosperity Court
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Open: 10:00a - 2:00a


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Most Recent Reviews

Neithan I.
5.0 Stars

Feast on a plateful of this unique Filipino holiday meal of tender ox tail and tripe topped with local veggies in tasty peanut sauce. Served with rice and garlic shrimp paste, you’ll definitely want more!

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Dominique Martel S.
5.0 Stars

Chicken Pork Adobo Pizza 128077 something new..

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Ian P.
4.0 Stars

Can't believe I've never tried this restaurant before. The wifey treated me using her emp card. Since then. We have eaten here 3 times!
The food here is surprisingly good, better than most of the rwm outlets.
I've had their char khey chow, pizzas, noodles, etc. Heck even the pinoy food is delicious.
Been here 3 times and counting and will not be the last.

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Rachel L.
5.0 Stars

I regret not having tried this restaurant more often. Well, nothing is ever too late. Good food!

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Joy Vee A.
4.0 Stars

Wok N' Steam
December 20, 2013

I understand that my brother is saving his funds for his holiday vacay here in the Philippines so we were looking for cheap(er) than the high-end restos inside the RW. Wok N' Steam was recommended by the guy who assisted us in gettig our RW Genting Card (free membership).

We ordered 1) Chow Rice P146.55 (presentation was messy but we're already hungry to care haha! my brother liked it. and 2) Wanton Soup P179.12 (It should be called Wanton Noodles) I dont want to describe the smell of the broth, but anything with egg noodles I loved it dearly. Big Bowl to be shared by 2. Food and Service was good. Served with free cold water. (I wonder why in some asian countries you need to buy your own bottle of water?)

TOTAL P400 (less P40 from the RW Card)

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Jamie G.
3.0 Stars

When you're playing (poker tournament) and you've got a 10-minute break, you don't want your ordertaker to be soooo, uhhh, kulang-kulang.

I wanted my usual. Jasmine Green Tea with Pearls. i couldn't go to Serenitea because I was sure I was gonna go over the 10 given to us.

Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Can I please get a large Jasmine GT w Pearls?

Girl: Ok, Jasmine Milk Tea with Pearls, Large.

Me: Uhh, no, I just want the Jasmine Green Tea. No milk.

Girl, asks co-worker: Pwede bang magdala ng hot tea sa poker room? (Lady co-worker shrugs. Really helpful.)

Girl, looks at me: Ma'am bawal po ata magdala ng hot tea doon.

Me: Hindi hot tea ang gusto ko. Large Iced Jasmine Green Tea with Pearls.

Girl: Ah, so yung malamig. Jasmine Milk Tea with Pearls.

Me, getting irritated: HINDEEE, Jasmine Green Tea LANG, walang milk.

Girl: Oo nga po, yung Jasmine MILK tea...

In this case, I interrupted na.

Me: HINDE. Diba ang Jasmine Milk Tea, Jasmine Green Tea yun, PLUS milk? Hindi mo ilalagay yung milk. Yung Jasmine GT lang.

Girl: Ay hindi po pwede yun...

By this time I wanted to shout PWEDE BA WAG IKAW ANG KAUSAP KO? UBOS NA ORAS KO SAYO!!!

Me: I don't see the point. Bakit hindi pwede, hindi mo lang ilalagay yung Milk sa order ko...

and then Kuya the Savior interrupts her, "Pwede yun, pwede yun!" (He just got there, hoped he got there sooner)


Kuya quickly does my drink while I was paying.
HE gets +1 star.

The drink was... plastic-balloony-tasting. Old Pearls. :( Sigh. Wasn't able to finish it.

oh, and I got the small lang because they ran out of their big cups. But, really, Prosperity? :( Haaaay.

PS, Ate isn't new ha. She was the one who served me early last year, ganun ren, kulang.

PPS, Don't get me wrong, this place serves some mean Chinese dishes. Haven't tried their pizzas and pastas though.

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