Provenciano Restaurant

110 Maginhawa St., Maginhawa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Provenciano Restaurant
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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

It has been a Filipino Family tradition to share love and blessings through eating out together during a big event or even with no occasions at all.

I love every single time my family have a get together and dine in a restaurant. Like this one, my sister gave us, her family, a treat before we send our brother in law a day before he goes back to Italy.
She picked everything we ordered on the Menu. She said all of it was certified masarap kasi natikman na nya and she's been here once before.

Provenciano Restaurant has been very appealing due to its very Pinoy but classy design in and out of the resto.
A kalesa is displayed as center piece outside.
Before ka pumasok on the side, sasalubong sa yo ang Bibingka Puto Bumbong booth where they cook it. Of course, kasama sya sa inorder ng ate ko128525
Here are the Food that we had:

mix sliced tomatoes, salted egg, & onions on top of a molded round shaped grilled eggplant. Soft and has a smoky taste.

oh...this is reccomendable and really delicious, baby pusit with black ink sauce and kinchay. Sarap isabaw ng sauce!

2 orders KARE KARE P480
oxtail and tripe peanut sauce and vegetables, well presented and the sauce is rich and thick.

This is well, the group's favorite among others. The meat is tender and sauce pa lang ulam na. 128522

yellow sticky rice with coconut cream and chicken. I thought it is something different and too flavorful and I prefer white rice to so many ulam that time.

Fried Pork in shrimp paste, sauteed and topped with sliced green mangoes.

Puto Bumbong at Bibingka
most commonly requested Pinoy desserts. I love both but this time, Puto Bumbong wins.

Overall, it feels so homey inside na para ka lang kumain sa mas malaking version ng bahay nyo. I liked the wooden tables and chairs, brings back my childhood memories nung araw sa probisnya. May mini garden pa sila sa likod.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Am rarely in this part of town and I went for a friend’s afternoon tea party. I admit there are probably good dining places in Maginhawa. Expect me to traverse this area soon.

Provenciano is a Filipino restaurant with a twist. It serves classic and modern Filipino done differently. It can be on adding something or presenting it in a more interesting way.

I got to try their merienda. Celebrant served lugaw, pancit, tokwa’t baboy, fried lumpia and a selection of desserts- turon, Bibingka and Palitaw. Yes carbo load before dinner.

What’s good was fried lumpia. Fresh taste despite fried. It’s crispy and compliments well with their vinegar. For dessert it was the Palitaw served with strawberries. Now that’s awesome.

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Gerald G.
3.0 Stars

Finally got the chance to visit Provinciano's after wondering for awhile what the hype was about. Always saw a bunch of cars parked outside and it always seemed packed.

Tried their Lechon Kawali sa Aligue and Okoy (among other dishes) and while the Okoy was good, the rest of the dishes were just pedestrian... leaving me quite flabbergasted as to why the hype. Maybe we ordered the wrong food?

Regardless, it was an overall average dining experience.

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

We just came from CCA Katipunan to inquire about a culinary class I will be taking next year. Since it was in Quezon City, I thought that it's also the best time to visit Maginhawa for the first time. We left Katipunan a little before 10:30am and arrived Provenciano at 10:40am. The parking area was still empty since the restaurant opens at 11am, so we just parked and waited for the time. As soon as the clock ticked 11, their doors opened and we got off the car.

The ambiance of the place is undeniably astounding. The chandeliers, the paintings, the decors, down to the table arrangement, everything was perfect. There is even mellow Filipino music playing in the background that made the experience even more pleasant.

We ordered a lot, mostly the best-sellers.

Twice cooked beef ribs in Provenciano marinade, served with garlic sauce and soy vinegar dip. This was good. It is also known as the Crispy Tadyang. It is one of their top ordered and recommended dishes in this restaurant. It was delectably crispy, but not to a hard to chew state.

Oxtail and tripe in a rich peanut and toasted ground rice sauce served with shrimp paste. This is also one of their best-sellers, although I found it so-so. It wasn't even close to how I like my kare-kare. I also think it lacked a little flavor, flavor that the shrimp paste should not make up for.

Baby squid sauteed in garlic and soy sauce, vinegar and kinchay. This is also a best-seller. I think they did a good move with using baby squid as the texture wasn't rubbery. It also tasted more like dinuguan than adobo to me, which I found favorable. My mom, on the other hand, thought otherwise. I believe she was expecting it to taste like something she's tried before. The dish also appears to have too much oil, or perhaps it's not oil but has something to do with the vinegar.

Grilled pork belly served with house made atchara. This was okay, although I didn't appreciate that the pork was too thin.

Grilled tilapia stuffed with onions, tomatoes and chilies wrapped in banana leaf. I wasn't able to try this, but according to my mom, it was bland. The fish was also small.

Semi dried taro leaves in rich coconut cream with pork and spiced with chili. Another best-seller. This wasn't spicy, not even a little bit that I was able to gobble it up without rice. Out of everything we ordered, this was my favorite. It wasn't anything special, but I liked it as it is.

Garlic fried rice with aligue, tinapa and salted egg. It is stated in their menu that you'll return for more of this rice. Sorry, but not for me. The rice they used was like a glutinous rice, but not too sticky. Without any of the toppings, the rice was a bit tasteless.

I wasn't familiar with this pancit, and still isn't even after having it for lunch. It's pancit.

Typical lumpiang sariwa good for one.

They have a sawsawan bar where you can make your own sauce. This was a great idea. It makes the dining experience unique for each person. We can refine the dishes according to our own tastes through making our own sauce.

I'm torn on their service. There were times that we had a hard time calling the servers' attention, and there were times that they were quick to respond. Some of the servers were also friendly, while others were not too friendly.

The prices are steep considering the serving size and the taste. We were shocked when our orders started coming since the plates were really small. Taste-wise, I can say that this is your typical lutong bahay. It was delicious, but it's something Filipinos can cook at home, so I wonder how they decided to price their food. I'm guessing it's because of the ambiance.

Overall, the ambiance of the place is something everyone should look forward to. The restaurant did not say anything about inventive Filipino recipes so I guess I shouldn't have expected too much. I think I would've enjoyed it better if the price was lower, and if my expectations weren't too high.

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Kat M.
5.0 Stars

Provenciano is my absolutely go-to place whenever we have balikbayans or expat friends who want to experience good Filipino food. It’s not your typical Maginhawa restaurant too, as it looked a bit fancier than the other restaurants. The interior of the place is modern bahay kubo, upcycling old materials to new uses.

My last dinner here was for a friend and colleague who’s going back to Cambridge for her Ph.D. We called a day before to reserve a table since we are a group of 7, which is recommended because it can be full for dinners even on a weeknight. You can also order in advance, which we did.

We had the following:

128523 Guinumis – my favorite in Provenciano! This is supposed to be a merienda/dessert but I always order this as my drink haha. It’s a coconut milk-pinipinig-crushed ice delight with sago! Yummy.

128523 Chichalak at Achara – Bulacan chicharon na dinaanan lang ng hangin sa table namin haha.

128523 Suam na Mais – creamy corn soup, serving is good for four people.

128523 Provenciano Ensalada – a variety of veggies such as kamote tops, tomatoes, okra, singkamas, green mango with bagoong.

128523 Lechon Kawali – It’s okay, your typical deep fried pork. What is unique for me, and first time to try, is their alamang sauce for the lechon kawali.

128523 Sisig ni Ima – served in traditional kampampangan style which is not in a sizzling plate. It’s not spicy enough that we had to request for additional sili!

128523 Kare-kare – not my favorite but it’s a special request of our friend. Yummy and generous with the ox tripe.

128523 Okoy – it’s not in the menu, but the staff suggested it, and so we got some. It’s sooo good! It’s thin and light and tasty! It arrived a bit late because we ordered it when we arrived.

128523 McArthur’s Rice – because you’re supposed “to return” after the serving of this rice. I’m a bit disappointed with this though because the last time we ordered this meal for my birthday last August, you can really taste the aligue. It’s currently missing that flavour.

For desserts we had:

128523 Ube Halaya – topped with macapuno and pinipig. No need to explain. It’s good.

128523 Leche flan – surprisingly lacklustre. It lacks than dense creamy texture one expects in a leche flan. My mother can make better leche flan than this.

128523 Puto bumbong – of yes!!! Topped with cheese, grated coconut, and musc ovado sugar. They will serve it warm and good.

The only problem here would be the parking, as most guests bring cars, it can be quite problematic to find a space, and since they are located at a crossroad, the restaurant sometimes causes traffic along the street. Overall would recommend over and over again. 💯

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Liezzy M.
4.0 Stars

parking ✔️
food tastes 128077🏼 adobong squid's quite oily.
serving 110881108811088
homey place. 128076🏼 interiors

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Joel L.
5.0 Stars

The food is delicious! We had adobong pusit and adobong baka plus bibingka for dessert. Each and every item was superb. The right seasoning and flavors. The beef was melt in your mouth tender while the squid was cooked just right. The bibingka was heavenly! Great dining experience considering that we came here because it was close to where we were able to park in this busy Saturday night.

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Faith F.
5.0 Stars

All of that and dalandan juice for only php1,200 978697869786️ includes pusit Na May bawang, karekare, puto bumbong and bibingka 9786

Everything was super good!
The place was awesome!
Staff are very attentive and nice!

Highly recommended!

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April G.
4.0 Stars

Post field work and being stuck in traffic, we were pretty hungry.

Took a detour to Maginhawa to try this place out.

Love the Pinoy decor and ambiance.

We ordered:

Sinaing na talakitok- my Mom would love this!
Tadyang ni Enteng- fried beef ribs
Sugpo in Alavar sauce- I miss being in Zamboanga so this is a great way to sort of taste the flavors again of that City.
Leche Flan.

Price is on the high side but servings were good for 3people.
All the dishes we ordered were good.

Will try their bibingka next time.

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Nins A.
4.0 Stars

I like this resto. I loved their Laing. They serve Filipino dishes from all over. Their servings are small though making it quite pricey. But hey, try it! Parking might be a challenge though coz a lot of people eat here!

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Sandro V.
4.0 Stars

Another dining discovery along Maginhawa St. in Quezon City, Provenciano has several interesting items in their menu. Try it out! Photo: Crispy Tadyang

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Shiela P.
4.0 Stars

I loved how they leveled up Filipino cuisine. They have sawsawan bar and puto bumbong bibingka bar. All the food that we ordered are good and delicious. But a bit pricey for Filipino food. Nonetheless, the ambiance gives you that "its good to be home" feeling. Plus the service is awesome. Will come back for more!

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Raquel d.
5.0 Stars

No pics because the food was so good, we inhaled the lot immediately.

Lechon kawali at alamang was a little too sweet but had good pork belly taste.

The kare kare is to die for. Well balanced, clean tasting, not overwhelmed with peanuts.

Pinalutong na hito mustasa at balaw balaw. This conbination worked so well that we ordered a second serving.

Sinangag na kalkag was a bit salty but paired well with other dishes.

Will come back for more!

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Crichelle F.
4.0 Stars

i love their sisig and sinigang na baboy! 128523 nice ambiance though parking is a problem here. 128517

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Migs C.
4.0 Stars

Definitely one of the fanciest places along Maginhawa, if not the fanciest. Also bigger in comparison to the other restaurants along the street. Never expected this kind of place to turn up as this isn't your typical Maginhawa hole-in-wall joint.

The ambience is so classy and so Filipino and I loved every detail - from the dinnerware, the walls, the furniture, even the entrance flooring.

They have dedicated parking spaces, maybe 12-14 cars, but parking's still hard because this place is packing during lunch and dinner hours, esp on weekends.

Service is good and their staff is friendly, but it's quite hard to catch the attention of the servers if you're seated in that "room" and near the windows.

Also not date-friendly. Best suited for families and big groups. I say that mainly because they have very select tables for two. I think I only saw two small tables, the rest had long family tables.

Crispy hito, sinigang sa miso, and lengua in photo. I'd recommend the sinigang, I really liked that one. The hito was so-so, and the lengua is also good but I've had better. I also like that they have candle burners beneath the pots to keep the sabaw warm. Oh, I loooooved the kanin by the way.

They have a lot on their menu and I would love to try the others. Until the next time!

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Sierra N.
4.0 Stars

Good food with nice ambiance. Great option for a place to dine in along maginhawa. We tried their prawn sa alavar, baby squid, and ginumis (dessert). We liked them all. We'll definitely be back to try their other dishes.

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Pauie P.
3.0 Stars

When my brother texted me that we are having a family dinner at Maginhawa, i have to think of some other place where they havent been to.

After work i had to commute by bus going to Maginhawa and it took me an hour, i was exhausted and tired already. So on my way to Maginhawa this is the only new restaurant i thought of having dinner.

We just ordered 2 viands, Sinigang na Baboy and Chicken Binakol. Of course we pair it with a platter of rice. The viands was served in a pot with a candle heater under it to keep it warm. The sinigang was good and the chicken used in the binakol was native. Their rice was also good because i think they used the Jasmine rice which is pretty expensive.

Cost wise: it was bit expensive considering that it was just the usual Filipino food that you could have at home.
Ambiance wise: was great because the place is new
Service wise: just okay because they just have plenty of customers

Two 128077🏼128077🏼 up for this place.

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Angela U.
4.0 Stars

Hungry and craving for some comfort food, we decided to drive along the famous food street near our office. No idea where to eat, we just agreed to look for a place we haven't gone to yet. Then we saw this new resto - Provenciano, with a kalesa displayed in their parking area (which of course caught our attention and hungry tummies haha). We were escorted to the "Solihiya" room and sat at a table for two. The interior was cozy and relaxing, decorated and styled with a Filipiniana touch. We decided to order Gambas and Lumpiang Sariwa and both satisfied our tastebuds. What we enjoyed eating the most was their Sorbetes de Bataan - Langka flavor. With enough sweetness, rich fruity langka taste and real langka bits, this is now included in my favorite icecreams list. Didn't expect there could be a place like this in Maginhawa that could give us a very decent dining experience, this place deserves another visit. :) #Provenciano

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