G/F SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway cor. 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

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Cel C.
5.0 Stars

Been wanting to try this one but I thought this requires an empty stomach since I'm dining alone and the servings looked big for a solo diner.

Finally got the chance last Friday night. The place looked homey and kinda reminds me of a country-home in the US (at least in magazines, never been there). I had a hard time choosing which to order for my first visit. I wanted some salad for sure but even their salads, I had a hard time choosing. Haha. That's what happens when you seldom eat out. You kinda want to try everything. I decided on a Big Plate Salad, the Chef's Market (chef's daily choice of fresh ingredients with country herb vinaigrette and brioche croutons). Also got the Zucchini Pecorino fries (malagos pecorino, buttermilk ranch dressing and a slice of lemon for zest). Ang healthy diba! Been thinking of going vegan for a while and slowly removing meat from my diet. Slowly but not surely. Lol.

The fries was served first and the salad took a while. The salad plate was huuuge! Good for 2-3 women, I think. But I finished it! Haha! It was so good. It has a lot of meat though. Cold cuts and grilled chicken chunks. The grilled chicken was sooo good. I might try that on my next visit. So much for a vegan diet. Ha. The zucchini fries was okay. The coating was crunchy but the zucchini inside is kind of soggy. I dunno if that's how it should be but I realize I prefer my veggies crispy. The dip was good though. I had leftover fries coz I was so full from the salad. Their servings are good for 2-3 persons. I would definitely be back for the grilled chicken. 128518

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Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

This resto we found adjacent to the lavish Christmas display showcase of SM AURA Premier. There were breads and pastries on display upfront and goodies on the shelves you can buy. The place is like a magnet with its pleasant interiors. Took some orders and posted here were those I enjoyed like garlic salpicao and lechon cracklins. Yummy.

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5.0 Stars

While walking inside SM Aura Premier Mall in Taguig City, I was attracted to the vibrant interior of the restaurant, Providore. The bright and spacious restaurant invited me in that I cannot refuse.

Providore is the new addition to the growing group of Raintree Restaurants, the team behind Museum Cafe, Chelsea Kitchen, Stella, Rocket Room, Saboten and Chotto Matte to name a few. Providore offers various selections of breads, pastries and cakes. Aside from the pastries, you can also try their wide selections of quality comfort food.

The receptionist assisted me to my table and handed the menu. The service staff offered a glass of water before she took my order.

I got one of the bestseller and one pastry. 128020127856

▪️Winner Winner Chicken Dinner for Php 320.00 (Crispy Fried Chicken, Buttered Corn & French Beans, Sausage Gravy in Mashed Potatoes and Smoked Bacon & Cheddar Biscuit) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"The serving is big, 2 persons can actually share with this plate of fried chickens. I really love the crispiness outside and tenderness inside of the fried chicken served. The sausage gravy, mashed potatoes and veggies were well cooked and seasoned. And the biscuit will balance everything. It's delicious!128540"

▪️ Unicorn Krispies for Php55.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"This caught my attention in the bakeshop corner of the restaurant because of its colorful appearance. Hahaha. 128514 Well, the cereals turned into pastry taste milky fruity. 127822127815127820

Credits to the staff of Providore for the good service. Definitely, I will going back again to try the Belgian Waffle with Ube and Macapuno glazed. 12851510084

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Kat M.
4.0 Stars

Today I found myself going to BGC in the middle of the typhoon to meet up with friends. 128514 We decided to dine at Providore, but since we didn't make a reservation, we had to wait for around 20 minutes to get seated. That was enough time for us to do small errands in the mall. They just called us to tell us that our table is ready, so that's quite convenient.

We ordered the dinner roll soaked in butter, which is heavenly and sinful at the same time lol). Initially we want to order the bone marrow burger that I saw from Mary Love S' review but since we are not a fan of the marrow, our server suggested to just take the cheeseburger HAHA. I love the fact that they also ask you how you want your meat done, and in our case, it's medium. The burger is realllllly good. It's no fuss burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Another friend ordered the pastrami sandwich. For drinks, I had the calamansi lychee, and another friend had the providore punch. Both are equally good as there is a balance among the different layers of taste.

For dessert we got the matcha cheesecake and I had a flat white coffee. Both were disappointing. The cheesecake isn't matcha at all, I mean there is no trace of that earthy bitter tone of matcha. Nada. The flat white isn't exactly what I expected too. However I still might go to this place again to try other food on their menu, such as the Filipino dishes. 128523

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Julianne Chrystel O.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Divine C.
4.0 Stars

Winner winner chicken dinner - 3.5/5 - good but I think the batch they made for us was a tad too salty. Also, we thought it would be for sharing but it's a small serving (2 thigh fillets and 1 wing, yummy mashed potatoes and a biscuit). Good for one. P395

Steak salpicao - 4.5/5 very good but small serving. Good for 1 P395

Salad providore - 4/5 good for one person

At 7pm, their bread and pastries are 50% off but I realized they are overpriced to begin with so it's like paying for retail when it's on sale lol. A cookie was P165 before discount (found one at Toby's estate on the 4th floor for P65 same size), brownie was same price. Only realized after paying. But both were yummy.

Would probably come back for more to try their Filipino dishes (pancit and lugaw. Etc)

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

The huge Providore signage intrigued me for months. It really made me excited because it has been quite a while since a new restaurant graced SM Aura. And the foodie in me jumped for joy when Chef Kalel and Mela of Raintree Restaurant posted that Providore will open this week. And true to their post, it did open last night at 6 pm!

Hello, Providore!

This casual dining restaurant is the newest concept of Raintree Restaurant, the same group behind spectacular restaurants such as Chelsea, Simple Lang, Kabila, Stella, Izakaya Sensu and Chotto Matte. And just like its sister restaurants, this one was designed to impress.

The first thing that caught my eye was the lovely wall of products from local retailers such as Nipa Brew, Manila Eat Up, Traydor and Casa Carmela. I really like that Providore decided to partner with these shops and carry its products. It made it a lot easier for foodies who are not fond of shopping online or driving around for a bottle of hot sauce. With this, we get to save more time for eating! (I spotted a few customers considering some of the goods displayed as Christmas gifts. I might do that too.)

It was their first day when I dropped by and a handful of items were not available then. Thankfully, the kitchen had ingredients to whip a Decadent Bone Marrow Burger (PHP450). I decided to get that sinful bun of meat and pair it with a refreshing glass of Kombucha Lime Iced Tea (PHP120). I struggled choosing my dessert as I was alone when I visited. All of the desserts seem to be good for sharing so I settled with what sounded to be the smallest sweet treat they have and decided to end my meal with a plate of Housemade Leche Flan (PHP95).

Service was quite fast as I was not even done taking photos of the merchandise when my ginormous burger arrived. I was greeted by a good 1.5" U.S. beef burger with bacon marmalade jam and wild arugula sandwiched by a soft buttered brioche with spiced fries and oven-roasted bone marrow on the side.

I took a bite of the burger without the bone marrow and it tasted like your usual burger. The patty itself was the type that breaks into pieces making it hard for me to get a forkful. It was also a bit dry but figured that I just needed to put more of the jam to address that concern.

After three or four bites, I decided to add some bone marrow and took a big bite. It was at that moment when I went to burger heaven. The burger became average to amazing! It was a harmonious marriage of flavors! My tastebuds had a gastronomic orgasm and it has been a while since I experienced that. Screw cholesterol! It was one of the best burgers I've had to date. Thank you, Bone Marrow Burger and Providore.

The fries were slightly soggy already when I ate it. I can't put the blame on Providore though as I took my sweet time in taking photos and I also waited for my drink to arrive which took more than 20 minutes. Nonetheless, I liked that it was the spiced barbecue seasoned type of fries. Then again, I'd be happy too if the fries were just your plain ol deep fried cuts.

My drink was pretty good too! It did an awesome job in quenching my thirst especially after munching on the flavorful burger and fries. It somehow reminded me of the Cha Cha Chia drink available in Stella. This one though was a simpler version of it as it didn't have passionfruit syrup.

Last served was my leche flan topped with macapuno and ube glaze. It was an interesting take on the classic flan. It added the trending purple ingredient. I really enjoyed the first half of the flan. I loved its soft and creamy texture and the contrast with the chewy macapuno bits. However, as I try to finish my plate, the dessert started to overwhelm me with its strong sweet taste. I slowed down and eventually had to stop after hitting three-fourths of the dish.

While struggling with my dessert, Chef Kalel spotted me on a date with myself and gave me a complimentary cookie as a treat for supporting their grand opening.

And as I continue my battle with my flan and now a chocolate chip cookie, Andrej of Raintree spotted me and went to my table for a quick chat. It was then when I found out that they are planning to have some sort of bar or beer station at the back of the restaurant. I got excited with this as there doesn't seem to be a lot of beer places in SM Aura. While chatting, I also shared with him my thoughts on the desserts and he pulled Chef Alvin for it. I was quite impressed with how Chef Alvin took my comments. He was very open and quickly thought of a solution to it. Bravo!

Overall, it was a great dinner! I would definitely visit again to try the other dishes!

P.S. All breads are on 50% off starting 7pm, daily! Bread lovers, you know the drill!

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