Pueblo Mexicano

Banilad Town Center, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu

Pueblo Mexicano
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Nicole C.
4.0 Stars

There's not that much restaurants that serve Mexican food in Cebu - at least not that I'm aware of, so I was really glad when we found Pueblo Mexicano in BTC. At just the right moment too, as at the time I was craving for Mexican food.

I love the quirky interior of this place, when we were there the a/c was on full blast so it was reaaally cold.

We ordered....
- cheese quesadilla (carne asada filling): I like their quesadilla because its not so oily so it somehow felt healthier to eat lolol.
- burrito (carne asada too): this was more or less a mormal burrito. I do like the rice they use for it.
- sizzling fajita: this was good too, and I like the presentation of it - for the portion of it though, the price did seem to be too steep.
Oher than the fajita, the prices of the food are quiye affordable. Service was pretty fast. They also have their own restroom. 128512

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Chris C.
5.0 Stars

If you want to try some authentic mexican food in Cebu then this is the place. The atmosphere makes you feel like you're in an old mexican house with its wooden interiors and antique looking paintings and plates but with a modern feel. They source their tequila straight from mexico and i believe some of their ingredients as well. Their burritos are something you look forward to here. Although a little more expensive than your shawarma, each element in the burrito can be chosen to your liking. You get to pick the meat inside from Al pastor, carnitas, lengua, crispy lechon, chorizo and more. You get to choose the kind of salsa either the fire roasted salsa or a cilantro and corn salsa and a third one. Their nachos are also delicious with their homemade chips and a choice of your own toppings same with the burritos. They also have tapas, ensaladas and desserts! But one of the main reasons people come here is because of their margaritas. You get to choose from different flavors like the Classic Agave, Guava or even a dalandan margarita. They rim the glass with salt and tahini for a little extra flavor boost. I also like that they sell some mexican beer like Estrella Galicia but lately they ran out of Corona.

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