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RA Suarez Bldg., 363 El Grande Ave. cor. Cebu St., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Pups & Cups
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Most Recent Reviews

Markjay F.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Vinia V.
4.0 Stars

An hour and a half spent with puppies (Yes, puppies. For me, all dogs are puppies. 12851412805410084️) plus a free drink (from a certain selection) for only P190 is not bad at all!

The downside, IMO, to this puppy cafe is that they get fully booked easily, especially on weekends. It has happened twice that when we got there at around 5-ish the pup's corner was already full (but not cramped) of customers and the attendant would ask if I could wait 'til 9pm for my turn! 128561 Too long a wait for me, so I had to go back some other time. From my experience I'd say it doesn't really turn out too well for walk-ins on a weekend, unless you're an early bird. But you can call ahead for reservations. Also, not all pups on their list are available all at once. They limit it to around 5 pups at a time inside the puppy corner.

Dobby the pug would always be the one to tug and lick on my shirt. 128518 Buddy the retriever is such a lovey! Simba (Pompom) is a snob! 128557 She'd only come near me when I had treats in my hand. 128516 All the other doggies are just really hyper and playful. I never chanced upon Arrow (the sly corgi 128516) and Casper (the playful husky) both being there together which is what I've always wanted to experience. They're both pretty kulit and wise. 100841008410084️ Maybe next time I'll get lucky.

They're very hygienic inside the pup's corner which is a big ➕➕ for me. They let you take off your shoes and let you wear Croc's-like slippers inside (so I'd recommend you wear socks when you go there). Then they keep a big bottle of antibacterial gel by the corner and ask you to put them on your hands before playing with the dogs. They're also quick to mop and sanitize the floor especially when the puppies drool or pee and 128169 on the floor. And, no, the place doesn't stink. 128522

Their food and drinks are okay. I always order the Smores blended coffee (additional P50 for this drink on top of the P190).

I do hope they add more puppies to their family. And it would be absolutely glorious if they had younger pup's in the corner next time I visit. 128525978610084128054

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Erika Q.
5.0 Stars

Great food and cute dogs! 128525

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DinoKid's M.
5.0 Stars

First time visit and it reached my expectations!

Pups Corner's entrance fee for Php 190 inclusive of drink ( just choose any from their hot or cold beverages or fruit tea)

Here's what we've tried :

Green apple tea - good
Iced chocolate - heavenly as per my son! Php 110
Mozzarella balls served with salsa - Php 185
Creamy bacon carbonara - Php 170
Spicy tuna pasta - Php 170

If you want to chill and play with the pups, this is the perfect place for you

Staff is friendly and approachable

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Alyssa D.
4.0 Stars

It was all souls day when i passed by this place, i told myself that i'll visit this place since i am a dog person. I got to mention it to my friend and he immediately told me that he will visit this place din since dog person din siya. Then i told him sama ako. Hahaha! That day we visited the place. It was very affordable.

The entrance was just 190php for 1.5 hrs inside the dog area plus a complimentary drink. But i paid 210php because i ordered caramel macchiato and theres an additional 20php for that.

The thing i like here the most is its allowed to bring your drink inside the dog area. =))))

Less one star because the one who took our order didnt explain to us the do's and dont's and how can we get inside, there will be tix given to you before entering the area and theres time indicated there. I find them not so accommodating lalo na she doesnt smile. Smile ka naman ate para welcoming and ganahan customers. Hahaha! 128522

Overall this place was good, its quite small nga lang. I will definitely comeback kasi the dogs keeps my stress away. 128054128517

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