Puray Falls

Mascap - Puray Rd., Rodriguez, Rizal

Puray Falls
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Roegan T.
4.0 Stars

Puray Adventure! 128693

We biked all the way from QC to Rodriguez Rizal to check out Puray Falls.

We had packed lunch, snacks, and plenty with water with us just to make sure that we survive the trip. 127820127857

Before heading out, of course, we planned the trip and found out from Google Maps that it's just 37km away from our area.

We were like "Too easy! Let's do it!"

So we headed out at around 8AM (late actually). When we reached the town of Rodriguez, things went south. 128514

From the border of San Mateo and Rodriguez, it was mostly uphills! Short uphills, but there were A LOT!

When we arrived at the foot of the mountain, we had two routes to choose from. Taking the "wet route" involves crossing 11 rivers. But it's the easiest route to take because it doesn't have any crazy uphills. Although when we asked the Rodriguez people, they said that the wet route is not passable because of the strong currents.

So we took the dry route which was actually the harder route to take. We had to take multiple short uphills!

After 5 hours of biking and 10-15 min of trekking, we finally reached the falls!

Cold and clear water, rocky terrain -- everything you would expect out of a waterfall. There was no cellular signal in most areas of Rodriguez so we were able to connect with nature even more (lol). 128263

The dry route is not passable by regular vehicles. One has to take a really big 4x4 vehicle that can take punishment! The road's pretty much like a long rock garden. And yes, we biked all the way from QC. 128517

Going back home was tough as well. We had to go through a lot of dangerous downhill rock gardens. That time though, we took the wet route and crossed 11 rivers. We had to carry our bikes to avoid damaging our babies (yes, I call my bike "my baby")

No strong currents like what the people we talked to said. We've been mislead! 128561 they wanted us to suffer! 128561128561128561

I got home at around 8 in the evening. So it literally took us 12 hours to complete the adventure (10 hours of biking + 2 hours lunch break/rest).

The ride is definitely not for beginners. Even my friends hated me after the trip.

My only advice? Stay alive. 128514

But seriously:

1. Bring lots of water (3 liters is not enough)

2. Bring packed food that's rich in carbs (you'll need it, trust me).

3. Make sure that you have some snacks

4. Bring extra clothes

5. And of course, bring stuff for your bike such as tubes and a toolkit. If your bike breaks down during the trip, you'll have something to use to fix it.

Epic adventure indeed. Thank God I'm still alive. 128591

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