Purple Yam

LG/F Estancia, Meralco Ave., Capitol Commons, Pasig, Metro Manila

Purple Yam
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Fatima C.
1.0 Stars

Halo halo sold at per gram i thought its yummy but geezzzzz the taste is a disaster they even use ordinary evaporated milk not the one like in RAZON's..i ordered bibingka since im craving for it,sold at P200 and the waitress told me its yummy since i need to wait for 25 minutes for it is freshly bake but geezzzzz taste like rotten salted egg me and my friend didnt ate it we tried it and ewwwwww...we almost thrown up...

Ube ice cream is not good too at P80 per scoop...🙄🙄🙄

  • No. of Comments: 5
Choi C.
1.0 Stars

540 bucks for halo halo 128079🏼
they don't even use evaporated/condensed milk OR give you ice cream with it. it's just fresh milk & syrup. ice cream comes at an additional charge.

nothing special, yet triple the price of really excellent halo halo. so messed up. 128079🏼128079🏼128079🏼

  • No. of Comments: 4
Toy G.
4.0 Stars

After dinner we passed by and stopped at Purple Yam. We were actually looking for an avocado cheesecake some friend told us about in Estancia mall. Hindi namin na hanap. If anyone knows where to find this please do let us know.
So we had
Avocado ice cream - P100 128165128165128165128165 the avocado taste hits you right away but after a few spoons gets drowned in the milky cream...hmm
Double chocolate -128165128165128165128165128165 this is really good-tablea in an ice cream . But quite pricey at P150 a scoop.
But hurrah for some local flavors in a quality artisan ice cream! Hope they go international. Our ofws would love this.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

Purple Yam is Ube and they got an ice cream flavor for it. For me though it lacked Ube. It was too light. We also got to try Champuy which according to them was their best seller. It’s not for me. Too sweet and that’s not what it should taste like. It has to have a sour hint at least.

Oh wait we had other flavors. Macapuno tasted more like sugar and ice with slight macapuno. Pandan was just okay. This was supposed to be the sweetest one but its not.

There is a need to revisit and make ice cream at par with its equivalent fruit or what have you.

Oh the price at Php 100 for two scoops is too affordable for the area. Sometimes that illicits questions why it’s low priced.

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Jomarie A.
5.0 Stars

As usual, we did not miss out on our chance to grab a sweet treat together after our lunch at Little Bear Diner (You can check out my review on this, too!)

Purple Yam offers homemade ice cream, with a variety of flavors that are not sold in your usual ice cream parlors. The sales officer even said that their bestselling flavor is CHAMPOY! 128586 We weren't adventurous enough to try that, though.

Josh got the Banana Caramel flavor (middle in the photo), which, according to him, tasted like banana cue. Peter, on the other hand, ordered Strawberry Rhubarb flavor (left in photo), which he liked very much.

As for me, I fell in love with the Genmaicha flavor (right in photo). It is Japanese green tea flavored ice cream which tasted light, but with the right amount of earthiness you'd look for in a cup of tea. It was a delight with every spoonful, worthy of that 1108811088110881108811088! 128525 It kind of reminded me of the house tea that's sometimes served in Japanese reataurants.

Their ice cream flavors are not too sweet, which is just right for my taste. I didn't even have to drink a lot of water afterwards (which I always do because I always find the sweetness lingering in my throat).

The service was good, as the sales officer cheerfully delivered well with our requests to taste some of the flavors before we decided on what to order. The ambiance was okay, not that cozy since it's situated in a kiosk type space. But it's fine for me, since we were just having a quick dessert.

A scoop costs Php 80 to Php 120 or 150 (I forgot), depending on the flavor you choose. Overall, this is a must-try ice cream place when you're in Pasig! 128156127846 (They also have other food, like high-end silog meals).

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Angel S.
5.0 Stars

This is a gem among the high-end stores at Estancia! If you're craving for something sweet and very Filipino, this is the store for you.

They offer unique-flavored ice cream (mangosteen, muscovado pandan, honey pili, and champoy–CHAMPOY!!! That's like a 90s kid ice cream flavor dream!!!) One scoop is priced at ₱60, but you can have two scoops (of different flavors, if you like) for ₱100. I ordered Honey Pili and Muscavado Pandan. It was soooo good!

Aside from that, they also serve a variety of tea, from malunggay to guyabano to mangosteen, for ₱50.

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