Puting Buhangin

Pagbilao, Quezon

Puting Buhangin
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Yla Gracelle Benze C.
4.0 Stars

The South has a lot of unspoiled beaches to offer, and one of them is located at Pagbilao in Quezon, just a little over 2 hours away from Manila.

Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas is a secluded paradise, known for its white sand. There isn't too many white sand beaches near the metro, so my friend, Jap, and I made sure to visit it.

Coming from Sta. Rosa, Laguna, we rode a jeep from Complex to Turbina (45 pesos). We asked the driver to drop us off at Jac Liner terminal and when he did, we then boarded the bus bound for Lucena Grand Terminal (130.50 pesos). The 2 1/2 hrs travel time was dragging. It took so long because of some traffic choke points along San Pablo and Sto Tomas. The good news though is that we were able to take some naps and were well rested when we arrived at the Grand Terminal.

What's so grand about Lucena Grand Terminal? Jap and I often joked about it earlier but when we arrived there, we found out why. It's like a gateway from Quezon to most parts in the region. We saw buses and vans to and from Alabang, Manila, Lucena, Batangas, Bicol, etc. Proving that traveling is a lot easier today.

Before fully taking on the Quezon adventure, we had to buy lunch and snacks at one of the carinderias in the terminal. It was raining and it definitely dampened our adventure expectations but we realized that we were already there so we might as well do what we had to do and just go.

We boarded the jeep going to Pagbilao (11 pesos) and the trip took around 30 minutes only. We dropped off at Pagbilao church, stopped there to offer a little prayer, and had a tricycle (250 pesos one way) take us to Puting Buhangin.

We wondered why the fare was expensive, especially for a tricycle, and if compared to the previous fares we spent earlier. We realized why, during the more than an hour tricycle ride. It was the longest hour we had! Endless rice fields, mountain views, drizzle, concrete and unpaved roads, couple of barangays, a compound for scary and gigantic power plants -- we had to go through all that before arriviving at the point where we had to take a boat to Puting Buhangin.

It was just a quick boat trip, just so we can get to the land accross the lake. Weather was gloomy and environment was super quiet that it felt very strange. When we were able to cross it via the lake, we trekked a good 10-15 minute trek to get to the beach. There, we paid 105 pesos each for the roundtrip boat ride and the entrance fee. Pretty cheap and... Very stunning view!

The sight of a peaceful beach with only few people, welcomed us and immediately erased all the hardships we went through to get there. We ate our simple packed lunch while two dogs watched us (haha!), changed to our swimsuits, and enjoyed prancing and swimming on the white sand beach!

The place was very peaceful. No singing in the karaoke, no loud guests. It was just a beautiful place for relaxing, reflecting, and unwinding.

It is also known as Kwebang Lampas. A few meters from the shore is a cave where you can see unique formations and swimming small fishes!

We enjoyed the beach for almost 3 hours! At Puting Buhangin, you will feel that you have the beach all to yourselves! But a few minutes after we decided to take a bath and pack up, a girl swimming from a meter from where we previously swam on, excruciatingly cried and shouted that everyone caught her attention. She was crying and shouting so much that we had no clue what was going on with her on the waters. Turns out that she was stung by a jellyfish a size of a big man's hand! Some of the caretakers hurriedly helped the girl and poured gin on her leg while she cried in pain. They took the jellyfish from the water and buried it in the sand. After a few minutes, they saw and took out three more! 128561

We realized that if we had not decided to stop swiming, it couldve been us who were stung by the jellyfish. Disturbed but determined to go home, we took a "provinvincial bath" aka taking a bath on a simple coconut leaves-made, comfort room without a roof or anything. I never felt so naked before 128514

Going home, we took the familiar route. Boat, tricycle, and another tricycle (Pagbilao to Lucena Grand Terminal). From there, Jap and I had to part ways because she had to go to Alabang and I had to go home to Balibago.

Waiting in the van for more passengers took me more than 2 hours. It was the red flag of the whole Quezon adventure. I waited so long! I got home at 11pm and was dead tired. But very, very, fulfilled.


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Michael Angelo R.
5.0 Stars

Perfect for relaxing. A fine white sand and a crystal clear water will remove all the stresses and problems you have.

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Janet M.
1.0 Stars

I hated it.

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Chrislyn F.
5.0 Stars

Months ago after our Dampalitan escapade, another friend asked me if I want to do an overnight camp in kwebang lampas puting buhangin, Quezon. Knowing me, as long as I don't have any scheduled trips, I always say YES! Haha!

Kwebang lampas is located in Pagbilao Quezon Province, Philippines. This is part of puting buhangin of grande island. This is very far from the city so no light/air pollution. You can star gaze and see the stars clearly at night.

You still need to cross the river by the boat. Then you have the choice to either trek to the beach for about 15-20 minutes. Or cross the sea for about 5 to 10 minutes. This place is a paradise. White sand and turquoise water. And of course, it won’t be called Kwebang Lampas for nothing! You can swim inside the cave during high tide.

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Gj A.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Shiri Z.
3.0 Stars

Place is nice
"Kwebang lampas" looks like its dead and the sea water inside is hot which is confusing kasi usually pag cave malamig
*dont forget to bring food and water

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Annica O.
5.0 Stars

After a long boat ride, we finally arrived on our next destination. Puting Buhangin in Pagbilao. It's my favorite island of the three. The coastline is perfect. May malaking chimney ng Power plant sa likod so ang ganda ng effect parang yung lighthouse sa Zambales. haha

We stayed for a while to swimm kasi mas clear ang water. We even entered the Cave named by the Citizen a Kweba Lagpas. haha Ang saya lang. We even sing inside kasi ang ganda ng boses namin pag nasa loob. haha

I promised to go back in here with my family. Ang ganda tlga. 128557128557128557 Ang ganda ng Pilipinas. 128557128557128557128557

PS. To know more about my experience here just read my review in Dampalitan Island and Borawan Island. 128513128513

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