Puzzles: Board Game Lounge

The Fort Strip, Katipunan Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Puzzles: Board Game Lounge
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Jinky U.
4.0 Stars

Make up artist friends and I had our annual get together/ Christmas party last weekend. Admittedly all our preps was super last minute so it was no surprise that we couldn't book a place anymore. We prefer the BGC area as that would be like the "middle part" since there are peeps coming from QC and the South. It was exhausting to look for a place that could accomodate a party of 9. All private rooms and restos were fully booked . Long story short, we ended up at Puzzles. And we were happy with the place! We had the whole 2nd floor to ourselves, it was not actually exclusive to us but newcomers would just opt to stay at the area downstairs once they realize our group's having a party there (plus we were so rowdy and noisy with the games and awarding LOL!).
Now let's get to the food part of the partehhhh:
Cheesy Bacon Fries
Beer Battered Chicken Fingers
Mushroom Rice, Bacon & Egg
Fried Chicken & Cheese Pasta
Milo Godzilla drink
We enjoyed the food, total contribution was P620/head, pwede na consideing we had multiple orders of the fries,nachos, and chicken fingers + individual orders of the other dishes. Minus points though coz it took a long time for the food to be served.
We didn't rent out their board games so we just paid for the food we ordered and we were lucky the area upstairs was available. So guys, if you need a last minute party venue 128077128521.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Now that I'm officially a member of Titas of Manila, I value staycations more than ever. But when I get invited to play board games over yummy snacks, I'd be ready in a heartbeat. And that's pretty much what happened two Saturdays ago when The Foodie Station invited me to hangout at Puzzles Board Game Lounge.

Hello again, Puzzles.

To be honest, I was a bit iffy to tag along as I had a not so good experience at Puzzles almost two years ago. But everything deserves second chances so I decided to go. Plus, the competitive person in me was dying to visit again.

The place wasn't very packed when we dropped by as there were three vacant tables when we got there (with one reserved under our group).

We started off our Puzzles experience with some (heavy snacks) and despite being full from our late lunch, I had to make room for these goodies.

The Puzzles Nachos (PHP380) may seem pricey but its serving size and generous toppings would definitely make this dish bang for the buck. Each bite was packed with salsa, chili, garlic sauce, flavorful beef and cilantro.

I was a bit intimidated by the Buffalo Chicken Tenders (PHP350) as it looked spicy with its bright orange color. But as I nibble the end of the chicken strip, I realized that Puzzles uses mild buffalo sauce making it very tolerable for those with low spice tolerance. I wasn't able to dip it in bleu cheese sauce though as one of the foodies accidentally dropped it.

The Cheesy Bacon Fries (PHP250) were addicting! I might be a bit biased here though as the dish was topped with triple cheese sauce and crispy bacon bits. But even without those, I think Puzzles' fries are pretty good as I didn't get any of that startchy after taste even after having the fries sit for over an hour.

If you're hungry, you have to get The Puzzles Burger (PHP370). This hefty 1/3 pound 100% pure beef patty topped with aioli, homemade pesto, cheddar cheese, roasted tomato and relish sandwiched by potato buns and paired with potato chips is one serious meal.

Make sure to split this with someone if you're not that hungry.

We also had some pancakes, sausage on mashed potato, bacon slab with rice and egg and pizza as part of our feast.

And I loved the fluffy pancakes with berries! Breakfast food for the win!

For drinks, I tried Milo Godzilla (PHP180) and Oreo Milkshake (PHP210). Both were really good. I love that Puzzles kept its milkshakes simple and focused on what's important... taste.

It may be sweet but it was not crazy sweet that would make you gasp for water. It also went well with the food we had.

And what's a meal without desserts? We had some brownie a la mode and Puzzle's famous Oreo Afraid of the Dark (PHP150). And as always, these were great too!

After stuffing ourselves with good food, we played Joking Hazard which is just like Cards Against Humanity, only more interesting. True to the famous online comics Clyde and Happiness, the aim of the game is to come up with the best three-square comic strip.

We also played Jenga which had some "love challenges" written on some blocks and Pie Face without the cream coz we're kill joy.

Too bad we were not able to play the other games as it was starting to get too late when we finished our last game. But this will definitely not be our last visit.

I can't wait for Puzzles to have new card games!

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Mark G.
4.0 Stars

Puzzles Board Game Lounge

As they say, "Great Game and Good Food go along together!"

And so one Saturday afternoon, my friends from The Foodie Station tagged me along to have fun with them at the Puzzles Board Game Lounge at BGC.

Me and Marylove arrived there earlier so I was able to chill a bit while waiting for the others. It was not so crowded at that time, place was cozy and well-ventilated. They even have these support thing while sitting to protect your spine from sitting for too long (coz you're enjoying playing!).

I saw lots of kids playing their own thing while parents, older siblings, titas and titos are also playing their "more" adult games.

Food was also good! They have a variety of choices to choose from - from pizza, to fries, to pasta, burgers, nachos, etc.

Cheesy Bacon Fries (P280)

Fries topped with triple cheese sauce and crisp bacon bits


Buffalo Chicken Tenders (P330)

Chicken strips marianted in buffalo sauce and served with bleu cheese sauce


Puzzles Nachos (P395)

Deep-fried tortilla, topped with japaenos, fresh salsa, garlic sauce, beef, sour cream and cilantro


BBQ Chicken Flatbread (P330)

Chicken breast strips, BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onion and salsa


Ricotta Pancakes (P320)

Fluccy ricotta stuffed pancakes with blueberry jam, cream and maple sysrup, kiwi, mango and strawberry slices


Mushroom Rice, Bacon & Egg (P350)

Mushroom cream rice, smoked bacon slab, topped with poched eggs, served with honey on the side


Sausage & Mash (P430)

Breakfast sausage, pan-fried with caramelized onions, lying on top of creamy mashed potatoes

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Susette T.
4.0 Stars

Girls night out! Perfect venue: Puzzles hahaha
So-so food but love the variety of board games!

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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

Late Post.

So a few months ago, I actually attended an information session here. I was surprised when I saw the final venue for the session I was going to attend. Puzzles? How?

So when I arrived, i saw a very different set-up. The organization rented out the whole establishment but only used the first floor. All the tables on the ground floor were not there anymore. Instead, the ground floor had a layout similar to a classroom with rows of chairs in place.

Sound system was great. Just submitting this review to share that as a venue, Puzzles is not that bad. :) cool.

That's it. Take care everyone!

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Gleniz A.
3.0 Stars

Food was okay. Most of the board games that we chose to play have missing pieces. What a let down.

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

After World Street Food Congress experience, I told myself that I need to sit. Gaaahhh, I felt I lost all my energy queueing and waiting for my food. 128586128586128586

My friends and I went to Fort Strip to try Puzzles. I've been wanting to try this since last week, but my work schedule doesn't permit. As usual, the place is jam-packed. The staff told me that we were 3rd on the wait list. I gave them my cp number (which I don't usually do 128514 haha) so they can just text/call me if they can accommodate us already. After 15 min, the staff called me and said we can play at the grass area. Cool stuff!

I ordered Chicken Fried Bacon to munch while playing. And I must say, I liked it. 9786️ I also ordered Mojos but I wasn't able to take a photo of it as my friends are PG. Kidding. 128541128541128541

I asked the game master on what she recommend to a group of 5 people. I don't know a lot of board games. Then she said we can try Jenga. Oh come on! Seriously? 128548 I just picked my current favorite - Ultimate Werewolf. Super fun! But I had to explain to my friends the rules as they're not familiar with it. Nice to exercise my bluffing skills! 128517

Overall, the experience was okay and I guess my friends liked here.

P.S. The place can be very crowded. On Fri and Sat, I think they are open until 2am. There's a stay+play charge of Php100 per person on top of your food and beverage bill. 128566

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Miss Tala I.
3.0 Stars

I was here because of my brother. :)

Raspberry/ Lemon iced tea --P50
Giant milkshake --200+

Place is crowded.

Menu looks good.
Friendly staff.

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

Its ok to play here on weekday but for fridays and satirdays it can be quite full. And i mean really full. We reserve a 9pm for 10 players when we go there it packed so we decided to go elsewhere, in the moddle of our way we were called that they have now spot for 10 players. When we get there we got a table for 4. Geeez. Every square inch os being occupied. 128529

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Migs C.
4.0 Stars

Great concept place. You have your board games, your finger food, and your beer. That should be fun enough.

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Incle I.
5.0 Stars

Me and the kids loved the place...good thing that we are the first customers. I definitely would love to visit again with my colleagues at work :)

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

The rain suddenly went wild right after our dinner in Orale! We settled here while waiting for the rain to stop.

The place was really packed that night, maybe they're waiting for the rain to stop too by playing some board games. I actually thought we'll play board games, but then we decided to just do it some other time. Instead, we got three of their desserts such as the Cookie Doe, Little Sneaky and Oreo Afraid of the Dark.

I liked everything we had especially the Little Sneaky. I really like them all, like I finished everything when they're not eating anymore. They're charging 100 bucks per head if you just wanna play with friends or with your family (just like on the photo with a caption - "The family that plays together, stays together."). But I'm pretty sure you can't resist trying out their food especially the desserts!

I noticed that the noise from the second floor is phasing through the glass walls. I hope they'll do something about it because this branch has lots of potential to be a go-to place for board games and hanging out.

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Jenn N.
3.0 Stars

We were stuck in BGC a few Saturdays back because of the heavy rain, so we decided to wait for the rain to stop here.

We didn't play any games, but ordered almost all of their desserts. I liked their Oreo Afraid of the Dark the best among all the desserts, but I've had better.

The place is too noisy for me, though. Maybe they should do something about the acoustics. Or maybe I'm just getting old. 128514

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Yina M.
3.0 Stars

After Orale! We headed over to puzzles as the rain got stronger. This place was packed and it seemed that way before the rain started. We were hesitant to go in since you could see full tables from outside.

There was a table for four and they accommodated our group of eight, that was pretty BIG of them really. I had to dry off a little bit since we got wet in that rain. After settling in, desserts were in order.

We got several desserts to share:

In the photo is The Little Sneaky. A snickers bar divvied into four and dipped in batter and served with ice cream and sprinkles.

That Cookie Doe. My favorite since i love cookie dough and chocolate chip. Doh! 128525 what it is is cookie dough dipped in that secret batter and served with ice cream and sprinkles oh and chocolate syrup.

Oreo Afraid of the Dark. Four pieces of oreo cookies again dipped in that batter, fried and served with ice cream. See the trend? You can tell that this has sprinkles, too. Because that is indeed correct!!!

I enjoyed the desserts as they had one formula. That formula worked too!

JP G was the only indulgent one who ordered a vanilla shake. Oh wait, Chichi T did too! Those shakes looked sinfully good though!

The acoustics are pretty bad as the noise bounces off the walls. Since this is a gaming place, people can get excitable and it will resonate in the area! This was amped up due to the fact that the rain is driving customers in. Puzzles allows you to play your favorite board games limitlessly for P100 per head. A maximum of two games is allowed, if you want to borrow more they will charge you extra. I don't think that's a bad deal at all. My kapatid and I seemed like the only ones who wanted to play but we decided not to anymore, maybe in the next trip.

They have good posters on the wall and quite apt, too.

I'll pay a visit to the bf branch siguro first. I do like the desserts. 128522

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4.0 Stars

Found some me time today so sneaking in a review. 128517

Finally got to try Puzzles at Fort Strip and it was crowded. A testament on how many people love to play board games (di baleng board games wag Lang feelings #hugot).

Since we came from dinner already, we stuck to just having desserts. Tried their vanilla milkshake and it was really really good. I'm a sucker for milkshakes and I'll be coming back for theirs.

We also tried their "that cookie doe", "Oreo glad you missed me" and the snickers dessert (I actually forgot their witty caption on this one) and they were good but kind of heavy. Best to share it some friends else you'll get too umay. The desserts were okay for me. The best one was the cookie dough dessert but I only took a bite or two.

If you just like to play, you can stay and play for only p100/pax. Not bad if you have a couple of hours to spare and good company with you.

It's a good place to go if you want to stop being an adult for a few Hours. Hahaha. Aminin, nakakapagod rin maging adult.128517

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼Value for Money: 3 yums
128073🏼Taste: 3 yums
128073🏼Ambiance: 4 yums
128073🏼Service: 2.5 yums
128073🏼Overall happiness: 3 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*

#chubbyperohappy #puzzlesbgl

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

I love board games and I could be very competitive too. That’s why I spent 9 hours in Ludo last year. But since I got busier with work, I wasn’t able to visit that puzzle heaven anymore. There are actually a lot of board game places now like Dyce N Dyne which I have yet to visit too. One night, C posted something that made the gamer in me so excited.

Puzzle Board Game Lounge now has a Fort Strip branch! Woohoo!

Since it’s quite near work, we decided to head there on the last day of work before the long weekend. And because we want to make sure that we have a table, C reserved one for a party of 8.

But when we arrived, 5 minutes before our reservation, there was no table available! The server and (I guess) the owner said that there were a few walk-ins and they accommodated them. It made me upset. What’s the point of reserving then? But what made matters worse was there was another party of three who walked in and they were given a table and seats before us (as soon as a table was cleared)! I told C that if I was not with them, I would have walked out already but since everyone was eager to play games and enjoy the night, we stayed.

After 20 or 30 minutes of standing in the middle of a very narrow walkway in front of the counter where everyone who try to cross to the other side will bump you, we finally managed to get a table for 5 pax. Remember that we needed a table for 8? They claimed that the table we had was good for 8. Yes, it is possible if the other three were floating. (Just thinking about it annoys me!)

Anyway, we just sat down and ordered. I decided to get Fried Chicken and Cheese Pasta (PHP250) and a bowl of Mushroom Soup (PHP160). While waiting, I snacked on a pack of Sky Flakes.

Our food arrived as we were playing Dirty Minds, a game that will test how clean or dirty you think.

The mushroom soup was served warm and it had a nice taste of mushrooms. But I find it a bit too oily which perhaps was caused by the butter on the croutons.

My pasta was very creamy and heavy. It’s actually good for sharing. The fried chicken was also crisp. What I didn’t like about it though is that the sauce was quite sweet. It also had that umay factor and my taste buds grew tired of it before I reached half of the portion.

After a while, my annoyance slowly disappeared and I started to enjoy the games. We only played two as one round of Monopoly Deal took a bit over half an hour. The game selection of Puzzles is a lot smaller than Ludo but it’s pretty good. They have games for a huge group and fun ones like Twist.

I’m not so sure if I’ll visit again as the service was really disappointing and I also do not like the idea of spending PHP100 to play when I already spend on food. Then again, the That Cookie Dough (PHP160) dessert sure was yummy.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Our 2nd stop of our long weekend Foodtrip127860

After having breakfast at Vanilla Cupcake bakery at BGC, we went straight to Puzzles: Board Game and Lounge. This was my long time plan. The kids are finally done with their first quarter exam and I want a very light and fun family activity so I decided that this is the perfect place to spend time with family.

Now adays, most of the families are busy with modern technology, like gadgets computers etc. Let's get back to basic. I still remember my younger years when I used to play gameboards with friends and even try to make my own version of gameboard. So I want my kids to to the same and bring them back to the old times which I still believe more fun.

Puzzles BGL has branch in BF Homes Paranaque and glad they opened their second branch in BGC. I prefer to go there because it's bigger and Paranaque is so far from me! Located at the Fort Strip just beside Early Breakfast Club. They opened at 11am.

The place was big and has two floors. There were a lot of tables and chairs but we decided to play near the racks were the gameboards were located and it's more comfortable to sit on the floor with a low lying table and few throw pillows there.

We were the second customers to arrived. There were two staffs available that time and they were very accommodating to assist us, explain to us which game we will enjoy and even taught us how to play our chosen board games,

We chose first the Headbanz. Literally you will put Headbanz on your head and a card will be inserted. It's like Pinoy Henyo. We really had fun playing this. Can't explain the happiness I felt. We're having fun at same time enjoying the food. We had coke float. The float was big and tasted really good 128077 reminds me of the A&W root beer float which I miss a lot then two sets of mojos with ranch dip. This is their best seller. I suggest this combination, float and mojos.

Then after playing Headbanz, we tried playing Jenga! This is really fun and intense. I will not give much details because I want you guys to try it for urself. Team work is needed here. If the blocks fall then you have to shout Jenga to the person!

They have wifi here too. But it's more fun if you just enjoy every single moment here. They have monopoly , pictionary then game of thrones too.

There is a 100 charge for the stay and play and our total bill was 1,500, it's a bit pricey but definitely a worth family bonding activity 128106

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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

I remember playing Snakes and Ladders when i was a kid. Traded the ladders for a play on Capitalism via Monopoly. Started my illicit affair with words via Scrabble. A lil ghetto style via good-old fashioned Dama.

Puzzles Board Game Lounge is located at The Fort Strip, beside Early Bird. The sign said that they are still on soft opening. Php 100 per hour and you get to kill time with the myriad selection of board games they have. Menu is limited and a lil pricey.

Cards Against Humanity. Ze perfect board game for Radical Honesty advocates. I like this game. It brings out my inner Chelsea Handler.

Mojos. Mediocre. Lacks in flavour, this one needs a lil kick. A dash of chili flakes or pepper perhaps. You are better off with Shakeys.

Chicken Katsu in Curry. First time to eat katsu with curry, i thought that the flavor combination will be odd. It is surprisingly good, the curry is mild. The chicken katsu is cooked perfectly, panko crust. Meat is juicy and they used chicken breast, best for those who are counting calories.

The service. Brace yourself. We had to wait for almost an hour for the food. Im guessing the chick forgot to include the mains in her list. No one bothered to check if our order is complete. The guy who mans the place looked a lil bewildered when we asked the about the ETA of the food. He instructed the girl to talk to us and explain the rules of Exploding Kittens. She sounds a lil half-hearted but i appreciate the gesture. A lil distraction to keep us from complaining.

I'll visit puzzles again not for the food but for the board games. I hope they improve their service soon.

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Debbie Raye S.
5.0 Stars

My friend who worked nearby this place told us about it and was dying to go so apparently you pay a 100 per person for unlimited use of their many board games.

So we got there 9ish and we chose monopoly to play first. Whilst playing we ordered (three of us) had the quesadillas, chicken and pasta and for me the fried chicken and mash.

The price was worth the food and service. Price ranged from 200-350. My chicken was nice and tender though the mash was cold the chicken had a drizzle of maple syrup! And their all thigh fillet!

What my friends had was good too! Then before going we ordered their fried oreos for dessert.

The staff was really nice they taught you how to play the game even the owners were there to help and also join you!

The place can get pretty loud but the variety of board games is vast! They taught us a little spy game which was fun and my friends and I are dying to go back! My friend even mentioned that they can get pretty packed during weekend nights!

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