Q-Bay Restaurant

Skyrise 4, Salinas Drive, Asiatown IT Park, Cebu City, Cebu

Q-Bay Restaurant
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Anthony M.
5.0 Stars

This 2 level semi alternative Japanese Style restaurant
The second floor of this restaurant is an air-conditioning loft eating area , whilst G/F level is an open restaurant & bar that allows smoking
When you firstly sit down to make your order , you receive a free bowl of steamed cabbage with a mild soya sauce sprinkled on top
I ordered to filling Chicken Nan Ban Benito - Deep Fried Chicken with ginger - which was cooked to perfection
The Gyoza - Japanese Style Pork & cabbage dumplings - were freshly cooked , soft & great in texture
Apart from regular basic Japanese meals , also has various BBQ on sticks .... like BBQ Chicken heart , liver , neck , leg breast & BBQ sausage .... I highly recommend the BBQ asparagus wrapped in bacon
All the rice is Japanese Plain Rice - there is no Fried rice 127834 on the menu
My first time to try this Foreign beer 127866 was - Kirin Ichibab , a smooth 100% malt Japanese Beer at 100 PHP , with no hard beer back kick
The large tall ice tea was sweet & cold
All together this delightful & healthy Japanese meal was more than delicious
Total meal of 834 PHP was well over budget , still it was great to treat ourselves to this special meal

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Odessa K.
4.0 Stars

Had a quick late dinner here with a friend / colleague visiting from Taiwan and 2 other batchmates. Prices very reasonable for a Japanese Restaurant with fine service (because all our small and simple requests were granted with a smile);
food's really good! We ordered their Ramen and some Chicken Yakituri ( I forgot the other 2 orders we had)
The ambience alright a typical Japanese Box Architecture. Also evident in their furniture concept. I just don't get the average lux, or it's just me. Good lighting is always a plus to get better food view and reviews? Ha ha! 128514128513128512 still a 4! A revisit is a must! 128563128524

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Ange T.
4.0 Stars

Very authentic Japanese food given that this restaurant is frequented by Japanese nationals. I'm the only Pinoy in this restaurant...

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Jeah Maureen D.
5.0 Stars

Go to Yakitori in cebu! Their chicken skin yakitori is just 10084️!

First of all, let me just commend the service in this place! We were so indecisive when it came to ordering our Yakitori that the server had to run up and down a couple of times (we were on the second floor) but she always had a smile plastered on her face. She also got our orders mixed up (totally our indecisiveness' fault) but still simply replaced our with a sorry to boot. So for that, 5 stars! Hahaha

The food was also pretty yummy. The Yakitori was on point, the tempura was unique and was actually covered in fried wonton strips (reminds me of a dish in kwong's provision in hole in the wall). I specially liked the soy chicken (not sure with what it was actually called) with mayo dip. Pretty sure we asked for the mayo dip ourselves tho but the soy chicken was pretty yummy all the same.

One of the restos i'll miss in cebu :)

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Chris C.
4.0 Stars

At the heart of IT park, this place got me wondering why there are a lot of japanese people that eat here but haven't really heard any nice feedback. So i ate here with my mom and we order their bento and shoyu ramen. To my surprise their ramen is actually pretty good. We also order some beef teriyaki dish and it was actually very good. The prices are very reasonable about 200-400 pesos. Their soju, sake and other imported drinks are pretty cheap for a restaurant price which probably explains the many foreigners that come here. I would recommend every korean and japanese to this place.

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Resy P.
5.0 Stars

It's been a while since I last posted a review for a restaurant. Sorry, my mouth has been busier than my fingers in the last couple of months. HAHAHA!

Anyway, I'm in Cebu now and my host took me to his favorite Japanese restaurant. They serve mainly Yakitori. But a bit of browsing took to their list of Ramen.

One word: LEGIT!!! I was in Japan last month and this is by far the closest to what Japan has --- from the ambience of the restaurant to the design and of course, the food!!! 128523

I LOVED every single bit of gastronomical experience that I had to write a review for it. 128522128077 when in Cebu, make sure to visit this restaurant. It's definitely a must! 128522128077

See, I was not able to take a picture! It's THAT good! 128523

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Sharon J.
5.0 Stars

Best drinking place :) i love their tonkutso ramen and of course their yakitori...

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Saintz K.
3.0 Stars

Too salty. A lil less of soy sauce would be fine. 127860

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Joerich O.
1.0 Stars

We went to this resto last week and boy did we regret it! To make a quick point, after ordering P2,100 worth of food for 6 people, we were still hungry and ate at Shakey's.

Serving size is so microscopic! Breast, thigh parts are just the size of a BBQ stick, which makes it so darn expensive. Never going back to that place ever again! BOOOOO!!128078

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