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Tagaytay Rd., Maharlika East, Tagaytay, Cavite

Qi Wellness Living
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Nico B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Nico B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Denise Q.
4.0 Stars

This place has always been in our must-visit spots for some R&R.

And just in time to destress, my friends and I availed of the Qiharmony package for whole body massage at P1,800 each.

Initially, I had the expectation of "The Spa" standard with relaxing music and soothing scents of aromatherapeutic oils plus my fave ginger tea.

However, this gives another twist.

A twist to appreciate nature - the photos here are my actual views while the massage was ongoing. Imagine this - instead of relaxing music, we have the rushing waterfalls; instead of aromatherapy oils - we had the breeze of Tagaytay.

Just in time during our massage, it just finished drizzling - so add the factor of bed weather. Aaahhh~!

The overall massage experience was indeed relaxing - I fell asleep during the foot soak and massage! They even had hot stones for the back which was soooo good for back aches and such.

Definitely liked my experience here! A good way to destress and forget the troubles of the world.. Even just for a little while, hee hee. 128134🏻

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Mico C.
3.0 Stars

These days, we in Manila must endure a special sort of Hell: on top of the usual torturous combination of stifling heat and beastly traffic is the non-perk of being stuck in the jam alongside vehicles blaring obnoxious campaign jingles. Yup, it’s the Gates of Hell: #PiliPinas Edition. Combine that with a tough week that’s gone as slow as molasses, and you get a formula to drive this corporate slave out of the city.

I’m not the trip planning sort, if I’m being honest. Luckily I wasn’t alone in being fed up with the city, and my girlfriend easily convinced me that we deserved to take a nice break, and to try something new. That Sunday, we headed off to our destination of the day: QiWellness Living Spa, Tagaytay.

Another admission: I never thought much of the Tagaytay Ridge. To me it was usually just a narrow, crowded road to get to wherever else I needed to be in the Cavite/Batangas area. Also, it had always been so easy to overlook the establishments along the ridge while trying to catch a glimpse of the Taal Lake. Luckily, QiWellness Living was easy enough to find – it was right by the Petron gas station. (You know the one.) I’d never seen it there before, but no way can I drive by without noticing it again. Its exteriors are a steady concrete grey, with a lot of glass and a bright red wooden door.

We arrived at around 5:30 pm. My girlfriend had booked us for the three-hour Quick Escape package at 6-9 pm at the recommendation of their staff. The package, which costs a rather steep P6,360 for two, includes 60 minutes’ use of the bathhouse facilities (their yin yang dipping pools, steam and shower), a 30-minute foot reflexology on recliners overlooking the lake, and a 90-minute signature massage in a private room. Being tired of work and new to this sort of thing, the price didn’t matter much. We were both pretty pumped.

Upon entering the very zen facility, visitors get a professional welcome, a brief orientation, and some time to settle down. I could immediately see why they told us dusk was the best time – the facility, which is comprised of a bathhouse and a breezy outdoor teahouse, overlooks the beautiful Taal Lake in its entirety, and the view in the calm of sunset is ethereal and breathtaking. We sipped our complimentary tea in silence as we enjoyed the view with minimal fuss: it was all just calming oriental music, and the clients who had been there earlier in the day were all on their way out. It felt very much like the place was all our own, which we liked.

It was a bit of a wait before we were led to our room, a private quarter with two separate massage tables. We were given robes and instructed to change into our swimsuits so we could use the dipping pools and the steam rooms, for which we were allotted an hour. We were initially curious about the dipping pools and the loungers being in the public area outdoors, but were pleasantly surprised to learn that clients are booked for lone use of the pool area, which preserved the private feel of the place. The pools also share the same view of the lake, and it’s great that they aren’t visible from the tea house above. Another pleasant surprise: we didn’t know that the black and white pools were hot and cold, respectively, until we had reached into the other side for fun. We transferred between the two a handful of times until we were pruny, then spared a bit of time for the other facilities too.

Next came the foot reflexology session, which also took place outdoors, next to the pools. Admittedly the view isn’t worth a thing when you’re getting your massage at night, but it hardly matters when your eyes are sewn shut from maybe tiredness or bliss. I had no expectations from the foot massage, and the actual technique was pretty good. Enter, however, the first (and only major downside) of our experience: our therapists would not stop whispering to one another! And it was not only to address us – they spent the time complaining about their shifts, and the fact that they had to work on us before they could call it a day. I like to think we were very polite to them (as we always ought to be to staff), and did nothing to warrant that type of behavior from them. But I witnessed my own therapist rolling her eyes and whining about having to handle me – a man – I speculate it was either because I was heavier or because I would likely have knots that were more difficult to knead out. The next two hours suddenly did not look promising, though I did manage to fall asleep.

After the foot reflexology came the 90-minute Silk massage. I neglected to mention earlier that we were given robes and massage garments to change into – they do very well at preserving modesty even when you’re in the room with other people. They don’t see you, and you don’t see them.
My attendant asked me what pressure I wanted, and immediately suggested, “Hard pressure?” to which I agreed. She looked over to her companion and snidely said, “Nako. Sasakit katawan nito bukas.” Challenge accepted. Haha. Though in all honesty, we didn’t appreciate her behavior and her comments. She was crass and unprofessional, which is the last thing a paying customer wants from a place of relaxation.

The massage itself was different from anything else I’ve encountered before. They make use of a light, almost gel-like lotion to go over the body in long, relaxing strokes, often trading their hands in for their forearms. My girlfriend says she fell right asleep, but I hadn’t noticed because I was dealing with my own progressively deep tissue massage. I must admit I like a heavy hand, however, so this didn’t bother me. The best part was the head massage at the end – I could have forgiven my therapist everything for just that. We finished feeling relaxed and not sticky, which is a huge plus.

In all frankness, I would have given this place five stars. Great welcome and ambience, perfect weather, perfect time, perfect date (hehe hello to my girlfriend). Relaxing facilities, secluded feel… All the elements for the perfect escape were there. But I feel compelled to knock of two stars for the unprofessional behavior of our two massage therapists – one star each. Though I tried to understand that they were both at the end of what may have been a long day, it still stands that customer service should be top-notch at a facility that touts itself as the height of zen, and at rather heavy prices. Common courtesy and preservation of the calm environs should be of highest priority at all times. If we had been given different therapists, maybe things would be different. Perhaps next time… pero kayod muna :)

Should you be interested, here are some tips for your QiWellness Living Mini-Getaway:

1. Call and book ahead of time. They have a limited number of slots available, and also require payment deposits before the service. If your bank is BPI and you have their mobile app, you’re definitely in luck. Booking and paying becomes very convenient!

2. Ask what package would best suit your needs and your budget. Though worth it ultimately, this place is not cheap. From personal experience, I find it’s sometimes difficult to enjoy experiences that are too heavy on the pocket. So know your options, and go.

3. Pack your swimsuits, and a change of clothes. You’ll need them for the dipping pool, and maybe for afterwards.

4. Eat light beforehand, if going for an evening session. The slot we took ended at around 9, so we got to have dinner in the area as well.

1. Be afraid to ask questions. As first timers, we were very awkward about asking what we should do, or where we should go. But if we hadn’t asked, who knows how long we would have been sitting around and waiting? (Probably not very long, but suspense kills even mild control freaks like us.)

2. Be shy about making requests. In hindsight, we should have spoken up about the therapists. Customers pay a lot for the service, so we should enjoy every part of it!

That’s it for me – now that I know this is an actual date option, I’m looking forward to trying what other spas have to offer as well.

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Jennifer G.
5.0 Stars

I saw a promo in deal grocer a 90 mins serenity silk massage for 2 for 3,600 pesos only but the original price is 4,360. So last weekend we availed it. It was an awesome experienced. Ken greeted us and toured us to the place. The view was magnificent overlooking the taal lake. We were served tea to calm and relax us. Afterwards we were treated to a 30 mins foot reflexology while looking at taal lake. Then we had our 90 mins massage in a private room. I highly recommend this place. You can also reserved for a 6 course meal.

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