Pwesto Community Mall, 56 Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Open: 12:00p - 6:00a


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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

Those who need a quiet space to study or work, I have a place discovery for you!

There’s a study / co-working spot in the middle of Don Antonio in Quezon City. (You’d think Manila will have a bunch of public libraries where we can do this but hey at least a lot of entrepreneurial folks came up with something much needed like this one.)

So this place basically caters to med students in the area who feverishly study day and night (nuks) but for people who just want a quiet spot where you won’t have to deal with baristas screaming people’s names or overhearing people sell their wares, this is also a welcome spot. It only costs P60 per hour, too. Plus free Wifi!

And if you get hungry in the middle of your writing/working session, just order from any place through delivery and you can eat it here - no corkage fee!

I spoke to the owner before visiting and she says the idea behind this place came from her daughter who would always bring her friends and study at their house. They’d eat there and sometimes even nap there so she thought, why not create a place where more people can do something like this? And voila, that’s how Quad came to be.

You can even see the little nook in there where there’s a cot and pillow. (I added a photo of this spot) Personally, I wouldn’t sleep in there but if you’re the type who can sleep anywhere due to severe tiredness, this is something you’ll be thankful for.

Overall I love the idea behind this place and hope they continue to thrive. If you find yourself stuck in the Commonwealth area because of the bad traffic but still need to get work done, I recommend this spot!

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Em D.
5.0 Stars

QUAD is the best!

It’s a new study and co-working place along Holy Spirit Drive so if you’re near the area and need a place to do some work or some intense studying, I suggest you try this place out! I actually don’t really like studying out because I end up paying so much for coffee and pastries because I feel bad for staying so long at coffee shops (I’m looking at you, coffee shop shamers!!!! We pay good money for our spots ok 🙄)... Here,

1) You can bring your own food! You can even have food delivered from fast food chains and the restaurants beside this place (they have all of the menus of the restaurants near them). They place the order for you and your food will be brought to you. 128525 They even let us use their landline to call KFC for lunch! **I saw my classmate walk in with 2 boxes of pizza 128514

2) You won’t have to buy expensive coffee because they provide UNLIMITED brewed coffee!!! And water!!!

3) The whole place is QUIET AF.

4) The restrooms are CLEAN AF. Plus you can buy a shower kit from them and shower there!!!

5) There’s a napping area!


7) They can print out documents for you (mahal doe)

8) They have a meeting room good for 6 people (500/hr)

9) They have lockers!

10) The whole place is gorgeous! It’s spacious, the chairs are comfortable, the AC is cold, and everything looks so nice and homey! 128525

You can get all of that for PHP 60 per hour! PHP 400 if you spend 7+ hours.

We went there at around 12 noon (we were literally outside waiting for them to open) so we could secure the best seats in the house. By 2-3 PM, the whole place was packed but still very quiet. 🤫

I felt very sleepy and siesta-y after we ate our lunch so I headed to the coffee and water station and made myself some coffee. Ang lakas ng kape nila ha???

Will definitely be back! 10084

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