Quan Spa

G/F Marriott Hotel, Newport Blvd., Pasay, Metro Manila

Quan Spa
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Kwokie K.
4.0 Stars

Went here with the wife for a massage package after a friend recommended the place.

Couple rooms are available so it's a good couple weekend treat. Various packages are available on different service combinations.

The couple room we stayed in had adjoining yet separate wash areas for me and her, with complete stocks of towels, soups, shampoo as you would find in their hotel if you're looking to wash up after.

The massage itself was good as you would expect from the place, ambiance was relaxing as well.

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Theresa E.
5.0 Stars

This place simply rocks .... From the ambience, to the service, down to the products they use. They seem to have thought it all to provide a wonderful customer experience.

But, and here's the big but ..... It is so expensive. A 90 minute full body massage would cost you 3k sans the VAT. Facials would also be around in that vicinity.

Upon being ushered in the sitting area, ginger and lemon tea will be served while you fill up some forms to indicate your medical history. Then from this point, you will be taken into your private room which occupies a bigger floor area than the average standard hotel rooms. There is a separate area for toilet and shower facing a big mirror and dressing table complete with all the amenities you can find in 5-star hotels. Going inside the massage area is like you are being readily transported to lala land. Once you lie down prone position to rest your weary body, with all the good and nice smelling things around you, you are easily off to get a nice and easy slumber.

Massage is still massage wherever you go, soft or hard, it really depends on your preference. But the combination of tactile and sensory experience is something that differentiates Quan from the rest of the pack.

Now if only this place is affordable. See you again next year Quan when I renew my Marriott Hotel privilege card. You see, the card comes with discount vouchers, so I guess until I become at least moderately rich, the experience will remain to be consigned to an annual ritual thing.

Food muna bago massage, hehehe.

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