Quik Snack

Carvajal St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Quik Snack
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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

From Quick Snack to Quik Snack.... Whichever name it uses, it still spells delicious to me. I've been here since I was a toddler when my mom used to go down during her office breaks and we would go to the grocery and then dine here for a "quick snack" 12852210084128077🏻 Whenever I'm here I always make sure to have these foodie finds....

Sate Mi 10084100841008410084️ curry flavor with spicyness and crunchy vegees, my all time fave! 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

Fried Kuchay Ah 1008410084100841008410084️ yeah looks liks empanada but once you get a bite you'll realize it's more than that! 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

Guinamis 1008410084100841008410084️ for me it's like a drink and dessert in one 128077🏻127881 they have this fornquite some time and it's refreshing witj the sago, gulaman and pinipig bits to chew 128522128522128522

One thing they always ran out and is a sure best-seller is the TACO LUMPIA !!! It seems that everytime I go there it's already out of stock so be early to catch this rare foodie item!!!128522128522128522100841008410084️ it's lumpia filling served in these little taco cups super delish.... Actually some restaurants in the city have already copied this but nothing beats the original! 128522128077🏻 Hope you guys catch it! Hehehehe 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

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Mary Jean N.
4.0 Stars

Lumpia hubad 1008410084100841008410084

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Mara R.
5.0 Stars

A Binondo food trip wouldn't be complete without Quik Snack. 128522 Just like my photo, you will really feel like you're in Chinatown on the way to this place. It has that old Manila vibe. Don't be fooled by its exterior though, the restaurant itself is very clean, spacious and has aircon!! Quik snack is my favorite Binondo food hideway. 128523

What to Order:
1. Fried Lumpia Special
2. Kuchay
3. Tenderloin Steak with Onions

Tip: Parking is hard and its usually traffic, parallel park in Quitin Paredes/Yuchengo st. or better yet, just commute. 128694🏽

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