Rafael's Restaurant

JP Rizal St., Laoag, Ilocos Norte

Rafael's Restaurant
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Joseph S.
4.0 Stars

As tourists from Manila, my wife and I have a tendency to be choosy (and careful) at the places where we eat. But at the same time, we want to try the local restaurants because it's one of the reasons for traveling. That's where Looloo comes in so handy!

So when we got in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, the first thing we did was to look into the nearby places and read the reviews in the Looloo app.

One restaurant caught our eyes, it's Rafael's.

So we went to Rafael's to try it out. Unfortunately, the restaurant closes at 3pm (It was already 3:30pm). Even the people around, didn't know this. Tired and hungry, we had to go to one of those fastfood restaurants for a quick late lunch.

But being determined to try the place out, we went back for dinner. And boy, the place was packed! We had to wait for a few minutes before being served.

The menu was pretty basic. There's chicken, beef and vegetables. We decided to ask the waitress their specialty. She said that it was the garlic chicken and the barbecue chicken. The garlic chicken and barbecue costs P80 each and served with one cup of rice each. We didn't think twice and went with her suggestions.

Waiting time was okay, given that the place was packed. When our orders arrived, we saw that the serving was pretty big (compared to most restaurants in Manila). The rice served also appeared bigger than the standard one cup in Manila. As for the taste it was surprisingly good. Nothing extravagant, but good old and dependable chicken. This time, we were not disappointed.

When we asked for the bill, it was P205. One garlic chicken meal, one barbecue chicken meal and one pitcher of ice tea was surprisingly cheap.

I definitely recommend this place!

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Nicel S.
4.0 Stars

If you'll go to Ilocos and stay at Laoag, this restaurant is a must! We asked the locals in our hotel where can we eat a budget friendly and good food. They recommended this.

Eto talaga yung masasabi mong mura na, masarap pa! We ordered 3 dishes. Pinakbet, Bulalo and fried chicken which was their main dish. Lahat 128077128077128077

We were 6 and naghati hati kami, 80 lang yung ambagan 128526 Ang tipid! 128522 fast service pa! 128522

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