Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar

3/F Shangri-La at the Fort, 30th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar
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Giovan T.
5.0 Stars

Raging Bull prides themselves in using prime Australian cuts and with the kitchen team's diligence, they manage to serve in my opinion some of the meatiest steaks in the Metro. 

Groups usually order a chopping block to share and a lot of sides to complement. On the platter 350 gram Darling Downs Wagyu 5+ Grass Fed Scotch Fillet (3,450 PHP), The 200 gram 1824-Grain Fed Rib-Eye (2,200 PHP), and the 200 gram Cape Grim Grass-Fed Tenderloin (1,650 PHP) They have a dozen side dishes to choose from (225 to 295 PHP) we were delighted with the Josper* pumpkin with puffed wild rice, Salad of radicchio with orange dressing, and grilled asparagus glazed with a generous topping of hollandaise sauce. The Josper Roast is my favourite as of now, I will have to return to really get a better grasp on the rest of the sides.

Ambiance is distinctly upscale, but has a causal vibe that will have you in the mood for a good piece of steak. Dining at Raging Bull starts at bar lounge with their fine selection of wines and expertly crafted cocktails. Be amazed with their bartender's skills and if you're lucky you might just catch Head Mixologist Ulysse Jouanneaud, the drink master that curates all the drinks in Shangri-La at the Fort, from the Chinese restaurant Canton Road to High Street Lounge, Raging Bull, and this November at Samba on the 8th floor and soon at Limitless his "playground" for all things alcohol.

Their dessert will surely end your meal on a sweet note, especially with the fluffy Candy Floss Pavlov (315 PHP) cotton candy atop a passion fruit meringue with berries and strawberries around. Also a good creamy treat would be their Pistachio Creme Brulee (340 PHP) which had a very light flavour of pistachio (peace-tak-yo), which would have guests wonder, but you'd be too immerse in the smoothness. Finally, the Granny Smith's Apple Cobbler (340 PHP) is a hearty and classic dessert that's easily enjoyed by most, just right amount of everything.

*Josper is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine -Josper.es

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Let us play a word association game.  What's the first thing that comes to your minds when you hear Raging Bull. 

Note:  Millenials might have difficulty,  it best to consult with any Gen X'er or a Movie Afficionado.


De Niro
Steak... Wait what? Did you say steak? 

The foodie gods has been really good to me lately. Sponsorsed Lunch at  Raging Bull,  Baby! 

I arrived first as always,  perks of working at Net Lima.  Shang is a stone throws away from work.  Being the early bird has it's perks,  i get to scrutinize the interior. 

Why Raging Bull,  you ask?  Loosely based on my fave De Niro flick.  A modern-day,  posh mancave.   A New York based designer took care of the nitty-gritty.  They are aiming for a 1950's Manhattan x Residential x Speak Easy Bar. 

Calling this joint posh is the understatement of the year.   It reminds me of the restaurants of the Russian Restaurant in The Equalizer (i mean that lovingly).  It is the kind where the important people have lunch or get inebriated.  High ceilings,  excellent lights,  classic furniture.  The bar houses an extensive collection of booze.  I particularly like the whisky bottles.  And oh,  before you judge my fascination with ethanol,  im also digging the shelf stashed with hardbound books.  Ethanol x Books x Alan Ginsberg.  Yes,  writers love booze. 

Drinks were served first.  Booze at noon, why not?

Ethanol x Bar Chow

¶ Bonifacio Penicillin.  Bourbon,  ginger  chili infused honey and some orange juice (I wasn't listening when our host was explaining the components,  i was too preoccupied with the process of making the drink).  The bartender did a lil trick with the block of ice,  he used a thingy with the engraved logo of Raging Bull at the bottom.  A lil heat from the blowtorch and he placed it on ze ice...Voila! Raging Bull Ice anyone?  This is so good!  Perfect balance of ethanol and ze other components.  The chili adds a lil kick and it tones down the Bourbon.  Honey for a lil sweetness,  ginger for a lil tang.

Why the name?  Bonifacio is an homage to Andres.  Penicillin is a wordplay of sorts,  this is not meant to cure any malady.  It can cheer you up after a long day at work though (no approved therapeutic claims).

¶ Home-made Beef Jerky and Prociuto.  I veer away from bar chow when i am drinking but this baby is too irresistible.  The prociuto is crispy and has a light smoky flavor.  The beef jerky is dynamite!  I think this is best paired with a cold glass of Stout.

¶ El Toro Loco.  Tequila and Cucumber Juice.  I know... Who would've thought that these two can make a tasty cocktail.  I have a love-hate relationship with tequila but now is not the time to be vindictive.  Let bygones be bygones.  Ti amo,  el toro loco!


¶ Caesar Salad (Php 395).  Romaine,  anchovies, panchetta crisp,  parmesan flakes and a 63 degree free range egg.  Some say that there is nothing fancy about the big bowl of greens.  I am on the opposite side of the spectrum,  as i like the salad.  Don't take my word for it as i haven't eaten a lot of salads in my lifetime.  The greens are fresh and crispy on each bite.  The shaved parmesan goes well with the veggie and the dressing.  I believe this would be ten times awesome if we mixed it well.  The yolk of the 63 degree egg would make an interesting flavor contrast.  Oh well!  I didn't know there was an egg comfortably lying on ze bed of Romaines. 

¶ Maryland Crab Cakes (Php 475).  Crab cakes served with charred orange,  aioli and palm heart.  This looks like a normal crab cake,  it is not a photogenic as the salad.  They used the wrong plate,  the brightness of the crockery drowns the crab cake to oblivion.  I am happy to report that it passed with flying colors on the taste department.  The crust is fried to perfection hence the crunch and the inside is moist and flavorful. 


The Chopping Block.  A trifecta of steak goodness.

¶ Rib Eye
¶ Scotch Fillet

This was served atop a wooden chopping board with cherry tomatoes and garlic on the side.  A variety of artisan salts and sauces were served after. 

I am no steak purist, I dunno how an excellent slab of meat should taste like.  I'd say that Raging Bull's steak is phenomenal!  Especially the Rib Eye.  It is life-changing.  It will make a pescetarian change their perspective in life.

Man,  that beautiful slab of medium rare is succulent and extremely juicy.  I don't need the sauce nor the salt,  it is awesome on its own.  I tried to drizzle some mushroom truffle sauce on my meat and yes,  it is equally good too.  But i prefer em sans ze sauce.  


¶ Grilled Asparagus,  Hollandaise Sauce and Macadamia Sauce.  I love asparagus.  My favourite veggie is grilled to perfection and the hollandaise adds more depth to the veggie.


¶ Candy Floss Pavlova.  Pavlova a.k.a Meringue,  passion fruit pulp and mango sorbet.   This is ze prettiest of them all.  As for the taste,  i find it too sweet!  Even the mango sorbet is on the sweet side.  I guess they can tweak this a lil bit by changing the sorbet... Lemon sorbet perhaps?  This might tone down the sweetness of the pavlova.  Mixing sweet and sweet is not really advisable as the result might be catastrophic.  I think you figured out by now that i do not come from the Sweet Tooth Tribe.

¶ Granny Smith Apple Cobbler.  This is my least favourite as i find it is reeking with too much glucose.   I taste rum and i smell cinnamon and my tastebuds received an onslaught of sugar.  Sorry folks,  i ain't a Sugar Junkie.

¶ Pistachio Creme Brulee.  If pistachio and Custard made sweet sweet love,  this is their love child!  It doesn't look like the traditional  as the caramel layer is not infused with the brulee.  They made a paper thin brittle and used it to cover the crockery that encases the brulee.  Brilliant!  A lil deconstruction can go a long way.  The brulee sports a very subtle pistachio flavor which i totally understand.  The pastry chef showed restraint in not putting too much that the essence of brulee will be lost in translation.  In a way,  it showed innovation and paid respect to the dish. 

Lunch was fantastic.  The waitstaff is attentive and friendly.  What made them stand out is that they are knowledgeable with the food they serve.  They even know the type of knife to use for your steak.  This a 10 extra brownie points for me. 

I'd give Raging Bull 10 stars if possible but the limit is only 5 though.  Phenomenal food x Excellent service x Cozy ambience.  What more can you ask for?

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