Rainbow Dreams Cafe

80 Maginhawa St., Maginhawa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Rainbow Dreams Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Arvee L.
4.0 Stars

Indeed such an instagrammable place.
Rainbow colors and unicorns are everywhere. 127752🦄
You can even borrow unicorn onesies once you have purchased food amounting to 150.
This place is for the kids and for the kids at heart.
If you are looking for sweets fix or in a sugar rush,
then you better visit this cafe.
And I’d like to commend their comfort room as well,
It’s really clean, complete ung supplies and well maintained. 128077🏻

Over all,
the place is okay for me.
The food however, mostly are sweet and too cute you won’t even want to eat it! lols.
One thing though, I hope they can improve on their menu.
Medyo konti lang kase ung choices.
Hope they can add more savoury meals.

So here’s my verdict:

Food: 🦄🦄🦄
Place: 🦄🦄🦄🦄
Value for money: 🦄🦄🦄🦄

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Jam C.
5.0 Stars

Rainbow Dreams Cafe and my previously reviewed Under the Sea Cafe are two different Cafes but since it’s in the same building we decided to try them both. Parang hitting two birds with one stone lang yan hahaha

We first saw the Rainbow Dreams Cafe on the 2nd floor of the building that’s why we went to this one first. It was a Unicorn themed Cafe which is so colorful and cutieeee.

The foods in this Cafe is affordable and delicious too. Their waffle is sooooo good that you have to try it for you to find out if i'm lying but i'm not a good liar... basta recommended ko yung waffle. Their milkshake is one of the best milkshake that i’ve ever tasted (and i'm not saying this just because i love milkshake but their milkshake's one of the best paulit ulit nako)

There are few customers during weekdays so may i suggest that you go here during that Monday-Fridays around 2-4pm to fully enjoy your stay here. Beside hindi masyado nakakahiya magpicture if konti lang ang tao.

You can borrow one unicorn onesie for every 150 pesos of purchase. No need to worry because the onesies smells good halatang alaga sa fabcon. 128514128514

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Travel Eat Pinas T.
4.0 Stars

In Manila, Philippines, we found the first unicorn and rainbow-inspired café at 80 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City and they call the former, Rainbow Dreams Café.

127752 HOW TO GO


• Ride a bus, jeepney or fx going to Fairview/UP/PHILCOA.

• Alight at Ministop PHILCOA

• Ride a tricycle going to 80 Maginhawa


Rainbow Dreams Cafe has a cute and instagramable interior. The ceiling of the cafe is painted with clouds that resemble a girl's magical and dreamy night. The walls, on the other hand, is painted with clouds, rainbow, and unicorns. Unicorn figurines were also placed on the tables and shelves found in the cafe.

The cafe also has a small stage with grass like carpet and stuffed toys, such as unicorn and stars, that can be used for photo shoots.



Rainbow Dream’s Café  BBQ Pork Belly has two (2) tender and juicy pork belly with slow simmered barbecue sauce and served with rice shaped into a  bear, heart, and other adorable stuff.  BBQ Pork Belly costs Php 170.


Honey Garlic Wings has six (6) pieces juicy chicken wings tossed in Rainbow Dream Cafe's homemade honey garlic sauce and served with rice.  Honey Garlic Wings costs Php 160.


Unicorn Cheesecake Jar has layers of crushed cookies and colorful cream cheese topped with unicorn ears and rainbow candies. Unicorn Cheesecake Jar costs Php 120.


Rainbow Smores has toasted rainbow marshmallow on top of chocolate sauce and served with graham crackers. Rainbow Smores costs Php 100.


Php 400




• Monday to Saturday- 12 NN to 10 PM

• Sunday- 10 AM to 10 PM


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Rebecca E.
2.0 Stars

I waited for around 10 minutes before i asked my daughter to ask for the menu. After i got the menu which my daughter got — the staff wasnt even the one who gave the menu to me — i waited for around 20 minutes before i asked my daughter to ask the staff —atleast 3 of them gathering at the counter — if we could order and if we need to got to the counter or order while seated. Presentation of food is ok. Place is ok. Stuffed toys look dirty. Their fb page says you can get to use unicorn stuffs with a certain purchase amount. There are only 3 other customers but we were not able to use the supposed unicorn headbands or costumes because none was available daw. But i saw a kid using it. Of course they wouldnt wash it before we could use it so no, thanks. 128556 by the way, the ube shake did not taste any bit of ube or macapuno.

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Manila E.
3.0 Stars

Date of Visit: Feb 04, 2018
Sunday, 10:00AM

Rainbow Dreams Café is a unicorn-themed restaurant in one of the well-known food spots in the metro– Maginhawa street. Inspired by a Unicorn Café in Bangkok, Thailand, volleyball star Alyssa Valdez and her friends opened Rainbow Dreams Café on May 2017.

For a minimum accumulated purchase of P150, a customer may wear a unicorn onesie!

Price: The café offers student-friendly meals. The price of the food ranges from P120 to P200. The drinks range from P50 for a cup of brewed coffee to P120 for their specialty shakes.

Place: There are Instagram spots everywhere in the café. Unicorn/My Little Pony stuffed toys can be found on display, as well as on the tables and chairs. The walls are painted with unicorns and rainbows as well, with the ceiling painted as a sparkly pastel sky. Inspirational quotes are printed on the glass windows in calligraphy. On a small stage, customers may pose with unicorn stuffed toys on the grass platform.

Food: Given the price range of the food, its quality and portioning are satisfactory. The café has recently revamped its menu to offer better tasting food while keeping its affordable price range. A recent addition to the menu, the Chipotle Chops ( P170) has two pork chops in flavorful barbeque sauce with veggies and rice. The sauce is very tasty, although not spicy at all as described from the menu. One of the pork chops was kind of tough and hard to chew but can still be sliced without the help of a knife. The Sriracha Chicken Strips (P160) was OK. It is your typical deep fried chicken but with a spicy sauce and small portions of rice in cute shapes. The café has a unique take on carbonara (P150), serving it in pink and purple pasta with star-shaped ham and cheese. The bread served with the carbonara are also star-shaped. The pasta is al dente, which is good, and the sauce is okay. In keeping with its whimsical theme, the shakes are designed to look like unicorns. The rim of the glass is coated with colored sugar crystals and the shakes are topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles. The ube macapuno shake(P120) is very delectable. It is not too sweet and you can taste both the ube and the macapuno when you take a sip. The unicorn cheesecake jar(P120) looks appealing, with its colorful layers and its toppings of “unicorn ears” (marshmallows) and “rainbow candies” (sprinkles). It however has an odd salty taste! Gotta say NO to that and go for Rainbow Smores (P100) as your last treat instead to end your dining experience.

Accessibility: The location of Rainbow Dreams Café is easy to find; it is a few minutes away from Katipunan via C. P. Garcia. If you are driving, Rainbow Dreams Café can be searched via Waze, with a parking area in front of the building. If commuting, there are tricycles around the area that can bring you to the café.

Overall, Rainbow Dreams Café is your go-to-restaurant perfect for a group of girls who want to flood Instagram with colorful photos. People who love unicorns and sparkly things will also have a good time in this café. Their food is okay but could still be improved. The airconditioning should also be upgraded if they want their customers to enjoy wearing their unicorn onesies.

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Clari R.
4.0 Stars

Rainbow Dreams Cafe is the first unicorn cafe in Maginhawa. The place isn't huge but has an ample space for diners. It is also clean, well-ventilated and filled with beautiful vibes from the windows to the special “unicorn” stage.

Yes, there is a special place where diners are free to take pictures. They can also wear unicorn onesies if they want to. There are onesies for both kids and adults. So don't be shy if your young at heart because Rainbow Dreams Cafe is basically for everyone.

Besides the magical experience, Rainbow Dreams Cafe also offers rainbow-themed treats which are surprisingly great. Sure they're colorful and all but let me tell you that the flavors are great.

The Carbonara which is made of unicorn pasta in carbonara sauce topped with ham and cheese served with star toast is not only pretty but also delicious. The Hungarian Sausage is meaty and very flavorful with a hint of spice. When it comes to shakes, they have the most magical tasting shakes. I think whichever you choose is delicious.

Our trip to Rainbow Dreams Cafe was really fun. The food is good but the magical experience made the whole thing great. The question now is will we come back?

Of course! Rainbow Dreams Cafe is a great place to enjoy a simple meal and bond with the whole family. If you have kids, make sure to take them here once in a while. The place will surely make them and you happy.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Discover a new kind of magic! ☄🦄

Rainbow Dreams Cafe just opened just this May, located at 80 Maginhawq St. QC.

After I had lunch with my daughter Adelheid L at Ribs City last May29 we went to Rainbow Dreams Cafe. I think it's owned by Allysa Valdez. We're a unicorn fan so we're excited to try this unicorn themed cafe127860🦄

Went there around 1pm because they opened late that day. This is where magical creatures come alive. The pace was really cute a Instagram worthy. They have unicorn onesie which you can wear and have photo ops with their cute unicorn stuff toys.

We had rainbow smores and their lemonade. The lemonade was so big and good for sharing but we ordered two glasses because we're not aware that it would be big plus so affordable.

More unicorn and rainbow menu coming up so tag along now your unicorn buddies just like us 🦄

Staff is very accommodating 10084

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Cindy S.
3.0 Stars


So you guys are probably aware that unicorns are the latest craze today. Anything unicorn-related is sure to hit up your social media feed!

Rainbow Dreams Café is not the first unicorn-themed café in the country but it's the one that is most accessible to peeps within the metro, it's just in Maginhawa! (There's one in Bulacan and in Baguio, and I'm making it my mission to visit both, heh!)

I've been in love with unicorns even before it was hyped up, so naturally, I had to visit this place. Nope, scratch that! I NEED to visit this place! 128514 Went here last weekend with my friends and from what we've learned, volleyball star player Alyssa Valdez is one of the owners.

There was already a loooooong queue outside the café when we arrived, so we had to wait for about an hour before having a table. The place is just small but with ample seating. It's very charming, the pastel walls and unicorn plushies all over the place added to the "magical" feel of the café. Every corner is super IG-worthy! Your feed will thank you after your visit. 128514

We were given two unicorn onesies that we can put on plus unicorn plushies and have our pictures taken. It was os much fun! Hihi. 128514🦄

Now let's go to the food/drinks. We ordered the following:

🦄 Rainbow Grilled Cheese (100php) — This is basically your grilled cheese sandwich but with food coloring, and an egg on top.

🦄 Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake (120php) — Strawberry ice cream with marshmallows, candy sprinkles, wafer stick and topped with whipped cream.

🦄 Cookie Monster Shake (120php) — Vanilla ice cream blended with Oreo cookies, with marshmallows, cookie crumbs, wafer stick and topped with whipped cream.

I haven't actually tried the Rainbow Grilled Cheese so I can't say anything worth noting on the dish but the milkshakes on the other hand... meh. It's kinda disappointing. I would have given this place a higher rating based solely on the fact that I love the theme of the café, but I just couldn't. I think I just had two sips on each of the milkshake for the sake of trying, and that was it.

Thinking of just going back to maybe try some of their food so I can properly give a food review. Also, the place was super packed with rambunctious kids (and adults)! Not sure if this is a good thing or not. 128566 They just opened last month and I think there can be plenty of room for improvement, their drinks definitely tops that list. Plus their queueing system outside the café should be more organized.

Would I recommend it? For first timers, yes! For a returning customer? Hmm, probably yes but not right away. But for a unicorn lover like myself, definitely check them out! 🦄

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

Ever wanted to be a unicorn and do as unicorns do? Then check out this cafe at Maginhawa! 🦄

The cafe is situated on the 2nd floor of a building filled with other restaurants. I got upstairs and the line outside was pretty long already. They only have one bench inside and everyone else has to stand around after getting listed and wait for your name to be called.

Once inside, the place was still pretty hot. I was sweating the whole time. 128560 The interiors looked pretty, tho. The ceiling and walls were painted with pastel galaxy colors + unicorns and quotes. There were also My Little Pony stuffed toys on each table.

One of the highlights of the cafe is that you get to wear colorful unicorn onesies! Although, I'm not sure how frequent they wash them hahaha 128556 (Also, remember how hot it was inside? Ermm, pair that with a fuzzy bodysuit and..well, yeah haha)

The menu is pretty simple. One page and they offer a few desserts, snacks, mains and drinks. Prices are pretty affordable, around 100-150+ pesos or so mostly. 128077 I decided to get:

127830 BBQ Chops (P170) - Fairly hefty serving of porkchops glazed with BBQ sauce served with rice formed into little shapes haha. It tasted okay, not something I'd like on the reg.

127837 Carbonara (P150) - Carbonara sauce at the bottom of the bowl topped with pink and purple noodles and star-shaped ham, cheese and bread. Looked like play-doh but tasted quite good haha.

128153 Blueberry White Choco Waffle (P150) - I really liked this! Surprisingly wasn't cloying and was a good dessert! 128523

127827 Strawberry Cheesecake Shake (P120) - seemed more watered down, like strawberry milk instead of a shake. Tasted okay.

Overall, the food and drinks are a few hits and misses, the place is pretty and staff are nice and attentive.

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