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Most Recent Reviews

Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

Check out the second resto of la Lola group, we ordered:

cones of tuna tartar with wasabi mayo

Bite size mini pizza topped with Iberian chorizo, tuna and arugula, jamon Iberico, goat cheese

potato croquet with ham

fritters of codfish


soft shelled crab paella


freshly sqeezed lemon with almond flabor drink


This resto has a nice interior, interactive kitchen at the center.
Staff were friendly, attentive.

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Shellah Marie R.
4.0 Stars


Great place for Tapas 🥂


Cozy and kinda romantic


Crispy Chicken Skin and Prawns : Chicken skin was indeed so crispy and prawns are so yummy. This may be quite pricey but this is soo yummy. Sinful yet so goood!

Churros with Warm Chocolate and Vanilla Ice cream : Good but nothing special for me.

Chocolatisimo : It was good but cake was more on the gelatinous side.


It was uhmmm okay?


Super pricey but if you're looking for a posh Tapas place then you must try Rambla.


Did I enjoy it? - Yes
Will I recommend it? - Yes
Will I come back? - Maybe

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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

Where do I begin? After quickly passing by Powerplant Mall, a short walk to Rambla restaurant made the evening of Friday 5th of May very special. Not to mention a good friend of mine is celebrating her birthday and treated us at this exquisite Tapas bar along Rockwell.

What we ordered:
Salmon Brie
Gambas al ajillo & shitake
Pulpo Hummos
Cheese Platter
Paella Negra
Baked Cod Fish

Red wine Matsu El Picario

Staff service is topnotch since it is a Friday after all and we didn't wait too long before our orders were served. Good choice of wine by my friend, Beatriz as alcohol content wasn't too strong and has the right amount of floral, fruity sweetness. At an approximately PHP1,500/person, I have to say this is pricey, but would recommend this to everyone who's after an authentic Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine here in Manila. My personal favorite is the Paella Negra!

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Anna d.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Meldy M.
5.0 Stars

Food definitely . Paella cochinillo

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
5.0 Stars

Mom requested for Spanish food for her birthday and my sister suggested Rambla since she had an awesome experience here with her friends.

On the table
🔹Pulpo a la Gallega - never imagined that an octopus dish would be this good. The octopus tasted like squid. We loved each component of the dish. It had mashed potatoes, fried potatoes and creamed potatoes.
🔹Salmon, Romaine, Parmigiano and Yogurt Vinaigrette Salad - an interesting salad with smoked salmon and cheese
🔹Cheese Platter - a sampler platter or should I say cheese crate of Brie, Manchego and Gruyere. Not sure which was which but I enjoyed them all including those toasted triangles. I did not taste the spreads but dad liked all of them. They were Strawberry, Mango and Grape Jam
🔹Bolognese - it was this or Carbonara. We had to have a pasta dish because it was mom's birthday. I would totally skip this next time.
🔹Bacalao - described on the menu as baked cod fish with sausage, green peas and crispy ham. This was so flavorful and addicting. The fish was really soft.
🔹Paella de Marisco - a delicious seafood paella
🔹Paella de Cochinillo - the highlight of our meal. The cochinillo was heavenly and so crispy. I couldn't resist getting second servings. Their paella dishes are more on the sticky side and could use a bit more rice. I love how different the 2 paellas tasted.

I liked their paper products especially the fun illustrations on their menu and placemats. Food presentation and serving containers were lovely as well.

I'm going back for the Paella de Cochinillo and the Pulpo a la Gallega. Hoping to try more of their dishes and maybe a cocktail or two.

*a few parking slots in the building
**walking distance from Powerplant Mall

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

A date with the hubby in Rambla is always a good idea!

It was around 5PM when we got there. We were told that dinner starts at 6PM so we can only order tapas for the mean time. That was okay. We were not in a hurry anyway. This also gave us a chance to appreciate the place coz there were just a couple of tables occupied that time.

This place is lovely! Warmly lit with a privy ambiance, it's a perfect date venue. Their furniture were excellently maintained, chairs cushioned and there were even couches if you really want to relax and enjoy. They even have a second floor to boot! A play of black and white, use of wood and metal, lots of framed pictures describe the interiors.

We started off with Chistorra Sausage Croquetas. These small pieces of tapas were deep fried to golden brown perfection! Served on top of some mayo, each one had a nice crunch coming from the breading. As you take a bite, a warm, creamy mashed potato with cheese will greet you. It also had some chewy bits of sausages.

Then we also got an order of the Crispy Suckling Pig with Mustard Sauce and Bok Choy. Three small squares of tender and almost melt in your mouth suckling pig meat. Each had a good portion of crispy skin and just the right amount of fat trimmings. Each piece was salty and sinful and oh so good! It came in with some candied almonds, potato balls, and mustard that neutralized the cloying taste from the meat and the fat.

When we were allowed to order for dinner, we got a pan of Paella and an order of Pulpo a la Gallega.

Paella De Cochinillo was our choice. We can't get enough of the yummy suckling pig tapas! This paella is not the usual very wet type that Filipinos are used to. It was moderately wet, leaning to dry, with sides sticking to the pan giving it a relatively crispy rice edge. It was tasty and flavorful with subtle notes of tomatoes and herbs. The Cochinillo cuts were as awesome as those from our tapas! Great dish!

Pulpo a la Gallega was my choice. It's one of their best sellers so I thought might as well try it. A gorgeous bowl of tasty octopus chunks that were tender and not the usual rubbery type, seasoned with salt and paprika, served with cream, smooth mashed potato, potato balls, fresh tarragon leaves and then drizzled with olive oil. It was a little bland but a dash of salt did the trick. The tarragon leaves added flavor, giving each bite a light note of anise.

Overall, it was a very pleasant dinner. The server was quick to refill our glasses with water and was quick to suggest a new wine variant to the hubby depending on what dish he has served. The place gets packed as soon as dinner time came close. We will surely go back! Eyeing on their Spherical Olives and Scallops with Jamon Iberico!

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Judy A.
5.0 Stars

The best. PERIOD.

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Trinna T.
4.0 Stars

The lamb shoulder was incredible. I got to try the dishes of my friends, but I couldn't remember their names. We had Jamon Iberico and Chorizo. A pineapple pie with foie gras, and it was good too.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Come here for food and just brush off the unpleasant service.

We happen to like this place for the tapas and drinks. It’s a casual place that’s a little more upscale than your usual watering hole. A really great place to just chill and talk. The servings are tapas style, which are small plates of food that go really well with your favorite drink. I read that they are made that way as they allow people to talk to each other instead of focus on the food. Just be prepared when you come. They only have a few dishes that are bigger in serving. It’s also a common misconception to think that tapas is our beloved breakfast beef tapa. They really are small plates, including the pizzas that are as almost as small as a Ritz cracker. I wanted to laugh at the table that ordered that. Sorry. Hahaha. Ok, sorry again.

127873Spherical Olives 127775127775127775127775127775
Made infamous by Chef Albert Adria in Barcelona, I’ve seen him make this only on tv. Such sorcery is called molecular gastronomy in action. It’s made of olive juice and not from real olives so don’t worry about the texture and the flavor. Put it all in your mouth, don’t bite and eat just a part of it. It has a thin, soft skin that bursts like a bubble. I don’t think you can eat this without a drink in your hand. Love this!!! Just one for the night is ok for me. See photo.

127873Empanadas - Foie Gras with Apple Jam / Lechon and Grape Jam 127775127775127775127775127775
Sweet and savory. We always order this.

127873Bikini Sandwiches
A Catalan ham & cheese toasted sandwich with truffle oil. Literally just ham & cheese. Wasn’t able to taste the truffle. Ham was good so it was worth it.

127873Wagyu Meatballs with Cuttlefish, Pine Nuts & Shiitake Mushrooms
About 8 pieces I think in this serving. I liked this, especially since I like pine nuts too.

127873Trampo 5
Get this if you want a super sulit, really filling dish. This thing is huge compared to all the other tapas they have. It's Omelet with chorizo topped with aioli. Super eggy. Get this only to share.

We got a few cocktails which I thought I could just google and write about. Sadly I can’t find the drink menu anywhere so I can’t tell you what we got. Let me just say that I liked all the drinks I ordered.

In between lunch and dinner they don’t serve most of their menu. Just the tapas. I suggest coming here to Samantha Jones yourself with you friends. Not for dinner. Place is really made better by the people that visit and ruined by a blasé waiting staff. If you like being surrounded by beautiful people you should come and visit this place in the evenings. I’ve seen a couple of celebrities on my visits here. Their servers though are just so unconcerned with your welfare. For the price of the food and drinks, they are not attentive and so apathetic with your needs. Great service means you just have to look around and the waiters come right by your table to ask what you need. Here I can wave my hands up in the air and no one will look at me. One server even forgot the additional order we asked for. I think it’s their bad service that turns people off. We kinda come here because we do like the food. Just not as often as we’d like.

PS. Almost met fellow Loolooer Mike L. We were in the restaurant that same night and only found out via his review!

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Reann G.
3.0 Stars

My friend and I decided to go to Rambla since it was one of the interesting restaurants in Rockwell and was something I have not tried.

Few minutes after being seated, we were given the menu which was also later used as our placemat. Everything on the menu looked interesting but it was so hard for us to decide since there were no photos. I had to gaze on the other tables to see what they have but it was still so hard for us to decide. My friend has tried Rambla for lunch and mentioned that she liked the pasta so we were eyeing on getting that again. Sadly, Rambla has different lunch and dinner sets so the pasta wasn't available the time we were there. 128542 But anyway, we settled to order their Chicken & Prawns Risotto, Parmesan Cheese and Crispy Onion (P595), Roasted Chicken Cannelloni with Idiazabal Cheese Bechamel and Crispy Onion (P495), and a glass of wine (P200).

The risotto was super good and filling. I liked the combination of parmesan cheese and crispy onion together with the perfectly cooked chicken and prawns.128523 the glass of wine also complemented the flavours so it was a very satisfying meal. The dish looked small though but it was really very heavy, sakto for sharing since we had another dish to try.

The Roasted Chicken Cannelloni got me too excited because we asked the waiter what their best sellers were and this dish was on the list. I was waiting for a plate of Cannelloni with perfectly roasted chicken but then got shocked128561, too disappointed128528 and sad☹️ when the dish was served on our table. It looked like lumpia drenched in a very sosyal sauce. But we still gave it a chance, we tried the dish and got shocked128561, too disappointed128528 and sad☹️ for the second time (in a span of 5mins)!!! The dish made me feel like I'm eating lumpiang shanghai and the only difference was this one's not fried but probably steamed or boiled (idk, i don't care). We kept saying "hindi naman ito roasted chicken, saan yung roasted chicken" but of course we didn't make a scene there and kept the conversation to ourselves. There were no hints of the chicken being roasted as well, parang giniling lang. 128528 I hated this dish for a lot of reasons: (1) it was pricey, (2) it wasn't good at all (fine, the sauce was okay pero anong gagawin ko sa sauce lang?) and (3) it left me with a very sad, disappointed tummy! We hardly finished half of the plate, sayang P495 namin. ❌

Lastly, the dessert. We were both big fans of Booky because of the perks we get out of it, so we made reservations there and we got a free dessert! 10024 We asked the waiter what the free dessert was but they gave us the option to choose anything we like on the menu. We decided to just go for the Churros with Warm Chocolate and Ice Cream (P245). It was again a disappointment. The churros were a bit overcooked, I like that it's crunchy but this one's too crunchy I didn't enjoy it anymore. It also had a weird after taste, my friend kept saying it tasted like it was cooked using the oil used to cook other meat dishes (it was terrible). Both the vanilla bean ice cream and warm chocolate were good. If the churros didn't have that weird after taste and if it wasn't overcooked, we could've enjoyed it. Buti nalang free na 'to, kung hindi, luging lugi na kami. 🤕128567


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Katrina D.
3.0 Stars

It's a shalla night and we decided to spend friday night at Rambla. We ordered one of the recommended dishes, Chicken and Prawns Risotto, Parmesan cheese and Crispy Onion (P595). We are not usually a fan of risotto (last risotto consumed was at Early Breakfast Club and it was not a happy memory) but we liked Rambla's risotto. The texture felt as if you are eating pasta that's cream based. The combination of the cheese and onion was a perfect pair to the tender chicken breasts and prawns. The serving looks small in the photo but since it's risotto, it was very heavy. It also went well with the Chile Merlot (P200).

We were looking for pasta but during dinner, they don't serve pasta.The server recommended Roasted Chicken Cannelloni with Idiazabal Cheese Bechamel and Crispy Onion (P495), the dish closest to pasta. Roasted Chicken and Idiazabal Cheese Bechamel sounded delicious so we ordered it. When it arrived, we were surprised to see something in lumpia looking wrapper. We were expecting chunks of roasted chicken but the insides of the wrapper was embutido-ish and seemed that it was placed in a food processor. It was very nakakaumay and we barely finished half of it. :( #SadTummy #LugingInstik #NasaHuliAngPagsisisi #ExpectationsLeadtoDisappointment

Because we made a reservation via Booky app, we were given a free dessert and we chose the Churros with Warm Chocolate and Ice Cream (P245). The churros were too crunchy (overcooked) and it had a different taste (perhaps the oil used was the same used for the meat dishes). The vanilla ice cream and the warm chocolate were good but we'd still prefer La Lola's churros.

110881108811088️Good ambiance and good service but pricey and food it not consistent. ,Rambla has a selection of good dishes but they also have bad ones so you should know the right dishes to order to ensure you have an enjoyable meal. We found their menu hard to read because they are fond of using several unfamiliar/sosyaling terms and they don't even have photos for their dishes.


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Mike L.
2.0 Stars

Oh no what ever happened to you Rambla? I used to like you a lot.

I initially was excited for the change in menu but...

The pulpo tasted funny. I wasn't even expecting Donosti levels but it was not good at all.

The cochinillo from the paella although cooked really well was a bit under seasoned. The paella rice was underwhelming.

Worst part was the churros - it was too crispy even on the inside. Maybe too thin or maybe overcooked?

Service was slooow too.

Really sad for Rambla.

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Ian P.
5.0 Stars

Date night with the wife
First the bad news... After 7 courses and a bottle of wine... Damage was 4400 hundred bucks!!!
The good news... Probably my new favorite restaurant. Everything we ordered was just excellent!
We ordered:
Spherical olives: sublime!
Gambas with mushroom: wife loved it but wish it was spicy
Omelette: loved it( sucker for eggs)
Bikini sandwich: serrano, manchego and truffle oil! FTW!
Cochinillo paella. Delicious!
Pulpo: the best one I've had in a while!
Wine was great!
Can't wait to go back! Save muna

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

Went to Rambla early November because I got some freebies from | looloo. Thanks again to the crew!!!! You guys always surprise and make me and my tummy happy!!! I always get excited whenever I receive a package that I don't expect. 128517 thanks also to Rambla and Andilasia Inc. for their generosity. 128525128516

Since it was a holiday, my sister and I decided to have a trip to Rockwell to claim both vouchers we got. (One from La Lola) We did not have to order any extra food to be able to claim but we still did because it was our first time. They serve Mediterranean-Spanish cuisine. Honestly, i had a hard time choosing which dish to try because of their menu. 128514 it was primarily Spanish! 128514 most dishes were alien to me!

I did not know they have a different kind of 'tapa'. Haha. Apparently they are snacks or finger food for the Spanish culture. Now I know. I learned something new that day! Hooray!

The service. really good! The servers were friendly though there was a time when one server laughed when he put our order on our table. I can't figure why he did so. Was there something on our faces? weird! 128563128563 anyway, good service again. Our waters got refilled in a timely manner. Food served after a few minutes.

The interiors. Really nice and romantic! I think this place is quite dim-lit during the night. I wonder how it feels to have dinner here... 🤔

The food. We liked all except one of we ordered. 128517 prices are quite high, though justified by the quality and taste of the food, service, and ambiance.

This was the star of our meal. Super yummy! It may not look so appealing but taste-wise it was the bomb. I don't know how to describe how tasty it was. I just found it weird that they served it in a wide casserole and the rice was spread through it, making it colder fast. 128514 that serving was good for just two persons

TRAMPO 5110889757🏻️
It's the Spanish version of omelette with chorizo. OMG, looks so good and tastes so good as well. They did the cooking of the omelette wonderfully. The texture was on point. More tough on the outside and more sticky towards the center. I'm sure that kind of texture is difficult to achieve. Outer and inner layers were totally different. How in the world were they able to do that? Chorizo bits and I think some cheese were there making it more yummmm. 128523128523128523

Yummy and the sister liked it because of its cheesiness. Basically 5 croquettes fried and nicely plated. 128077🏻 Not something that would motivate me to go back though. The trampo and paella surely can!

We had no idea how to eat it. Served with around 6 chips (looked like fortune cookies but thinner). So for |looloo reviewers reading this, you use the chips to get the foie/apple/coffee-bakley as dip and start eating away. When we tasted it, we just didn't know how to appreciate it. It had the duck liver taste, yes. The caramelized apple was apple. The coffee-bailey was something new and liked it at first two rounds then got cloying after. It's their bestseller. You may try. Maybe it's just me since I am not familiar. 128514128514

Rambla is a place to go to during special occasions. Prices are high so we better save up more bucks to be able to go back! #nuksrhyming 128518128518

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Veanney V.
3.0 Stars

I didn't really know what cuisine Rambla was under but I've been meaning to try it here since it replaced our fave steak place Lulu. My boyfriend has tried it before (With his family) though and had much more negative feedback than good so we never bothered to try it after that.

But since |ooloo is awesome they sent me vouchers from Andilasia Inc. One that would give me free tapas (appetizer) from Rambla with no purchase required and one order of 6 pcs of classic churros with medium chocolate provided that I purchase any hot or iced coffee.

We first claimed the Rambla voucher since we were gonna have a pitch in rockwell after lunch so we decided to eat here. Please don't judge. But at first, I really read and thought that they were gonna be giving me TAPA with a side dish of CROQUETAS so I was like "wow ok free lunch for me then mom and Gere (my bf) will just have to pay for themselves wahaha" and then as I was expecting my "TAPA" I saw 5 tiny pieces of croquetas. And my mom just exploded laughing at my mistake... 128528 HAHAHA I mean I know tapas means appetizer/small serving but right? Doesn't Spanish cuisine have tapa like we do in Filipino cuisine? Hahaha anyway, getting past that honest mistake, we decided to order one dish each.

Firstly, the croquttes were okay. Texture wise it would be the bomb 128163 but the flavor wasn't really there. It's weird but it's okay weird. But since it's free why wouldn't I take it?! However, I won't be spending my own money on it. Sorry. But thank you Looloo and Andilasia Inc. for the treat! I'm very grateful 128518

My mom's dish (see picture): Trampo, Spanish Omelette with Chorizo
128073This one was above average. It's nearly a 4/5 stars. Texture, again, on point. Fluffy Omelette like I've never had it this way before. They really need to work on their salt. Most if not all of the dishes we ordered lacked salt. But this could have been a really awesome dish if they had the flavor right.

My boyfriend's dish: Baked Cod Fish with Surf and Turf Sauce, Green Peas and Crispy Ham
128073First thing I noticed was the plate. It was very similar to Las Flores and then I discovered that they were under the same group! Coolio! LF is like our favorite Spanish resto by far. VERY EXPENSIVE but so worth it. I guess we should've gotten the expensive ones too out of the menu. Maybe then we wouldn't have been so disappointed. The fish was cooked well but the sauce, I can't remember. I guess the sauce was nothing special and the crispy ham tasted like crispy bacon. Yum! This was the cheapest out of the pescados offering so we got this HAHAHA!

My dish (and their most recommended 128530): Wagyu Meatballs with Cuttle Fish, Pine nuts and shiitake mushroom
128073it sounded so yummy and as good as the hamburguesas we got from LF. Then the dish came... IT WAS SO TINY. And the meatballs drowned in flavorless sauce 128546 The meatball was good though in terms of texture again but it was bland yet again. I got so sad... loved the pine nuts though!

128073Lastly I got curious as to how their Churroreo Dessert would taste like so we got an order of it. Interestingly from all the small portions of our orders we managed to get full before our dessert even arrived. (My mom said it because everything was fatty hence you get fuller faster - take it from the food tech/food engineer) HAHA. So anyway, churroreo was good. A tad sweet when you mix the vanilla ice cream with the warm caramel and the churroreo but would've been a good dessert to cap off that lunch date if we weren't all so full.

-try to get the expensive items on the menu if you don't wanna get disappointed with the taste. I mean you probably didn't go there to not-splurge. So go ahead and order the best thing you see on the menu regardless of the price.
-dont be afraid to have your food made again (I didn't have enough time so I didn't do this anymore)

Maybe when I have a lot of money to burn, I'll come back just to try each of their most expensive items so I can like it as much as I liked Las Flores.

Thanks for the free croquetas again! 128522

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

My 3rd stop yesterday for my Makati Foodtrip! Rambla , a Spanish Open Kitchen and Cocktail Bar at Rockwell Makati, it is owned by Andilasia Inc , the owner of La Lola Churreria.

Again the perks on being in Looloo128522128077127860. They opened at 11:30am. So after I claimed my churros at La Lola I immediately went at Rambla, it's not located at the Powerplantmall , it's outside and located at Joya Drive.

The place has a very nice ambience. That photo catches my attention. It's Instagram worthy photo. It was located in one corner.

The staff welcomed me and have me seated as I gave to them the gc, no further questions asked and I was seated in a nice couch while waiting for my free Croquettes with Chistorra! After few minutes they gave me a paper bag of Ramba as I asked them to have it take out coz I was in a hurry for a lunch date with hubby. Damn the croquettes tasted so good when I ate it at home128076 crunchy in the outside and cheesier on the inside 128077

Staffs are accommodating and their uniform was very nice, looks good on them.

Muchas Gracias Looloo, RamblaPh and Andilasia Inc.

#Aileenfoodadventures2015 #RamblaPh #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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JOresa S.
4.0 Stars

Good location
Nice interior
Delicious food especially dessert! (Yogart foam with strawberry and balsamic is to die for)
Friendly people
Money worthy

Too many people all the time

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Instagram sure makes me fat. Yes, it does. Every time a foodie friend or a food app account posts a dish, I end up drooling and craving. And there was a time when someone posted a photo of the liquid omelette of Rambla. Yes, LIQUID OMELETTE. Awesome right? I instantly messaged J (one of the T3 members I bug… most of the time) and he agreed. But for some reason, we never visited the place! *cries* But I am blessed as my favorite Dragon Lady was game. And so after antigravity yoga, we dropped by Rambla for lunch.

Hello, Rambla!

The place is pretty dark considering it was just 1 p.m. when we visited. I guess that gives it the cozy date ambiance. (But the place is great for some afternoon chat or mini gatherings as well.)

It took us a bit of time to decide on what to order but finally settled with the following: The “Liquid” Spanish Omelette (PHP125), Black Paella with Salmon Loin Tataki and Baby Carrots (PHP595) and Salmon and Arugula Mini Pizza (PHP245).

The liquid Spanish omelette arrived first and it was heavenly. The slowly and lowly cooked till creamy egg yolks topped with caramelized onions was a foodie treat. I also loved the delightful potato foam that somehow reminded me of cheese for some reason (must be the color). I’ll definitely order three glasses of this next time!

The mini pizza was served next and it was also a lovely dish. The thick salmon cut topped with arugula on a thin crust served as a great appetizer (or snack). One order is slightly too small for sharing though.

Last served was our black paella. Oh…my…

The paella was sticky and flavorful. I loved the mix of textures and flavors of the cream, salmon and chewy rice. Don’t be deceived by its small serving. The rice was pretty heavy so one order is good for two (even three if you don’t eat that much).

I wasn’t able to try Rambla’s desserts as T and I wanted to try Refinery after. I definitely will try it though on my next visit. (I’m drooling for some liquid omelette now!)

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Jennifer S.
5.0 Stars

Wonderful tapas to be had.

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