Ramen Kuroda

2/F Venice Grand Canal Mall, Upper McKinley Rd., McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila

Ramen Kuroda
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Ramen or Noodle
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Most Recent Reviews

Ian V.
3.0 Stars

I love the ambiance in this place. It feels like authentically Japanese.

I tried the shiro chashumen. And it's so cheap compared to other Ramen places. It's just 200+.

I usually don't order the spicy ramen but I always add chili powder to my ramen because I like it spicy my way. Hehe.

First impression: there wasn't a lot of meat in there. Boo! I like my meat, okay. And no, taba (ano ba English ng taba? Fats? But it sounds like I'm referring to MY fats) does not count as meat. There's more taba in there than the actual meat. 128551

The soup was okay. Not very impressive but not disgusting or whatever. Just okay.

But what I absolutely love about the ramen is the EGG! You have to know that I totally dislike boiled egg. Anywhere. So I don't really like egg in my ramen (please don't shoot me). But their egg was very yummy. It seems to be seasoned or something.

Overall, it's just okay. Affordable ramen. Will go back to try their other dishes. They have set menus and everything (unfortunately, my small body cannot take that much food no matter as much as I wanted it to. Haha.)

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Ryan N.
3.0 Stars

The place plays Japanese Pop songs. The ramen I ordered was Aka Ramen. Great broth. Spicy but not too hot. Hand pulled noodles tasted great with nice texture to it. It didn't feel rubbery or like that of instant ramen. Lots of scallions and chasu made it really flavorful. Food is reasonably priced.

Here's my ramen house ranking as of May 2016

#1 Ryu Ramen
#2 Ramen Nagi
#3 Ramen Kuroda
#4 Ippudo
#5 Tokyo Tokyo Ramen

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4.0 Stars

Before heading to somewhere, I drop-by at The Venice Grand Canal Mall to eat. And I noticed a poster hanging around the mall that there is a newly open ramen house and the poster state the ramen price starts at Php 180.00. 127886

Ramen Kuroda is located at the second floor of Venice Grand Canal Mall. It's not that big but it can accommodate up to 30-50 pax including outside tables. Of course the interior is Japanese and tables are with fix placemat ready. 127884

For Php180.00 I got Kuro Ramen, it is the chef's recommendation. Ramen with special garlic oil and secret tonkatsu broth and it topped with egg and chasu. They have very affordable price for less than Php200.00 you can slurp your favorite ramen.127836

Kuro Ramen - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Gyoza - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Well as expected the portion of egg was cut into half and the pork was not that thick. But the home-made noddles and tonkatsu broth were both really good.128055

And good thing, you can ask the server to take out your food when you cannot finished it. They also have nice and comfortable packaging when taking out the ramen. 128515

They also served fast, within 5 minutes my Kuro Ramen was served. And another 5 minutes for the Pork Gyoza. That was fast. 128077🏼

The servers were very accommodating and provided courtesy. 128540

Overall, if you want quality, fast and affordable ramen you can visit Ramen Kuroda branches at Makati, BF Paranaque and Chinatown.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084️ #henrysinstaxgiveaway

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Ralphe S.
5.0 Stars

The first time I heard that there would be a ramen shop that will open in venice grandcanal mall, I got really excited.

Here's why

1. If you're looking for authentic ramen but you're on a budget. Ramen Kuroda is definitely for you. It's really affordable. For 200 pesos (180 basic ramen w/o extra chashu + service charge) you'll have a bowl of steaming ramen. Kuro Ramen is their specialty, it's a must try.

2. The broth. It's tonkotsu based broth is mild and not that strong. The chashu was alright, it was cut thinly ofcourse what can you expect for a price like that. It's for everyday lunch. I ate there 4 times a row in a week and I've tried all their ramen and still craving for it.

3. The ambience. Although the shop interior did not impress me at all but I kinda like the simplicity and it's so true in japanese culture. What I like is walking around venice grandcanal before you get there. You kinda have this european feel though you're going to eat in a jap resto. Haha

Overall, this ramen joint is a must try. If you're looking for a ramen fix that is affordable and delicious, this is definitely for you. This might as well can become your comfort food whenever you're stressed out.

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Gleniz A.
4.0 Stars

This is the Kuro Ramen. Broth was flavorful and the noodles were firm. The best part is, it's only P180! 128516 Chashu was perfect. Next time I'd order the Kuro Chashumen. One slice is 'bitin'. We also ordered gyoza. It was just so-so. Overall, we were really satisfied because of the great tasting ramen and the affordable price. Ventilation is poor though.

Kuro Ramen


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Tin L.
2.0 Stars

Affordable Ramen128077🏻 Taste wise, it was good except for the chashu. It was bland. We ordered the set menu, which consisted of 1 bowl of ramen, a don and fruits. The gyudon was a disappointment. Beef was so rubbery in texture that my friend was struggling to chew it. When we told the server about, she brought the food in the kitchen to have it checked. After a while she returned telling my friend if she wanted something else in the menu in exchange for the rice bowl. She declined saying that she just wanted them to know that the beef was really tough. The funny thing was the server brought back the bowl in the table. My friend was like as if she's going to still eat it. 128556 The place was small. Ventilation is very poor. When we got out we were really perspiring. Service needs a lot of improvement. Maybe not going back anytime soon.

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