Ramen Nagi

Solenad 2, Nuvali, Tagaytay Rd. cor. Nuvali Blvd., Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna

Ramen Nagi
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Jacqueline Sweden S.
5.0 Stars

Red King - if you want something spicy, you should try this. 128293 Glad that Ramen Nagi already has a branch in the South. 127836

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Pachie S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Bocc A.
5.0 Stars

When the "ramen craze" started a few years back, my wife and I did what any food lover would... we "diligently" made our rounds. Ikkoryu Fukuoka (SM Aura) was an early favorite because of their Black Garlic Ramen and well appointed interiors. The others, like Ukokkei, Santouka, and Mitsuyado, had their charms but were ultimately found lacking. All of them though were quickly replaced by our current favorite, Yushoken. The search was over... or so we thought.

Last weekend, we were fortunate enough to be invited to the soft opening of Ramen Nagi's Nuvali (Sta Rosa) branch. Truthfully, I did not expect much. Our first try at their branch in SM Aura was underwhelming and quite forgettable. Granted, they were quite new back then and we may have been overly biased towards our five-minute-away ramen house. My skepticism was quickly replaced with excitement the moment we arrived.

Ramen Nagi is located in Solenad 2 where Breadtalk used to be. I liked the way they took advantage of being in the corner of the building, surrounding two of the four sides with glass. I remember their Aura branch being quite the opposite, feeling quite cramped and gloomy. There is ample seating both in and out of the establishment. I love the idea of having my ramen outside on a nippy January evening. The interiors are very well appointed. Lively and cheerful while basked in an abundance of natural light.

We were greeted warmly by the staff headed by Mark, who was very friendly and enthusiastic. He was very knowledgeable about the franchise, having been part of it since its early years. We were also happily assisted by our server in placing our orders. Kudos to the staff for making us feel welcome. Food tastes better when you're smiling even before your first bite (or in this case, slurp).

Oyster King

I ordered the Oyster King, Ramen Nagi's special for the month. I absolutely love oysters and was quite curious as to how they would be able to incorporate its distinct flavor in their ramen. I opted to add a bit of garlic (heavy) and some heat (level 1). I also chose to add Pork shoulder over the more traditional belly (chasyu) along with a side order of tamago. Everything else was left as "normal".

I believe that the star of every ramen dish is the broth. I prefer a rich broth with loads of flavor and umami. Ramen Nagi did not disappoint. Their oyster broth was SUBLIME! I could taste oysters with every slurp! The consistency was just right... rich and hearty without being too overwhelming. They were able to capture the essence of oysters without overpowering the tonkotsu. As my wife and I would like to put it, I was having a "party in my mouth"!

A good broth should always be accompanied by quality noodles. While Yushoken has spoiled us with their house-made noodles, Ramen Nagi's was no slouch. Their firm and thin noodles complimented the broth quite well, allowing itself to cut through the broth and keeping the dish balanced. While I've had better, theirs is a close second.

The pork shoulder and tamago each heightened the enjoyment with every bite. I like how the pork shoulder was thinly sliced so as to incorporate beautifully with the broth. The tamago added a boost of umami and rounded off the flavor beautifully.

Aside from the ramen, we had a couple of side dishes that are worthy of mentioning. Their gyoza was cooked perfectly and is a great complement to their ramen. We also enjoyed the Aurora Shrimp. The batter was not too heavy and the crunch provided a good break from the generally soft texture of the ramen. We highly recommend both.

One can say that I was pleasantly surprised by our whole Ramen Nagi experience. The Oyster King was certainly one of the best bowls of ramen I have had in a long time. The ambiance was very warm and inviting, and I definitely see my wife and I coming back to experience more. Could it be my new #FavoriteRamen? It might already be.


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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Ramen Nagi finally invades the south! A lot of people really love this resto especially when it first opened a few years back. Tbh I didn't really like it (gave it 110881108811088 when I first tried it in aura) so when Peanut D asked if I'd like to go on a |ooloo rendezvoos to their newest branch I mulled about it for a while and then said 'why not'?! Since the invite was just for two, brought along looloo newbie Bocc A aka hubbybear and he was really keen on trying it out too!
Arrived at exactly 11:30 as the invitation specified and we were the first ones there 128516 it was a good thing though since I was able to talk to restaurant manager Mark at length and ask him all sorts of questions about ramen nagi. If you're familiar with Solenad, they are occupying bread talk's old space so it's really visible from the road and the location has a lot of foot traffic. As per Mark, this is their 16th location and have plans of opening a couple more in the south next year. He explained that the family/brand is really aggressive in opening branches sometimes just months apart. I said that it's great since it builds brand recognition and visibility.
This particular branch can seat about 50+ guests and has an open kitchen concept so don't be surprised when they start shouting out the orders and Japanese greetings. I liked how each seat has a basket underneath where you can store your bag and only accessible from the front. Very thoughtful (and safe) methinks especially for girls like me who always has a huge bag.
Now onto the food! Our server was actually very knowledgeable in explaining the steps in ordering, the different types of ramen, soup bases etc. I hope that this can be maintained and it's not just for the opening. I might have mentioned here before that I'm not too fond of 'black' food but the black king really got me curious! It's black cos of squid ink and I do like paella Negra so I guess it's the same? Lels! Anyways I got that with just level 1 spiciness and normal (creaminess) of the soup, normal noodles too, pork belly and extra aji tamago. Hubby got their limited special which was the oyster king but you can just read that in his review hehe 128513 for appetizers, we got their best seller which was the shrimp Aurora and gyoza (to compare with our fave *wink*wink*
Food arrived quickly but the ramen arrived before the appetizers. It's OK. While we were busily taking pics, restaurant supervisor Ryan asked if I wanted a bib 128517 sure! Though I intentionally wore a dark shirt knowing I'll be eating ramen that day hehe!
Finally dug into the black king and 128523128523128523 it was goooodd!!! It had just the right combination of creaminess and spiciness that went well with the squid ink and garlic. The pork belly too that I chose was super soft and absorbed the soup well. Was really very happy with my order! Mr supervisor Ryan also came by our table again to ask how everything was.
The shrimp and gyoza arrived a little later. The shrimp was like an ebi furai but just ok imo and so was the gyoza. The gyoza though was a bit bigger than others we've tried. On the table you can find a lot of condiments like cayenne pepper, sesame seeds, white vinegar etc if you still want to adjust the taste of your ramen.
Overall it was a great experience - very friendly and knowledgeable staff, food was served quickly and the most important part, the food was good. I would highly recommend this to my Southie friends and I'm happy we've another go to restaurant in Nuvali 9786

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