Ramen Nagi

G/F Garden Area, TriNoma, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Ramen Nagi
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Most Recent Reviews

Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

With only a few more days before the end of the month, don’t miss to try out Ramen Nagi’s back-to-back, Limited Edition Tom Yum King & Crab King!

I got the Tom Yum King which had a kick of its milky-spicy soup and don’t forget the shrimps in this classic thai twist! They had to separate the meat by the way to highlight the Tom Yum goodness! It’s your choice of either getting a chunk of Pork Belly or Shoulder apart from your Ramen!

On the other hand, you are a fan of munching on crabs, the Crab King is also a must-try! 12851510084128077🏻 Come on down!!! 128515128515128515

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FoodventuresByFrapao T.
4.0 Stars

My love for ramen started here at Ramen Nagi and whenever we craved for Ramen this is our go to resto. We ordered for salmon sashimi, california maki, Red King and Green King. We’re a little bit disappointed because our cali maki and sashimi came last. We already finished our ramen when it was served to us. We ordered it because it was supposed to be our Appetizers. But besides that, everything else was good. Their ramen still tasted nice, with rich broth and big servings. We just hope their service would be better next time. :)

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Mich M.
3.0 Stars

First things first, they don't accept reservations and if you're not present when called you move back to the end of the list. On a weekend evening, we were 13th in line but it was moving fast.

I chose the Black King to be my first not sure why but it's garlic so all good.

I was given a bib right after taking our orders and I wondered why not all use theirs when I was even assisted putting it on. Saw the table beside me had hers on so i kept it and it served me well as my food was black and there were small splashes around.

So my ramen smelled good but the garlic taste was so faint. The broth was rich and a bit thick so I didn't really want to get spoonfuls of it, it was just too much. Not so much a fan of ground meat in my ramen as I cannot enjoy the meatiness.

Overall I wasn't so happy about my order but not really disappointed. Just could've been better. Definitely will order a classic next.

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

Rain, Rain, everyday! And this makes me more hungry for Ramen....this time I tried the Green Midorio from Ramen Nagi.....Tonkotsu Base + Basil + Parmesan Cheese = OMG Yummy, which also has a spicy kick by the way! 1008410084100841008410084️ and instead of getting stressed from the options l, I cast all my cares by choosing the “Chef’s Recommendation” 12851510084128077🏻

I enjoyed the flavorful ensemble of this Ramen and of course accompanied it by more hot happenings from the Spicy Tuna and my best partner for them all.....Regular Coke!!! ( please, no Diet, no Zero and no Cherry hahaha ) 1008410084100841008410084

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Cj A.
2.0 Stars

I rarely post a rant review but after reporting this incident through their IG and FB account, which was seen-zoned by the way, I decided to post this. I might get their attention.

3 weeks ago I went to @ramennagimanila Trinoma for my ramen fix. I always frequent this branch as it's near my place. Whenever I finish the noodles, I then dump a huge amount of their bean sprouts in my broth. I did just that and after my first bite, I noticed the broth with the sprouts turned sour. I smelled the container, and it smelled horrible.

The batch was spoiled.

I immediately called the nearest staff and reported it. I told him, "Kuya, sira na 'tong bean sprouts, amuyin mo". He just looked at it and left with the container. I wasn't sure if he smelled it but he returned and replaced it with a fresh batch, no apologies, did not utter a word.
I was shocked because I did not expect that kind of bad service from them. I mean yeah, theirs are not solid to begin with unlike Ippudo's (once they forgot to put bacon on my ramen chowder. When I asked for it, 2 managers, 1 wait staff, and even the cook approached me just to apologize), but man. A little "sorry" won't hurt.

I asked for the bill and when I got my change I asked for the manager. I explained what happened and told her that I didn't even get an apology for it. She apologized (in fer) but she pointed out that they always change the sprouts every 2pm. Take note that during this convo my voice was down bec I didnt wanna embarass them. I WAS a loyal cust afterall. But upon hearing her say that they change it every 2pm I got irritated. I told her? "Kung pinapalitan nyo ng 2pm yun, eh bakit yung dito sira? Itanong mo sa kanila sino yung pinaamoy ko nung toge, tapos tanungin mo kung sira o hinde." She apologized again and she said that she'll check with the cook.

After that she never returned to my table anymore. I left 15 mins after our convo and when I stood up I saw her at an empty table, doing her business. Like nothing happened.

So why am I posting this? No I do not want to be famous. No, I don't want free ramen. I just want you to acknowledge there was an issue and that it won't happen again.

What a way to come back here in looloo.

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Cheryl V.
4.0 Stars

Been here on a rainy Saturday with a friend. The place is ok, simple but not much of a stay place, just a nice quick lunch or dinner. Catch up is much better on other restaurant 128522128522128522

I love their ramen 128523128523128523 I wish they'll have a branch in Fairview.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

The family went here for Father's Day lunch. I particularly requested to visit tis branch because you can order from their twin restaurant, Akimitsu Tendon here too, unlike their branch in SM North.

I've always loved this ramen place, with the Black King as my favorite. But for this particular visit, I was eyeing on their limited bowl, the Crab King. 128571 We ordered this on Chef's Recommendation. You can easily customize how you want the spice level, the hardness of the noodles and everything else by filling out the form, but I wanted to try it as how the chefs wanted everybody to enjoy it. 128568

Hala siya mga besh, ansarap po! 10084️ We ordered only one of the Crab King as we had a number of other items from their sister resto, but I honestly could easily finish a whole bowl of this all to myself. The broth was soooo good! The flavor of the crab on the soup was so pronounced and went so well with the hard noodles. Add in a bed of nori, just the right amount of the spicy sauce and I am sold! The soft shell crab on top completed the dish! I was in absolute heaven! 128571

We also ordered their Gyoza and it was really good too! 128568 Their version of the Japanese pot stickers were very flavorful. The wrapper was not too thick, and they do not scrimp on the meat filling. And the dipping sauce that came with paired really well with it. 128568

I look forward to coming back! 128571 I hope they branch outside of Manila too, hopefully in Cebu first! For sure I'll be there lining up as one of their first guests. 128568

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