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Ramen Yushoken
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Most Recent Reviews

Glenn E.
4.0 Stars

A friend invited me to stay at the hotel for four days for work purposes. I was excited being in Alabang since I have a long list of restos I want to try and Yushoken was on eof them. We wete destined to eat here coz it's been raining the whole day. Bed weather = Ramen for dinner.

The palce was packed when we arrived and was third on the line. We got a table after an hour of waiting. While deciding which ramen to order, the power suddenly went ount and the server told us that they only served gyoza while the power was out. I was anxious of not able to eat here but luckily the power went back after 10 minutes of waiting and ordered our food right away.

The placemat/menu was cool. Everything you need to know about ramen was written on it and was a big help on which ramen to order. Thanks to Looloo and my fellow looloo-ers for recommending Super Chasu which was not included on the menu.

🔹 Super Chashu + Aji Tamago

I loved the thick and flavorful soup/broth and the al dente noodles on it. The grilled chashu was cooked to perfection - tender and melts on your mouth. Fresg chili was put on the side and you are free to remove if you don't prefer spicy ramen. The serving was big but still I was able to finish it. Tamago was really great too!

🔹 Shio and Shoyo Ramen

My friends had it they loved it. I liked the Shoyo better because the bolder and more flavorful than Shio.

🔹 Gyoza

Yushoken/Mendokoro makes the best gyoza in town. It soft and savory. We had an order of it and it was the first plate to arrive. We finished it less than a minute and decided to order another one. One of us realized that we won't be able to finish our Ramen if we had another plate of gyoza. 128556

In terms of the place and interiors, I like the Mendokoro Ramenba better. It's simple and spot on.

Service was great but the waiting time was really bad but it's worth it. 🙂

I hope just like Ippudo, you could choose your how the noodles were prepared based on your preference. 128517

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Jeremy Paul D.
5.0 Stars

I really love this place and did not see any reason to regret except probably that we waited for a few minutes. But of course, that was completely fine though hehe

Anyway, Im not really a fan of ramen but only until i tried this! We ordered the ramen where the noodles at the soup are separate. Very delicious! 127858127861 Their extra pork added more weight and the chicken karage was fine too!


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Faraday G.
4.0 Stars

The gyoza, karaage and chahan were all very good. The miso ramen was average. I find the noodles too thick, the soup was thick and ok but little soup. Price was fair. Lots of parking space.

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

Ironic that i live near this place and have eaten here countless of times but never posted a review! 128517 Well most of my visits were during my pre-Looloo era anyway haha.

So here it goes. Yushoken, i'd have to say, is probably my favorite gourmet ramen place in Manila. That awesome P200++ ramen in BF Homes that i love too is another topic haha. And yes, there's added sentimentality to it being in the South and it being Alabang's original contribution to the ramen scene. The same way that for a lot of people, nothing beats your mama's cooking. For me, i'll always compare every new ramen place in Manila to my favorite ramen at my homebase.

Thick and flavorful broth whether shoyu, miso, or tantanmen. Al dente noodles, seared chashu slices with grill marks, that authentic ramen bar feel... i can't ask for much else.

Must tries are the off menu items:
- Super chashu - its their shoyu ramen with a thick slab of grilled chashu and a slightly spicy kick
- Ebi tonkotsu - tonkotsu broth with shrimp oil and topped with seafood. Something different and unexpected, but really good.

The non-ramen stuff they got is good as well. Chahan is addictive. Hiyashi chuka for something cold, fresh, and filling. Or the Karai Tokusei Tsukemen for something spicy! 128076

I like how they trace their lineage to the ramen god in Japan, with actual "descendants" coming in to train and check on the quality. Great portions and superb flavor and a measure of authenticity mixed with that down home feel. This is my ramen "home court".

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

I'm back!!! Second time visiting the place in a month! We went here after our weekend getaway. Before we left Real, Quezon at around 11am, we've already decided that we will have our late lunch here at Yushoken.

Even if it was getting really late, my friends and I never had the idea of ditching the original plan to eat somewhere along the way. We were starving and we just thought of the ramen we were about to eat while driving.

We arrived the restaurant at around 4pm. Arranging tables for 9 people wasn't easy for the staff, but they made it after a few minutes. We all ordered different items from the menu. I got the super chashu (off-menu item). It never came to me to ask for the price, since there's no doubt that I wanted to try this, and I knew that the price wouldn't be a problem.

Orders started coming. My order was the last to come out from the Kitchen. It was served in the same size of bowl as the other ramen available, but there one obvious difference: the size of the chashu. It really was SUPER. The ramen had saltier broth than the shio, but also very rich. It had chili peppers, but I removed them since I don't like my ramen to be spicy. Despite this, I was still able to get the hint of spice in my ramen, which I still enjoyed.

Serving was huge. It was very heavy. I had a hard time finishing the chashu! And I usually finish the soup, but not this time.

Finally, it's time for the bill. To my surprise, the price of the super chashu is P490. It's a bit pricey for me. But for the size of that chashu, I think I can let it go.

Thanks Ruth S for the heads up! Finally got to try this off-menu item you mentioned. 128522127836

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

This place serves my new favorite ramen!

We went here on last minute decision. I wasn't sure what I wanted to eat, and while I was browsing my list of to-try restaurants, this was the first to really catch my attention. It didn't seem like the perfect timing to have ramen since it was really hot the day before my visit, but I just wanted to have it when I saw photos of it. Then, on our way to the restaurant, it rained. It was destined for me to have ramen on a ramen weather 128514

When we arrived the restaurant at around 12nn, the place was packed. Luckily, there was a vacant table, and we were assisted to our seats. There were also available seats at the bar area.

The restaurant isn't that big. It has around 7-9 tables (for 4 people each table) and around 6 individuals at the bar area.

The menu was the placemat already laid down on the table. We ordered the shio tonkotsu ramen P350, the karai tokusei tsukemen P460, the karai maze soba P310 and the karaage P230.

⛩ Shio Tonkotsu Ramen - I loved this! It had the rich, flavorful broth that I've never tasted from any of the ramen I've tried before. The chasu was also delicious. Although it was a bit thick, it was so tender. Also, when the dish was served to me I thought the serving was small. But as I was slurping through it, I felt like the bowl had a secret compartment or something that it's as if the ramen was bottomless. It was heavy.

⛩ Karai Tokusei Tsukemen - my sister ordered this one because it was described as a spicy dish. However, she was disappointed that it wasn't spicy at all. I tried it and I was able to handle it (and I have a weak tongue when it comes to spicy food). But nevertheless, it wasn't bad.

⛩ Karai Maze Soba - my boyfriend had this. It was like a salad but with noodles in it. Serving was huge! Really huge! Taste was okay as well. It wasn't as bland as it looks. But my bf liked it better when he added chili oil in it. (It became too spicy for me!)

⛩ Karaage - 5 pieces of deep fried chicken karaage. This was incredibly oily. Straight from the fryer. I had to use a number of paper towels to drain the excess oil (and this was hard to do). Taste-wise, it's not what I expected. It's just chicken. No twist. Nothing memorable. Not even the good chicken. It was meh.

Service was okay. I can say there were enough servers for the whole place such that no table will be neglected or overseen. Food was ready in around 10-15minutes.

Oh, and while you're waiting for your food, there are fun facts and reminders on the right side of the menu you might want to read. A particular one that I read was that if you had to take photos, make it quick, as the ramen tastes best while still hot. (Took a photo of it).

Overall, I'll repeat my opening statement: this is now my favorite ramen joint. (Because of the shio ramen alone) And this is considering I still haven't tried their best seller (an item from the secret menu: the super chasu). It's so sad that I only learned about it after my visit, because since this is a last minute thing, I didn't have time to read (or even ask the server about it 128531) I WILL COME BACK FOR YOU, SUPER CHASU! 127836

(I will leave an open mind for those who disagree with me on this. Any suggestions on other delicious ramen joints?)

Ruth S Pupunta tayo diba? 128518

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

The rainy and cold weather is perfect for a bowl of spicy tantanmen! Had early dinner here last week and hubby and I both ordered the tantanmen. We also got an order of aji tamago each and for a change, we got their karaage.
I swear, I never get tired of this place! It is really my personal favorite 128077🏼10084️ our orders came and the creamy, spicy soup curbed our cravings perfectly. The karaage arrived and instead of just the usual kewpie or Japanese mayo, there was also a wedge of lemon and salt. Interesting! Tried it and immediately loved this combination! I even asked for another lemon wedge 128513 the chicken was perfectly fried as well.
Service is good as usual 128077🏼
More rainy days to come, more bowls of ramen too! 128523

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

To maximize my friends' visit, I also included this restaurant in our itinerary because...

YOU CANNOT MISS THIS RESTAURANT. You just can't!!!!!!!!!! Okay? 128518128539

And of course, I wouldn't want to let my friends leave without trying out our all time favorite ramen. 127836128076🏼

For Ony and me, this is the best-est ramen place. Once you get to eat here, all the other ramen places are just okay and the "budget-friendly" ramen bowls with hard boiled egg, paper thin pork chashu slices and with weird aftertaste 128530128557 are just a complete waste of money and tummy space (Yes, I still cannot get over and move on with my super fail and super sad ramen experience from a place that must not be named!!! 128530128127128534).

In short, whenever eating ramen, Yushoken will always be our basis. #SorryNotSorry 128541

Ramen Yushoken is located in Molito which is just right across ATC. I am not sure how long they've been operating. But even though they are not "new" anymore, you still cannot go here without a bit of waiting. There's always a waiting list. Arrived around 8pm and we were 24th in line. 24 hungry groups/individuals willing to wait just to have their ramen. Intense!! 128563 But we are all willing to wait because the wait is always worth it. 128076🏼

After around 30-40 minutes and an order of the Bingsu from Ice Flower, they finally called us to inform us that we are next already. Yayyy!!!!! 128588🏼

Since we've been eating a lot already, Ony and I shared one bowl of the Super Chashu and an order of the Gyoza. My 3 other friends ordered Tantanmen, Super Chashu and Gyoza.

The Super Chashu is indeed SUPER and you can never go wrong with it. Super tasty broth, super noodles cooked al dente, and super yummy tasty and tender super chashu to make you and your tummy happy and oh so SUPER. I may be exaggerating but I just can't help but be super hyper and excited about this ramen because we really really really love this. The taste is consistent. We've been eating this a lot of times already but we still get the same feeling and reaction. 128525128525128525 Ony and I can finish this in less than 10 minutes!!! Because SUPER CHASHU IS SUPER RAMEN! Be sure to ask for this because this is off the menu. But not so secret anymore! 128518128521128076🏼

And please don't forget their oh so good Gyoza as well. It is so tasty and soft. This is good goooood and one of the best gyoza for me. 9786️128077🏼

I am so happy that my friends loved their orders, as well. The Tantanmen is good and flavorful but Super Chashu talaga eh! 128517128541

Service was good. The place was packed but everything was organized. From the waiting to us asking for our bill. Our server ate Dhonalyn was super nice and friendly. All our orders were served immediately. We were provided with all the things we needed and we all really had a good time. 128076🏼

PS: still haven't tried Mendokoro Ramenba's Garlic Ramen 128557 but I will soon. 128077🏼

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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

Before you get your hopes up, let me clear things up immediately. No, Yushoken did not start offering their ramen in smaller portions. That is just half an order because my girlfriend and I felt that we were not that hungry yesterday and decided that we just split one order. When we asked one order of ramen to be split into two bowls, the initial offer of our waitress was to give us an order of ramen and two bowls. I asked if it was possible for them to split the order themselves. After a bit of hesitation, she obliged but accompanied her acceptance with a comment that they could do that because there weren’t a lot of orders left to serve. I think their commitment to their lead times is spectacular. As a lover of standard times, I admired her concern with any possible deviations from the set process.

Gyoza was delicious although I had problems with their wrappers. Two pieces of Gyoza had their wrappers break when I picked them up with my chopsticks. This incident consequently made it much more difficult to eat them.

Servers were very kind. If you plan to go to Yushoken during dinner time, anticipate a bit of waiting time. Out of the three times I went to Yushoken for dinner, I had to wait until there were available seats. The price you have to pay for quality.

That’s it for now. Take care everyone!

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4.0 Stars

For a decent ramen, we go here. I don't find it exceptional but it's good enough if you're craving. They've got good noodles and chashu too, the gyoza is delish too. Though ask the servers to check the soup temp as mine was served a bit warm already last time.

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Theodore A.
5.0 Stars

A Japanese chef was once asked what he thought would be the best Ramen house in the country. What he said particularly struck me - that a single bowl of ramen would be worth the drive from the North to the South. We see the particular decline of ramen lately but the popularity of this specific restaurant hasn't slowed down a single bit.

We see long lines, hungry faces, and a queue of eager customers waiting to devour the goodness of Yushoken ramen. I can't forget how I drove all the way to the South just to taste this upon the recommendation of my crush, whom I had a lunch with. Perhaps the lovely girl made every sip as enchanting, but my second visit proved that even though the magic of infatuation has died down, the food continued to deliver.

I personally recommend the Gyoza. This was pan-fried with ohmygoodness-there-is-soup-inside-I-have-to-close-my-eyes kind of goodness! For a second there, I forgot I was eating gyoza. I thought it was xiao long bao! My food knowledge was put on hold for a moment.

There are four kinds of ramen soup base to choose from under the basic section. Shio, shoyu, miso, and tantanmen. I personally like Shoyu because it had a bolder taste than the shio (salt) one. This had creamier texture, perfect with their al dente ramen noodles. Tantanmen was spicy but not as hot! If comparing with Ukkokei's epic tantanmen, it has a more sesame taste and less fire quality. Very good still! Finally miso was a bit too much for my taste. Nothing particular special (maybe because it was just too overpowering because it had everything in it).

What I had that evening though was something from their secret menu. My my my!!! That super chashu was SUUUPER. Roasted meat on creamy shoyu base and al dente noodles? Death row kind of food.

Surely, it was worth the drive even without my crush the second time around. Even if there's not much fuss about ramen anymore, they'll remain a classic because it is just darn good. Pay a visit down South and you'll understand why. :)


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Will C.
5.0 Stars

Been wanting to see someone who lives at south so we decided have a little food trip around molito complex, for somebody who seldom went to south, i was kinda excited for this one.

Molito complex is a place just besides alabang town center, with house several restaurants and a puregold grocery, it seems a goto place on a saturday night for south peeps. Good thing was i was able to catch a parking before it gets full by 7pm. Met my friend at nearby coffee shop and decided to had an early dinner here at yushoken and it was a best decision since the line gets really long at 6 something... so i had their famous shoyu ramen and gyoza while my friend had tantanmien.

Whats my verdict on this ramen upon first few chow of it? It was the BEST ramen in the metro. Period. Noodle was fresh, the right kind of chewy and abit curly in shape as compare to other ramen joints. Chasu was ... i regret it, i regret not ordering the super chasu cause it was realy goood, the kind of chasu that was so flavorfull it feels like melting in your mouth. All this for 350. Their soup was not anything ive ever tasted even their sisters companys soup blurs in comparison with this soup. Again best shoyu ramen in metro.

Their tantanmien which i havent got to try was really good according to my friend ... maybe ill get to try it next time.

Gyoza was really big, just look at the picture. and theres a flavorful meat juices coming out upon first bite. Really goood.

Obviously we were abit quiet while attacking our ramen but we cant stay too long at this place after our meal cause of the people waiting outside.

A must visit for alll ramen lovers out there. 128522

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Last week, I had to go to Alabang so I thought it was also a chance to finally visit Ramen Yushoken. 128517

I ordered Shoyu Ramen and it was truly delicious. The soy sauce-based broth and the noodles were good but it was the meat's taste that I liked the most. I think I said the same thing about Mendokoro's. 128513

I also ordered Gyoza as a side dish. It was tasty. One side of it is steamed and the other is griddled. This info is available on their menu/placemat. 128516

Speaking of their menu/placemat... That piece of paper has everything you need to know about Ramen Yushoken. History, menu, and introductory lesson (Ramen Yushoken 101). So before you get to enjoy your ramen, take time to read and learn about the ingredients they use, the various dishes they offer, as well as some "house rules." 128076🏻

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Jen L.
5.0 Stars

This is always a MUST VISIT place when in the south 10084️10084️10084️

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Kate R.
4.0 Stars

I had super chasu (which is not included in their menu but they serve it, just ask your waiter!) it came w a really big grilled chasu.

They also have the BEST gyoza i've ever had in my entire life, so far! Do not miss this! Hahaha

PS: They do not have forks! Hahaha better practice using chopsticks before eating here. My friend had a difficulty in eating because he doesnt know how to use chopsticks! Haha

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Anne R.
4.0 Stars

Thursdays are meant for ramen. Haha! It is always a treat to go to Yushoken because it always turns out to be an adventure (i.e long lines and hopeless parking). Luckily, we found a pretty good parking smacked at the front of the resto. Yay! No hassle. It was a fairly short wait for a group of seven people. The place was really packed making the place really hot 128549

I ordered Tokusei, a dipping ramen. It tastes great and it is on the heavy side. I wasn't able to finish my noodles and dipping sauce. I really enjoyed the chashu. Look at the grill marks 128525 It was soft to bite and really flavourful.

Service was not quick due to the fact that the place is swamped with people. I guess you would expect that for such a popular ramen place.

Still, a good experience and can't wait to be more adventurous and taste the other ramen flavours. 127836127836127836

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Maye D.
5.0 Stars

Though we went on a Wednesday night, the place was still packed so we were forced to take the only 2 vacant seats at the bar. I had my default order Tan Tan Men, while my friend had Shoyu. Tried his Shoyu and it was ok but I still prefer my ramen with a kick. 128293 Gyoza was perfect! Still the best gyoza I've ever had (winning quality for Php 150). Plus, the service was fast. Awesome visit! 128077🏼

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Kat M.
5.0 Stars

Oh Ramen Yushoken 127836 I wish we were neighbors so we can greet each other everyday haha.

Definitely the best ramen I had in Manila. I have been really curious to check out this place but it is quite far from QC! However the ramen gods must have heard my prayers and a friend invited me over here.

I had the Tantanmen Ramen (P380.00) and Gyouza (P150.00). The price is really worth it and it is even cheaper than Ramen Nagi. Or maybe because I had more expensive ramen that tastes like instant noodles. Huhu.

They pride themselves in cooking the broth for 12 hours hence that very rich flavor in every spoonful. To get the ramen house feeling, they also do not serve forks nor do they allow take-outs for the leftovers. Actually the servings are not too big, so it is easily good for one person.

Next time I go here, I want to try the cold soba ramen. Would definitely recommend 128523

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Ricky d.
5.0 Stars

Shoyu Ramen, extra Chashu & Gyouza

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Mye D.
5.0 Stars

Shoyu Ramen + Extra Chashu + Gyoza = very happy tummy 128539128156128156128156

Yushoken is still the best ramen place for me, bar none128077🏻127836

We came here last Sunday around 3pm. I was quite surprised to see there's no queue. Well maybe that's because ramen is too heavy for an early afternoon snack128517 We usually go around lunch time and always have to be placed on waitlist.

Anyway, all tables were occupied except the one that was immediately assigned to us (we're a group of 6). The bar area though is empty.

Service was fast & very friendly128522 We'll definitely come back soon!

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