Rancho Norte

Ketchup: The Food Community, Romulo Drive, Lualhati, Baguio, Benguet

Rancho Norte
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Nic S.
5.0 Stars

For lunch we stopped by Ketchup Food Community. Before this trip to Baguio, we’ve been seeing this place all over our social media feeds and thought that it would be worth trying. It was relatively easy to find but parking is a different story. We arrived at their peak lunch hour so even if it was a compound made up of restaurants, parking spots are shared among them and it was a bit difficult. We were lucky enough to chance upon a spot which was about to be vacated so we only waited around ten minutes and were able to park after that.

I really liked how Ketchup Food Community allows you to get a table at one of the restaurants, eat there but be able to order from the other places as well. For this visit, we occupied a table at Rancho Norte and were allowed to order ribs from the restaurants beside it.

The photo which comes with this review says it all, TRY THEIR SISIG. It is bomb diggs! It’s one of the best plates of sisig that I’ve tried and being based in Manila, sisig is everywhere and I’ve had a lot of it. At only 198 PHP for a plate, it was definitely great value for money. It was crispy without tasting like chicharon, it still tasted like sisig. It wasn’t too salty as well, which is sometimes what sets me off about sisig.

If you’re on a no rice diet like I am, it’s worth it to make an exception for Rancho Norte. Half a cup will do! Hahaha.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

According to a lot of blogs, this is also a Ketchup Community must try!! Perfect when you're hungry but also on a budget. 128521

Rancho Norte's BAGNET SISIG!!!

I've heard a lot of good reviews about this sisig so when we had lunch at Canto, I also suggested we try the Sisig from Rancho Norte. It's good that they allow cross ordering. Yay!!! 128588🏼

The Bagnet Sisig was good. They added fried tofu cubes, lots of onions, and crispy bagnet. Hmm, in terms of the taste, it's kind of bland. The only thing that's making it "salty" was the addition of the bagnet. So you have to eat all the ingredients together to enjoy it's full flavor/taste.

Personally, I liked this because it's bland 128539 and because of the fried tofu cubes but for most, I think they're expecting more bagnet. 128518 Still recommending it for the sisig lovers, it's not super super omg good but it's worth the try! 128521

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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

Yey! Didn't see it coming but it's my 100th review already. For this I would like to recommend Rancho from Ketchup Food Community.

Ketchup Food Community is like StrEAT of Maginhawa which they say is a first in Baguio. Located across Wright Park this easily became a talk of the town. Right now there are four restaurants which includes Happy Tummy, Rancho, Canto Joint, Green Pastures and this indonesian restaurant i forgot the name. We tried Rancho among these. At first there's no systematic way with regards to the waiting. Until we asked our number and we're second. Their food s Filipino classics. We tried their Bulalo which is perfect for Baguio's chill weather. Their crispy sisig which I think has bagnet on it is so good! Really crispy and tasty. It's also spicy which will make you request for another round of rice. Their sizzling mixed seafood is flavorful too with shrimps, squids all over it. The fish fillet is also okay. We also tried their Rancho Ice Tea which is similar with Shakey's except it has more lemon flavor well maybe because Baguio has cheaper lemons.

For a group of 6, our bill was Php 1100 which is already good!! The price is reasonable with me as the food is tasty. Definitely recommending this when you go to Baguio.

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Ar V.
3.0 Stars

This was our first stop when we arrived in Baguio..

We ordered Sinigang na Bagnet. Everything was good except that maybe they forgot to add the pampaasim. 128531

The carrot juice I ordered was the purest I've tried so far.. No sugar added and it was only for 50 pesos.. I was quite happy about it..

I will still eat here next time because I would like to try their Usa and tapang Kabayo..

So, until then..

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Maureen L.
3.0 Stars

Ordered the bagnet sisig and pork sinigang with high expectations. The bagnet sisig wasn't that spectacular. It may be like any other sisig out there. And for the sinigang, I can cook a meaner and yummier version anytime 128513

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Marly M.
5.0 Stars

When in Baguio, one must try their "Sinigang na Bagnet sa Strawberry"! 127827Mapapa extra rice ka sa sarap! 9995

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