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Malapad, Real, Quezon

Real Surf Resort
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FoodventuresByFrapao T.
5.0 Stars

We’ve been here many times already. It’s our go to beach resort whenever we’re in our house in Famy because it’s just a 45 minute drive from us. It’s a great resort with Cabanas, Tent Area, a grill area and a common area. They also have their hotel with pool but located in a different area/property. You should book their cabanas in advance if you’re planning to go on a weekend because they’re always full during weekends. As for us, we opted to bring a tent and just camp. We also brought our own cooked food. Their beach is fine, it’s a surfing spot. It got big and strong waves. Their facilities are nice and clean. Their staffs are accommodating as well. 9786

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

Real Coast & Surf is one of the most underrated surfing spots in the country IMHO! My friends and I decided to spend a weekend here late December last year instead of going to LU, which is surely super crowded since it’s December.

We took a van in Legarda heading to Real, travel time is 4hours with one stopover. My overworked self was super excited when we got there because I was really looking forward for a weekend of relaxation.

They have a hotel and a surf camp. For peeps who plans to stay overnight, you can pitch your tents in the surf camp or you can rent a cabana. We opted to stay in the surf camp and rented a small cabana good for 2-4 pax for just P2,500. They don’t charge corkage for food if you bring your own but they do charge for alcohol.

The surf camp was really really nice! It has this chill and relaxing ambiance that you couldn’t find in Manila. And the place has no cellular reception! I was kinda worried at first but then I eventually enjoyed because it forced me to be away from my phone for a few days. (No cellular reception for Globe at all. Though Smart users get signal from time to time, lol.)

They have a common area with low tables and bean bags. A kitchen with various “silog” meals and other quick bites. Shower area is public, but it’s very clean and well maintained. They have a designated person who looks into the cleanliness of the bath area every hour.

Also, one thing I’d like to note is that people in this place are super nice! They were very welcoming, especially Ate Lyn who runs the surf camp area. She was like everyone’s mother. “Ate Lyn pabili ng beer.”, “Ate Lyn pahiram ng tinidor.”, “Ate Lyn may kape kayo?” Those were just some of the things I overheard, and all throughout she was just all smiles and genuinely enjoyed looking after the guests’ needs.

Next time you’re looking for a quick beach getaway, do consider Real Coast & Surf! Already planning to be back sometime this year when the waves aren’t that harsh. See ya? 128521

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Jam C.
4.0 Stars

No sun doesn't mean no fun. It was raining cats and dogs when we got here but that didn't stop us from enjoying our long awaited beach getaway here at Real Coast and Surf. After my night shift from work and without even a little sleep, i grabbed my prepared bags and voila i'm good to go. The road going there makes it hard for me to sleep inside our van. But after almost 6 hours of travelling the zigzag road, sa wakas! Nakadating din kami.

We rented their large cabana for an overnight use for if i remember it right, 2000+ for the 10 of us. Each of us brought foods, drinks and other cooking and eating utensils that we can use there. The cabana has limited power outlets so it is much better if you bring some extension cord like we do. We also brought our own rice cooker (it is actually allowed guys. Please stop judging us hahahaha!) for us to of course cook our rice.

Night come, but the rain's still wasn't stopping so we decided to dropped the bonfire plan and instead we just watch some movies in their common area while drinking some. (They have an outdoor movie screening every weekends) We watched romantic films like 50 first dates, the proposal, etc. I slept early that night if you personally know me vacation is life pero tulog is lifer kasi talaga.

We woke up the next day for some beachin' but too bad it was still raining. I was starting to believe na may balat sa puwet ang isa sa amin hahaha!. But hey! Diba nga? No sun doesn't mean no fun?

It was a fun experience, too bad the weather wasn't cooperating. But i'll be sure to go here again. Yung summer na talaga.

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Gj A.
4.0 Stars


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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

This is to complete my recent review. Cannot add pictures to the latter. Enjoy! 128516

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

Hi there Looloo ppl! Its been a while since my last review. 🤗

Well as for my "comeback" review.. I wanted to share to you guys where my happy feet brought me 128089128099

Real Surf Ph (but now if I am not mistaken, it's Real Coast & Surf now)127940127946

This was the cleanest, comfiest, cozy-est, prettiest, & cheapest resort I've been! Like yeah I am serious. Cheap resort are surreal! 128079128522

I went here last October 1st to start up my birth month with a blast with my College-kadas 128109128108

The Cabana which costs, 2,400+ for a group of 4-6pax was so cozy it comes with a bed foam, beach chair, hammock, mini table, electric fan, mosquito net, 2 outlets for you charging needs, beach table outside, & a small space for tent pitching 🏕 hey this is a good deal right? Hooray! We were 7 in the group and we slept jam packed inside the cabana 128514

Entrance fee is 250 if staying over night.

May I just add that, they do offer a free outdoor movie watch every night. The movie the night we stayed was Ant Man and a horror film that I didn't bother to watch because I don't use to watch the likes. Hehe it was really perf when you just want to relax, and drink beers when watching. It is held every night in their mini bar(the picture where there are colorful cushions) & ate Lyn is there up until 12am to serve you. When the movies are up, you can have your own choice of music to be played until 2am just give ate Lyn your phone & enjoy the night. 127926127756 I can still remember when their helper woke me up to go back to our cabana because I fell asleep there without getting emptied my smirnoff bottle 128514 they also serve food! And different kind of alcohol 128516

By morning we just watched the sun rise. Then surf! It was not my thing. Huhu 128549 so I just swim. Hehehe oh I must not forgot. Should you want to stay there, try to visit Nonok & Balagbag Falls also! 20php entrance fee per falls. Then we rented a trike with 50php per head charge for the whole ride. And when you do that try to ask the driver to stop by the highway and go down to the shore and have a picture there. Tell you, it was picturesque 128525

There was also no single signal bar present on all of our devices when we stayed there. Although, signal may appear occasionally but just to send text messages. Don't worry your instagramable worthy shots can be posted when you get back to Manila 128513128516

We ate our breaky outside where there is silog menu & pancit that cost around 80php to 120 php per meal.

I will sure to come back here. Thanks for reading! 128512🤗128570

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars

We had this "biglaan" outing with my high school classmates. We decided to go to a weekend getaway (since it was a long weekend) a week before! Good thing one of us have been to this place and recommended that we check it out.

We left Makati around 3:30am and arrived at Petron SLEX at around 4am for breakfast. We left the gas station at 5am and arrived the resort at around 8:20am. We had to wait for the check-in time, which was 9:30am (check out the next day at 9am).

My classmate called Wednesday to book a cabana (large) for P2,700 for the 9 of us. They also have tent pitching (bring your own tent). A cabana is inclusive of 1 cushion (yes, cushion. Since it's just a cabana, you'll be sleeping on the floor), 1 hammock, 1 picnic table outside, 1 coffee table inside and 1 beach chair. Additional cushions may be availed at P100 each (we had 5 and there were 9 of us). We also paid P250 entrance fee upon arrival.

128261Common restroom (6 shower rooms, 2 cubicles)
128261Common area (with tables and bean bags)
128261Food shack (food and drinks available)
128261Surfing boards for rent, I think?
128261Grill Station

Things to do:
🔘 Nonok falls (5 minute walk away)
🔘 Balagbag falls (5 minute drive)
🔘 Surfing
🔘 Rafting (either at Nonok or Balagbag falls)
🔘 Swimming: no white sand, but it was fine. The sea water wasn't nice.
🔘 Bonfire P300
🔘 Star gazing!!!
🔘 Watch the sunrise

127853 There's a nearby store and paluto (Joshua is the name of the store) in the area. P80 per dish per kilo. They can also cook you rice for P100 per caldron (the resort doesn't offer rice dishes).
127853 Resort food: grilled cheese P230 - this was good and gooey. It was served with potato chips.
127853 Resort food: seafood bowl P250 - tried one spoon. Didn't want to try another one 128514
127853 Resort food: Chix + Waffles P230 - waffles was good and fluffy. The chicken was bad. There's something in the batter of the fried food that had a weird after-taste. My friend said that it was baking soda.
127853 Resort food: Fish 'n chips P200 - same batter with the chicken.
127853 Resort food: waffles P200 - this was served with bacon, and it was good! One of the items to order in this resort.
127853 Resort food: English breakfast P260 - 1 sausage cut into half, 2 sunny side up eggs, potatoes with rosemaries, bacon, 2 yummy toasts. This was the winner from all the dishes available!
127853 Resort drink: White chocolate mocha P100 - loved! A not-to-sweet drink perfect in beating the heat.
127853 Resort drink: Piña Colada P150 - pineapple drink (with other ingredients) topped with sugared coconut meat. This was good!!! 10084

A few tips:
🔺 Be prepared. Most of the vacationists there brought their own rice and utensils and all. The resort can lend you some, but it's hard to just ask them for everything (although it's also hard to bring everything)
🔺There's a wet market around 10-15 minute drive away from the resort where you can buy ingredients and seafood if you want to cook.
🔺Bring pillow and blanket. They have an electric fan inside the cabana and it's cold at night.
🔺Inform your loved ones that there will be NO SIGNAL in the area before you arrive the place.
🔺There's a corkage fee of 50% of the selling price of the item you're gonna bring in if it is available in their store. But they weren't that strict with us, so it's up to you if you want to risk it.
🔺They have a few plugs per cabana so you can charge your phones.
🔺The resort takes a lot of time to cook your orders!
🔺Taking showers was hard!

The resort staff are really really friendly! They will help you with all your requests even if it's not part of their job anymore (and kinda part of our responsibility).

Actually the place is really plain, but I fell in love with it maybe because of its simplicity and because it is well maintained. It's like a place to reflect on what you have and appreciating all of it.

My friends wanted to surf but the waves weren't too big that time so they figured that it would be a waste of time to rent the board for nothing. We also weren't able to go to the falls because it was freaking hot!!! We weren't able to do much, and it was more of a staycation, but we really did enjoy. I guess it's just a matter of who you're going to spend your time with. And in our case, we enjoyed because we really missed each other.

✅ To go to Real Surf: use waze and search for Real Coast and you're good to go!
✅ Check out their instagram and fb page! Look for Real Surf PH.

(Only 10 photos are allowed! You can ask me for more of there's anything specific that you wanted to see.)

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Jonats P.
5.0 Stars

Chill place! The food was great! I loved the drink. We were able to meet some cool people staying there too (gym/fire dancers). I am not a surfer person but the place is really cool to unwind. Too bad i didn't overnight..

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Karen Louise D.
5.0 Stars

It's our first time to travel on our own and we weren't wrong choosing reál surf as our destination. Its a breeze getting there via the Antipolo route (raymond bus) just make sure you tell the driver to take you to Malapad. It's indeed worth the 4hr travel, the place is very clean and has this very relaxing vibe that would make you wish you lived there! The cabana we rented is spacious enough for two and has everything we need. A single cushion (you can order an extra for 100), fan, small table, beach chair and our fave - the hammock! Outside the cabana is a picnic table where you can eat or have your drinking sesh. Don't forget to bring your own food and drinks as there's no nearby market if you plan to buy at night. Although you can order food from them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tip: Some locals sell fresh seafood in the afternoon (very cheap) then you may ask realsurf to cook them however you want it. There's also a grilling area which you can use.

Another thing that we love in Real is people are very warm and accommodating which added comfort during our stay. Its just funny though that we didn't get to surf because we opt to chill but we swear to go back. :)

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