Recess Cafe

221 N. Domingo St. cor. J. Ruiz St., Balong-Bato, San Juan, Metro Manila

Recess Cafe
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Manfred M.
3.0 Stars

Recess has always been my favorite school subject. The 15-minute period of respite is a time where I'd go hang out with friends and eat my favorite snacks. This time though, I'll be telling you of a restaurant where it's always recess time for its patrons and guests. This place is Recess Cafe at N. Domigo Cor. J Ruiz St., Greenhills, San Juan. Ms. Ria of OpenRice once again invited me to this place.

The place reminded me of a stylish school cafeteria serving delectable meals. Sounds too good to be true as school cafeterias don't serve good food? I'd say otherwise for this place. The dishes they serve remind the guests of happiness brought by recess time.

According to the owner, the dishes are a combination of Eastern and Western favorites. From the Asian-inspired salads to the American-style viands and the Filipino staples, every dish is masterfully prepared by their in-house chef who has been working so long in the business. The meals that he serves is a testament to his creativity and originality.

So now we go on to the dishes. For starters, we had their salad offerings. The Japanese salad, made out of kani, lettuce, and rice paper dipped in Miso mayonnaise, amused me with its tangy and light taste. The vegetable and crabstick combined with the slightly spicy mayonnaise worked up my taste buds. At 68 pesos, you get two huge rolls already. The Som Tam salad on the other hand, had green papaya wrapped in rice paper. I'm not a fan that much of the taste, but I do love how its delicate presentation was truly thought out. It is priced at 58 pesos.

We then immediately went to the viand. I truly had the delight of tasting two of their signature dishes: the beef brisket pares and the pork sisig. According to the chef, he had to use beef cheeks and tender beef belly to bring about a dish that was generous in taste and texture. As for the star anise sauce, he had to combine the ingredients of adobo and korean beef stew to bring about that tasty and thick characteristics. The price is also at a premium - 138 pesos.

The sisig rice, on the other hand, was a welcome addition to our entourage. The fatty and crunchy bits of pork brain and head, deep fried in fat is a heavenly masterpiece for those who never care about their cholesterol levels. The 108 price tag is excellent, considering that the fatty goodness goes well with rice and soy sauce.

Some of their best sandwiches include burgers. Their specialty, the Recess Burger, is a godsend for omnivores. The deep fried beef patty comes with a generous helping of coleslaw dipped in their special mayo sauce. I do love the fact that the 98 price tag is reasonable for the dish. I also appreciate the idea that the dish is pretty minimalist and tasty at the same time.

The last viand I tried was the Taco Rice. According to the owner, they serve it in an elementary school lunchbox so as to capture the idea of recess in their meals. They also made it that way due to the fact that mixing taco rice in an ordinary plate becomes very messy. As for the dish itself, it is actually a mix of rice, tomatoes, ground beef, beans, lettuce, and cheese. While the dish is simple, the ingredients are pretty high quality. The taste, then, is excellent. At 128, the dish is a true exemplar of the uniqueness of the restaurant.

As for the drinks and dessert, I had the Pastillas frappe, the Elvis Waffle, and the the Peach Melba Waffle. At 98 pesos, the tall glass of Pastillas frappe was enjoyable after the flurry of tasting most of the dishes on the menu. This execellently prepared drink is composed of milk, cream, and their special powderized pastillas. This is truly something kids and teenagers would love due to the pretty sweet taste. The Elvis and Melba waffles were brilliantly presented. The Elvis, named that way due to King's preference for waffles topped with banana, bacon, and chocolate syrup, represents a unique mash-up of uncanny flavors all rolled into one. The taste wasn't something Ive tried before due to the presence of freshly friend bacon rolled together with fruits and chocolate. At 68, it was very reasonable. The Melba, on the other hand, had some delectable peaches, cream, and ice cream topped on 2 waffles. It reminded me of those dessert dishes served in ice cream shoppes. The taste was pretty savory for someone like me since i liked pretty sweet dishes.

For those itching for unique recess-style food in excellent quality, try out Recess cafe! It's great with family and friends.

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Denise A.
3.0 Stars

Tried Recess in San Juan when I was looking for a place to eat near my friend's house.
I was surprised with the quality of their food for the cheap price. The burger was great. I ordered matcha milk tea which was very cheap costing around P65 in a large container, i love it! The interior is refreshing too. Good find!

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John A.
4.0 Stars

It's this new place along N. Domingo that used to be "Tribu ni Misu" internet cafe.

The outside of the cafe looks inviting. It's a typical coffee shop that offers more than coffee.

We ordered their Recess cafe burger. For 68 pesos, you get a quarter pound juicy burger with ketchup and mayo, that's a bang for your buck. I like it, especially with that Frank's Red Hot hotsauce. We also ordered their lasagna with Pesto garlic bread for P158... Good for sharing in my opinion. It's pretty good.

You gotta try their version of Beef Pares (P98). The serving is just ok for one, but they have their own twist on it.

For the kids, they have waffles also. We got the Banana Caramel waffles and the Peanut Butter and Choco. Will post pics soon.

They have parking for probably 3 cars the most. That's one of the downsides.

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