Recession Coffee

2/F S Maison at Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. cor. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Recession Coffee
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Most Recent Reviews

Will C.
4.0 Stars

Ive heard of this place before, pay what you want coffee place duck inside digital walker at an upscale mall and theres another one at eastwood and i think they chose the right place since placing it near school or office community wont do their business any good.

So i went here to try this one out and i feel like im in a psych bag on the whole ordering process with people behind line and store keeper inside digital walkers all looking at you on how much you will actually pay. This sort feels like an experiment human psychology lab. Haha, but this might not work on an Asian Foodie... lol 128514 so i blurted out an amount knowing it was below their average coffee price, guy at cashier will repeat the amount your willing to pay out loud and after a few minutes i have a really good ice latte, it has a strong coffee even on single shot and not sweet and aint acidic. But personally i think its just okay to pay P100.

So before dinner, i had this impulse to have another coffee here, and decided to bought one for brother and mom, and off i went to challenge the inner asian foodie and since there is no line, i placed my order and told the guy how much im willing to pay and told him its xxx.xx, the cashier asked me each sir? I told him nope, its for all, 128514 and there i got a small cute cup and not so hot coffee with a slightly shame sticker. I wonder if they give different cups to different amount and differs the quality since my first one was really good on a bigger cup while 2nd one wasnt that stellar, slightly bogger than the cup used on coffee shop for free water and the hot coffee wasnt that hot, hmm employing psych 101 is this the punishment? Hahaha, either nakakahiya magcomplain or its a sign to please not come back. 🤣🤣🤣

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Reginald B.
5.0 Stars

Nothing like a good cup of coffee to pump up your day. I’m glad I found my cup at Recession Coffee

What I loved about my latte is the balance of flavors - strong coffee taste, naturally sweet even without any sugar or sweetener, and not too acidic.

What’s unique about this store is that you have your option on how much you have to pay for your coffee. Didn’t have extra change with me so I paid Php 100.00 (I would pay a higher price next time coz that’s how good it is).

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

This is a great coffee shop because of the friendly front staff which is part and parcel of the over all experience. If you are tempted to pay lower than the daily average, I suggest that you give generously in their tip box for the excellent service. The scout honor green tea glazed brownies is also a must. Served warm, the green tea melts beautifully into the chocolate brownie. Not too sweet, just right paired with the cup of coffee. Seating can get crowded since they share space with Digital Walker, so expect to bump glances with curious shoppers. Recommended.

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Kates A.
5.0 Stars

I decided to skip my usual go-to coffee shop to try Recession Coffee in S Maison. As I've browsed through different reviews, what interested me the most is their pay-what-you-want pricing strategy so, I visited to see it for myself!

It's inside the digital walker shop located at 2F of S Maison. They have a pretty much straight forward menu which makes the selection easier! We ordered flat white and cappuccino - and partnered it with cookie inception by scout's honor. Nothing so special about the coffee, but it's really good!

As for the highlight of the recession coffee experience, when the Barista asked how much I want to pay for my coffee, there was a sudden moment of silence when my kuripot self almost blurted out P50 but, since it's not recession season for my wallet (yet 128514) I decided to pay for the daily average amount. They have it posted as a sort of guide to those who are lost haha!

I hope that they'll have more branches soon!

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Mica C.
5.0 Stars

I like their coffee, its very strong and their baristas are knowledgable of the process. But I feel really bad whenever I buy their coffee. This time, I paid P150 but I'm so tempted to pay only P100 to be somehow at par with Starbucks' Brewed coffee offers. I guess they're banking on the pride you get on the sticker on the cup. But honestly I feel bad and I want to keep their business afloat.

Their business model and the motivations that drive their customers would be a good thesis topic for Psych or marketing students.

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

"How much would you like to pay for your coffee?"

Recession Coffee has a pay-what-you-want concept. Regardless of how much you pay for your coffee, you'd get an amazing cuppa to enjoy. A risky concept but I guess it paid off since this is already their second branch, the original one is in Eastwood. I always pay mine for 150php, but I am sooo tempted to try it for 1php. Haha. 128517128540

Recession Coffee because they believe that having good coffee should be recession proof. Most of their cuppas are on the stronger side. And I love the guarantee that the beans used are fresh because you could see the bubbles forming in the coffee foam a few minutes after it is served. Which is a sure sign of fresh coffee beans! 10084

Drop 'em a visit! 9749

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Pay what you feel like was mind blowing. And they have a guideline just in case you have no idea what to pay them. So I kinda banked in and took advantage of their scheme and paid only Php 100. You can actually pay a peso if you dare. Some according to staff pay higher than Php 200. I guess it does average out at the end of the day.

My Iced Coffee Latte was refreshingly bold yet sweet as they agreed to my request of them adding brown sugar. I also had Deep Dark Secret cookie. It was dark chocolate on the outside and inside an explosion of sweetness. It's also incredibly soft, crumbling with very little pressure.

I should be able to manage this store the second time around. A higher than a hundred peso is what they deserve. Kudos Recession Coffee for challenging your customers.

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

At Recession Coffee, customers get to decide how much they pay for their coffee. While for some establishments, a Pay-what-you-want system is used for marketing, Recession actually has PWYW as their pricing strategy. This is nice since you can pay a little less when it's "petsa-de-peligro" but you can pay more when you've got cash. Whatever the case, you still get good coffee.

I know it can get awkward or uncomfortable once the cashier asks you how much you're willing to pay for your coffee but here's their Pay-what-you-want guide, just to help you decide:

Please Marry Us.
More than 200.00

You Make us Moist (with tears).

You set a great example.

You're the water to our coffee beans.

Living on a prayer, eh?

We hope you get that job!
Less than 50.00

Tip: If you'd like to know certain people well, take 'em here and see how much they pay. Then you'll know more about their "moral compass". 128521

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5.0 Stars

After celebrating New Year in Cavite, I went to S'Maison at SM Mall of Asia Complex to do some errands. And I noticed that Recession Coffee was already open inside the Digital Walker store. Well, I think Eastwood Mall branch is much bigger compare to S'Maison but S'Maison is much organized compare to Eastwood Mall branch.

Recession Coffee is a pay what you want Coffee Store. Yes, you can pay any single penny of yours from cents to bigger value with the same quality and taste of coffee. They also sell cookies and pastries from Scouts Honor.

I choose the flat white coffee and the staff asked me how much should I pay for my coffee. I gave him 50 bucks for an 8 oz. flat white. And suddenly he asked me if I already visited their branch in Eastwood, I told him "Yes" and he replied "I remember you sir"... Ooooppp! (Bigla ako nahiya kasi Php10.00 lang binayad ko sa coffee nung nag-avail ako sa Eastwood branch) awwww!!! And I replied back "hello! Ayan Php50.00 na binayad ko!" Hahaha 128514

Flat White Coffee - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"They have good quality coffee even without sugar I can taste the creaminess and bitterness of my flat white..."

I have no choice but to wait for my coffee kahit hiyang hiya na ako... LOL 128514

Lesson learned, "Wag mag kuripot!"

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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