Red Ribbon

Jupiter St., Jupiter, Makati, Metro Manila

Red Ribbon
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Odessa G.
5.0 Stars

BRAZOOOOOOO de Mercedes! 128523

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Angelica S.
4.0 Stars

mango cake for merienda !!:)

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Mooch D.
1.0 Stars

Never buying a cake here again.

Okay, so it's my mom's birthday-- she wanted a Traditional boiled icing Red Ribbon chocolate cake.

She specified that it had to be red ribbon. Why? Bec she's feeling nostalgic and wants to recall our childhood birthdays with a red ribbon cake.

So we ordered a traditional boiled icing chocolate cake.

Icing was good (how could it not be, it's sugar hahaha. CAKE WAS DRY. Dryer than cardboard.

Anyways, i would have never bought a cake from here anyways if my mom didnt specifically asked for it, their quality-- thru the years has been degrading.

Disappointed. I'm just eating the icing.
Anyway's i'll just head out to purple oven for their chocolate cake.

A red ribbon cake costs: 950ish
A purple oven cake costs 800-900ish

I would get the purple oven one for the same cost.

Any recommended bakers there for traditional birthday cakes? :-) let me know!!!

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Chuty S.
5.0 Stars

This review is for their personalized cakes with marshmallow icing:

A lot of restaurants, cafes, bakeshops and specialty dessert stores are out there but I always keep coming back to Red Ribbon for their marshmallow icing cakes! They simply have the best marshmallow icing - either that or I have not discovered the other best!

Oh that sticky gooey sweetness!

I usually don't eat all the icing on a cake, and specially on a cupcake with frosting as tall as the cupcake itself. But IF it is real good marshmallow frosting, I would surely eat all of it. (Then run 5km the next day! Hah!)

If you are after cheap but really good celebration cakes, come to Red Ribbon! They can also create edible picture cakes. Just place an order in advance. Imagine gifting your friend with a throwback picture cake! Haha! 128515

Sorry for the blurry picture. This one is a go live celebration cake for staff at work and I was busy moving around while taking the picture.

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Charlene N.
3.0 Stars

I've recently rekindled my ties with my beloved childhood cake when my friend brought a huge log of it to the lunch party. As a kid, just the sight of it never failed to make me all giddy and excited.

Hint: It's an all-time Filipino classic. At first glance, you couldn't see much of it since it is enclosed in a particularly delicate and frothy mixture which is baked until brown.

It reminds you of that little plump cousin of yours, the one you just want to squeeze and cuddle with forever.

Can you guess what it is now?

Brazo de Mercedes! (Duh!)

Well, my brother proudly did a DIY again...Zzz. He purposely left it in the freezer overnight.

To my surprise, when he gave me a forkful, the soft, cloud-like almost meringue which envelopes the rich luscious custard filling did not freeze.

The concoction of the smoothly made egg yolk mixture, the egg whites beaten until stiff peaks form and the slightest touch of tart from lemon's zest remains a genius.

I was wowed as it left me yearning for more bites. It was sweet enough but not to the point its candy like and splendid but far from being supreme.

I guess the downside is that their quality has subsequently diminished over the past years, especially apparent with the reduced custard filling.

P.S. If you opt to try this and found yourself disappointed after, blame them! Not me! Maybe the chef was in a good mood while making this 128513

P.S.S The guessing part was kinda useless since you could just easily look at the photo 128529

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April V.
5.0 Stars

This one's for Peanut, Miri, Teta and Ariane. 128513

Girls, you were right, this is wayyyyy better than Goldilocks mamon! 128525

I loved it! Light, fluffy and with something nice on top. Hahaha! 128077128077

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Reynold L.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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