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Most Recent Reviews

Leen C.
4.0 Stars

Saw several photos of my friends and their food looks appetizing so hubby and i decided to try it since we're in Greenhills.

We hand the following

Truffle fries- potato wedges with mayo truffle dip and ketchup. Potato was cooked just right. Love the truffle dip not too overwhelming. 1108811088110881108811088

Cheese and bacon sandwich with tomato soup- the sandwich was good well what will go wrong with cheese and bacon sandwich right? Well i was only able eat half of the sandwich medyo nakakaumay buti nalang may tomato soup. Btw love the soup. 11088110881108811088

Refinery burger-- made from a Kitayama beef patty, served with fries and coleslaw. The burger was just right nothing special hubby said for the price he was expecting something different. Like a special sauce. 11088110881108811088

Hong Kong style milk tea- did not like the drink. 11088

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April H.
4.0 Stars

I really enjoy Refinery. I like the interiors, the food, and obviously, the coffee.

Over the course of four different visits, I was able to try several menu items. The list includes the following:

128165 Double Truffle fries-- love the distinct truffle flavor and earthy taste. I found the dips this came with delightful, brings out the taste of truffle even more.

128165 Sausage Platter-- Love the selection that was included in the platter. Served with toast, so it's already good as a snack. It's good with the truffle fries.

128165Chorizo pasta-- chorizo with sun dried tomatoes sounded good but I found it to be just okay.

128165Hangover pasta-- this was really good!128525 The sauce is made from rendered bacon fat and parmesan- the kind of oiliness that will definitely help with alcohol. There is bacon, asparagus and an egg on top, so it's hearty and kind of heavy. So it's a really good hangover remedy!

128165 Tomato and pesto sandwich-- served with tomato soup, which was kinda redundant for me. Too much acidity when the sandwich and soup were combined. The classic grilled cheese and tomato soup might be a better bet. When we ordered this, I only had half (plus half of the Refinery burger too), so it wasn't too overwhelming.

128165 Refinery burger-- made from a Kitayama beef patty, served with fries and coleslaw. I thought it was a good and solid burger that was very filling.

128165 Valrhona mocha-- another heavy drink for me, very chocolatey though.

128165 Honey latte-- hmmm, I found it just okay. I tried it iced, but I think it would be better hot. The honey just separates from the coffee when it's iced.

128165 Salted Caramel latte-- both hot and iced variants were great! It comes with a rock salt and caramel on the rim when you dine in. This is definitely the coffee to try here.

They have a ton of craft beers available, so you can have your pick of some really good ones to go with your food. They staff were okay, the service didn't really stand out. They were very hard to call during the time we chose to sit outside (dinner with friends).

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Bibien T.
4.0 Stars

My friend and I were looking for a restaurant where we could talk and that had good food and drinks, and Refinery was a good choice. The place was warm and inviting, and their Christmas decors are just too cute. :)

My friend ordered the Angry Pasta while I had their Honey and Basil Grilled Cheese. The Honey and Basil Grilled Cheese was alright, but it just wasn't my cup of tea, since I don't like sweet stuff in my food. Silly me, I know, I shouldn't have ordered a dish with honey, but it was their bestseller! Anyway, I love the tomato soup that it came with. I tried my friend's pasta and it was good and so garlicky. It was not that spicy for me, though, but I'll still order that one next time.

My friend and I also got some Happy Hour drinks, 195 pesos, from the original price of 260. We both had a Tony Curtis: Absolut Vodka, Sweet and Sour, Strawberry and Sprite. It was yum! We also got a glass of their house wine after, which was also on Happy Hour price hehe.

Will surely come back to try their other fare. :)

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Alexandra N.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

It's our first time at this restaurant and we had no idea what to order. My friend ordered Sardine Pasta (230PHp) and I ordered Grilled Cheese with Bacon (325PHp), it came with tomato soup. I didn't expect how filling it would be. It was a good choice.

The ambiance of the restaurant was quint which is perfect for hanging out and catching up with friends.

We also ordered drinks: Tony Curtis (strawberry mixed cocktail) and Tom Collins (lemon mixed cocktail). They have happy hour wherein you'll get 25% off on selected drinks. So from 220PHp, we paid 165PHp for each drink. As for the time frame, I forgot. 128517

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Pierre O.
4.0 Stars

Refinery that is not in Rockwell. A little closer to home. It is located in Greenhills Promenade in between Happy Lemon and Theotrino.

The place is a little dark upon entering the store mainly due to the lighting that the store provides. There was power outlets along the column where you can plug you can use. The servers were also very friendly and would accommodate you immediately by showing you where to seat and what to order.

Hot masala Chai milk tea (155 php). I am a Chai tea lover so I would surely try their Chai tea and comparing it to CBTL. Their version of Chai tea seems to have a strong flavor of Chai and would greet you upon serving it to you. I can taste some of the powder that was being used probably during the preparation. Better stir it when it has settled for a long time since most of the masala tends to settle in the bottom. Overall, it is still pleasant to drink. Keep it hot. 128514

Hot cafe latte (140 php). This latte will enter my top 10 list of the best latte in the metro. The coffee is a good mixture of both coffee and milk. Not more not less. You can taste the bitterness and aroma of their coffee while drinking it. Remember to drink it while it is hot since the air conditioning system in this store can make your drink cold in no time. 128516

Double truffle fries (180 php). This is a must order when coming to refinery. It was served to us in less than 3 minutes. No kidding. We were like 128562. Haha. They use real potatoes and was so big that you can enjoy every bite of it. The fries came with a dip consisting of black and white truffles as stated in their menu and ketchup. I prefer dipping my fries in the truffle dip with generous amounts to have that truffle taste. Don't worry, the dip is enough for the fries that was being served.

Jayson J try their Chai tea here but I still prefer the chai tea over CBTL. Haha.

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Chrisalyn T.
3.0 Stars

My friends and I were actually just after their wine that day, since we were tired of drinking beers and tequila. I really hate Jose Cuervo, but my friends for some reason love the taste of it. I’d rather have a shot of Patron XO or a few glasses of wine than that. I mean I’m no coffee addict, but it does taste better than Cuervo.

Since most times my friends would want to get us drunk most of our Girls Night Out, we wanted something relaxing for tonight. I mean who would want to go to work with a bad hangover. haha Plus, wine is a healthier drink or at least that’s what i wanna think about when i drink it.

Anyway, My friends were the ones who chose our wine for the night. I was too busy catching up with my friends that I wasn’t able to check out what we’re having. All I know is we had a bottle of Chardonnay and Merlot. I'm more into red wines before, but lately i think i’m getting to like white wines too. They’re lighter and sweeter than red wines. Safer when you spill them too, won’t leave red stains on your clothes.

I haven’t eaten much before our wine session, so i decided to order THE PARM (Php 340) to pair it with. This dish is composed of proscuitto, parmesan cheese, eggs, and grilled asparagus. I didn’t want to order something heavy, since I had a few buffalo wings earlier that night already. The other reason why i ordered this dish was because it had some cheese and proscuitto that pairs well with my wine. There isn’t anything special about this dish though, but it looks appetising. I think it’s a pretty healthy looking plate too. haha

Anyway, I’d go back to this restaurant to try more of their dishes soon. Hopefully something good that will be hard to forget.

By the way, the smoke from the other restaurant was pretty strong, so I suggest that you guys should find a sit inside. Better than being exposed to grilled meat smell.

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Shelly R.
5.0 Stars

Love their coffee and dessert! Place is perfect for spending time with friends and family. Good ambiance with good drinks. Will definitely try their food next time.

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Abegail H.
4.0 Stars

At loooong last! Something new to try within the area. Aaand, Oh hi |ooloo!!! It's been a while. Finally able to write another review. Hihi took me sometime but heeey! Am back :)

Anyway!!! So just the other night I was craving for some pasta and got interested with this new place in promenade. We went past 9pm and the place was packed but luckily a group was willing to share a table with us two. I think we dined at a bad time, I was actually opting to get a good sip of their premium iced teas and chill out a bit but forgot that they also serve amazing wines and beers and so the place was already rackety when we arrived. Good thing I was so high-spirited to try out their food.

Planned my meal ahead and so I was hoping to get their fudgee brownie in skillet and angry pasta with their peach iced tea. Sadly, that most awaited brownie ended up with their banana turnover dessert because mr. J is dont have the patience to wait. 128527 they have great and extensive food choices since they're open from brunch til the wee hours, i think around 12mn. They have covered sandwiches and pasta, from iced teas to coffee and imported beers and wines. The only ones they left out are rice usual, they even serve steak too!

Two things I noticed, one is the great lighting they have around the dining area. It wasn't too bright to ruin the cheery mood yet not too dim to shoo away diners. Two was the incomplete menu they gave me 🙄. Funny that my pastry page was missing, and that was my favorite fold.

Our orders did not take too long, esp the drinks we got. Mr. J had their hongkong milk tea which was a good balance between what it tasted like a freshly brewed tea and silky milk with the right hint of sweetness. Well, I got the Valrhona mocha (yes! Yes! I skipped on the peach) because of the enticing name. Hahahah. Got mine hot and it waaaas... Blah blah blah. good but I was disappointed that it wasn't Valrhona tasting, the coffee was too strong (silly me cause I knew it had 2shots of espresso) it tasted like a regular latte, I was hoping to get the balance between the name that they are marketing despite the espresso they added but, na ah!

After a few, our first order came in, the banana turnover was a surprise. A puffed pastry with a filling of vanilla cream drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with caramelized nuts. Downside, it was served in a chopping board and those priceless nuts were falling on the table, such a waste and everytime we cut through it, it goes around the board having more mess128557128557128557. The whole feeling was a dismay, mostly because of the price as it costs 270ish, it just dont feel worth it.

Finally, the angry pasta came in probably after 8minutes or so. This one was the highlight, every diners should not miss this. It has the right amount of sauce, meaty (although the bacon on top wasnt that crunchy), there is a swept of mild sweetness with a kind punch from the heat. Most of all, the sweet and sour bursts from the cherry tomatoes were the highlight. Also, pasta was al dente. Everything was harmonious in every bite. In fact, am planning to get another plate soon. 128536 giving 4 star because of this and the eric's pastries they offer. If not, probably a 2 is enough

Would definitely go back to try that fudgeebrownie they boast. Aaaand, saw that pulled pork sandwich and over the top string potatoes ordered by the next table. Hihi will probably skip on their coffee selections, it made me up til afternoon the next day. Wooow! Just wooow!

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Steff S.
5.0 Stars

Loved the laid-back vibe where you can have nice casual conversations while enjoying awesome food. For my orders:

Basil and Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwhich 110881108811088
- Could use a better grilling technique (maybe buttering the bread first), plus the cheese used is only mozzarella so lacks saltiness or overall tastiness. Tomato soup is good though.

Feel-Good Fudge 1108811088110881108811088
- The name says it all! Fudgy skillet brownie that's more like a molten lava cake with the gooey center, topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and you're on your way to heaven. Super loved it!

Oh, and they have Eric Kayser's dark chocolate cookies! A must try for all the cookie monsters 127850

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Audible I.
5.0 Stars

Veey good coffee, good food and Eric kayser pastries. 128516128077

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Mika L.
3.0 Stars

The ambience and service make up for the "less-than-wow" food they serve. I had a meeting here w my colleagues and we ordered quite a few dishes. Started with the Truffle Fries. This was very much so-so. They have do something different with this. I also had their Refinery Salad which was very refreshing. It had different textures with the crunch of the caramelized nuts and the creaminess of the cheese. Then again, this was also not so mind blowing. We also had the pasta with chorizo. Quite ordinary I would say. Strawberry basil lemonade was refreshing as well but a tad bit too sweet. And finally, I also had their Pudding that took 20 mins to make. It's one of those nice-to-look-at but such a disappointment kind of dishes. It came w syrup (which I doubt is even real maple) and NO ice cream or even less egg. So you can imagine the dryness of this. Will probably come back only if a friend asks me to.

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Joanne G.
5.0 Stars

Ever wonder if there's a place that is open from the moment you wake up until you are about to sleep? Of course, there is! Refinery is open from 7am-12mn. They serve amazing comfort food. Their coffee and alcohol menu is extensive and the taste is superb!!! Come by for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner or night cap! Perfect hangout place if you want to work, meet with colleagues or drink with friends!

Ground Flr. Promenade Greenhills (beside Happy Lemon)
Ground Flr. Joya Loft Building, Rockwell Makati

Must Try:
Angry Pasta
Truffle Fries
Steak & Eggs
Bacon French Toast Sandwich
Tomato and Basil Cheese Sandwich
Iced Salted Caramel Macchiato

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Jorelle F.
3.0 Stars

After a very busy week, I deserve a beautiful Sunday Breakfast. I was torn between Cafe France and Bizu but I already tried both so I consulted my ever trustworthy app (wag na mag-isip, of course | yan, hahaha) for something new and voilà.... Good Morning Refinery Benedict!!
I was pleased that I have tried something new but wasn't happy about the food. Hahaha. (Am I weird?) The English muffin was not freshly baked. Somewhat old na yung bread then there's nothing special about their meat nor the poached egg but in fairness I love their vinaigrette and fresh green leafy vegetable.
As per my sister, the pulled pork was bland. But the vegetable coleslaw was the bomb. Then their Hong Kong milk tea tasted wayyyyyy different from what I tried in hongkong. Hahaha. Judgmental?!? Sorry128553128553. The service was superb though.

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Kathie A.
1.0 Stars

Upon ordering, I asked the waiter if I can order "Organic Moroccan Mint Tea" hot instead (In the menu it says cold teas). He didn't hear or understand the first time I asked so I had to repeat twice or thrice. He asked someone from the bar and went back to me and said yes I can have it hot. My drink arrived and I was surprised because it was iced! I had to return it because I asked for a hot tea. After a minute or two, the waiter came back still holding the iced drink and still insisting that this was what I ordered. At this point, I didn't want to argue anymore so I took the drink. After 3-4 sips my throat started to itch. It was too sweet.

The menu looks promising but I'm not coming back to try other stuff they have. Bad customer service.

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