Regina RICA

Marcos Highway, Tanay, Rizal

Regina RICA
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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

2nd to our IT in our group tour.... dresscode is strictly monitored ... shorts above the knee is not allowed, they provide a saya just leave an ID ... no sleeveles allowed too...

Thanks to my cousin sa pictures source na halos lahat galing sa kanya 128522

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Odessa G.
5.0 Stars


Pray wherever, whenever.

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Aldwin D.
3.0 Stars

Good weekend getaway.
Place needs to add more attraction.
They have souvenir shops and refreshment areas.
They only serve vegetarian meals.
For women don't waer your super shorts otherwise you would be forced to wear the green skirt like stuff to cover your legs... 128515128516.

After regina rice head to the windmill farm at tanay..

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SherieAnn O.
5.0 Stars

We were thinking of bringing my mom somewhere for her short visit in antipolo, that's when we decided to go here. She has been talking about destressing and not thinking about her work and personal issues and i thought this was the perfect place.. we left antipolo at 3pm and reached Regina Rica by 4..there were very few people during that time compared to how it was on our first visit (holy week)..and since it was only an hour before they close,we didn't go thru the usual routine of attending the orientation prior to trekking up the hill..upon reaching the statue sitting on top of the hill, you can catch yout breath and enjoy the overlooking view of the entire place, light candles while offering prayers,and climb your way inside the shrine..

the place is perfect for contemplation because of its cleanliness,peacefulness and serenity.. you can attend mass in their chapel and eat at their restaurant when you're hungry where they serve only meatless food..

best part is there are no entrance fees for us since we are residents of rizal, only donations which is voluntary..

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Jill B.
4.0 Stars

I have never heard about this church. We had 2 attempts of getting in. If you have read my previous review, we went first to Pililia Windmills before proceeding to Regina Rica. We left Pililia Windmills at around 5:30pm to go to Regina Rica. Since we were still checking how to get to Regina, it took us 30 mins and more to locate it. We arrived in Regina Rica at around 6:30pm and we were disappointed to know that they close by 6pm. 128529 it was a Maundy Thursday by the way. We were supposed to do the Stations of the Cross in there.

Since my mother is really eager to go inside, we decided to go back on a Black Saturday and yup! We got in!

It has a huge land area. So tiring to walk around so its really an advantage if you will bring a car. They have a chapel/ church in the middle of the property and another chapel inside the huge Regina Rica statue. There's a lot of walking required here. It rained while we were there by the way. So it is really "muddy"

Overall, the place is okay. You can really reflect since it is really a peaceful place.

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Patty D.
5.0 Stars

I enjoyed driving going to Regina Rica (smooth road, no traffic, scenic views). When we arrived at around 2pm (Sunday) the place is not that packed plus there's ample parking space (parking fee is 50pesos). At the entrance they have clean and spacious toilets, souvenir store, food store selling a sandwich that looks like a vegan philly cheesesteak sandwich and an information desk where you can borrow a funny looking skirt if you're wearing shorts or sleeveless (you will just have to leave an ID).

So just a gentle reminder, observe proper dress code. Do not wear shorts, minis, sleeveless, tube tops, and the likes. It’s a sacred place. Wear the clothes that you wear when you go to Church. For those who are wondering, visiting time is from 8 am to 5:30 pm. The place is closed every Tuesdays. Also, there’s no entrance fee.

There’s a place called Pasilungan, which is an Ilonggo term for “shelter“, and you can find an area there where you can order food such as Dan Eric's ice cream (tastes like Magnolia ice cream but cheaper). We ordered Pancit Canton 100php good for 2 persons and their Pan de Rica herbed super soft loaf bread (50php). The bread is vegan and it tastes so good 💟, so I decided to order 3 more packs for pasalubong lol! 128525

And then we went up to the Adoration Chapel called SULOD, which stands for Sanctuary of Universal Love and Devotion. It is also an Ilonggo term for “enter”. We were asked to remove our shoes before entering. When we reached the Sulod, I felt inner peace.There, we prayed and during that time, I almost cried.. ok I cried secretly 128517 It was a very heartfelt moment of prayer for me. After that we were asked to touch the surrounding walls of the chapel because it is the inner layer of Mama Mary's mantle while telling her your prayer and wishes. It was very meaningful and spiritualy therapeutic experience for me.I hope you can visit and get to experience this place also. 💟128522128591🏼

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Joshay S.
5.0 Stars

As part of our pilgrimage, we visited five churches in the province of Rizal. Regina Rica was our last stop..

All I can say, the place cleanliness and holyness can be seen all over the place128146128591🏻

I feel blessed that I got the chance to visit this sacred place! 128522

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Gene C.
4.0 Stars

Yesterday (20160204) was not a good day to visit. The weather is bipolar, umaaraw, umuulan. But we have to make do since we were already there.

We arrived just a few minutes before the 11am mass. We bought some rosaries to be blessed for our moms then walked up the church. It was a steep walk and drizzling kaya hagardo na kami pagpasok sa church. We didn't know that there was a shuttle that we could ride to go uphill. The mass was brief, interesting and very welcoming.

It was pouring hard after the mass so we waited for it to be manageable so we could head down to the Pasilungan to eat lunch. After that the weather was back to scorching hot but we thought it's better to hike under the sun. It was an uphill and winding climb and I don't recommend people with joint issues to go through it. Regina Rosarii is under construction so we only stayed outside and enjoyed the view around it.

There was no fee to enter Regina RICA but you have to pay for parking if you're bringing your car.

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Ian P.
4.0 Stars

Woke up early to be here with the wifey a family and our priest. We went to ask for prayers and blessings from mama Mary.
First off got to say the property is beautiful! Absolutely stunning!
2nd food is cheap and delicious. Paid 500 bucks for the food in the photo.
3rd the drive going there was awesome! Great paved roads and the view plus the drive! 4x4 turbo charge suv128516
Last, prayers and blessing... Priceless!!!

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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

Lo and behold! A giant Mother Mary Rosary located somewhere in Tanay Rizal.

From the parking lot, you'll see a Souvenir shop (also where women wearing shorts or sleeveless are ought to borrow a shaul or skirts to cover up before you can proceed to the holy site located few meters away), there's a few food kiosk too and Comfort Room. From there, you need to ride a Shuttle available outside for 5 pesos all the way to the church and later we learned that even up to the hill of the Mother Mary. We were dropped kasi sa Church so we thought hanggang dun lang, that time pa, there's an ongoing Mass...di namin alam aakyat pa pala ng hill. Sayang coz we left my mom in the church and we all walked to the site going up the hill. (for less than 5mins)

There, you'll have to fall in line to be able to go inside the Adoration room. It's like a two storey building covered with the image of Mother Regina Rosarii. There were nuns guiding everyone and letting us know what to do. One thing is to remove our shoes and keep ourselves from talking loud. Once upstairs, a Nun once again is inside the small a/c Chapel. She gives an inspirational talk and then let you feel the presence of God and pray. 128591

After that, you will see a mini candle store on your way down, for those who want some offerings and prayers for 20/pc. Each color represent something.
These are just few of what i remember..
White - Success
Orange-Good health
Brown - Good job and Safe trip

Hope this review helps for your future visit! 9786

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