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G/F Eton Emerald Lofts, Garnet Rd. cor. F. Ortigas Jr. Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila

Regine's Salon
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Elise H.
5.0 Stars

Regine's Salon is the best!!!!!! Had my hair highlighted at a different salon and i didnt really like the way it turned out, the highlights were too sharp that it didnt blend in with my base color. Plus, they were too yellowish, some were even orange-y, in short, it was so so horrible. So i went to Regine's Salon to have it fixed, and they did a great job in toning down the highlights. I really really liked it :) I also availed of the fusiodose treatment and it did a great job in getting rid of the dryness of my hair brought about by the highlights. They are definitely my go-to salon for hair coloring now :)

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Abbey A.
5.0 Stars

Just in time for summer and my hunger for a change, I decided to do something new to my hair. 9786 And because I have no guts to ever cut my hair too short, I went for a new color. Colors, actually.

A few weeks before the day of my hair color, I had my hair and make up done in this salon already. Like any practical person, I of course did my research! Search the Internet and read reviews! Unfortunately, this branch was not in looloo yet. So, my main source for deciding to go here was word of mouth and the salon’s Instagram account.
The hair and make up looked good naman so Instagram account, so I booked on the day itself pa hahaha! And I left a happy customer, for my first visit.

And guess what?? Even happier the second time! 128111

I was so curious about their last post about Fluid Painting for hair. It looked like ombre, but wasn’t. I had to try it! 128525

Now, this technique and service is no joke, in terms of time spent and money spent. Hahaha! Thank God, I was in the hands of a Loreal ambassadress, Ms. Karina. She’s actually also the only one who does Fluid Painting in the Philippines.

I can’t say much about the procedure because I had to lean my head on the edge of a chair, so that my hair can be laid out on a big table where Ms. Karina created a masterpiece of my hair. All I can say is it takes around 4-5 hours, including extra treatments I availed, such as the cellophane and Keratin treatment.

I also like to point out how much I commend Ms. Karina, who is also the owner of Regine’s, for being very hands-on and approachable, from the stories she shared while painting my hair and the advice she gave for proper post-treatment. Oh and I also commend her for her gesture of opening all the new products she used on me, in my presence. Very profesh!

I will come back for the excellent service, attitude, and just the experience of this beauty boutique. Yes, that’s what I’ll call it, a beauty boutique! 128105

A true investment. I felt like a princess, a mermaid, Ms. Universe, a bombshell. I felt very pretty! Worth all the time and money spent! Remember, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. 128521

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Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

So honestly, the only reason why I went to Regine's is cause my go-to hair and make up artist was booked. I decided to go to Regine's after canvasing other places because I remember my high school friends talking about this place as their usual back in high school and college for prom and debuts.

Although they're known for their branch in Makati, I decided to give the Pasig branch a try, because it's nearer me and my gut was telling me just to believe that they will deliver exactly what I want.

So, super short notice, I booked on the morning of the 7pm event, and luckily they had a 5pm slot open. I gladly took it, duh hehehe or else I'd have to look for another place or do my own...

Anyway, I had my hair and make up done by Egay, plus a mani and pedi by Joan.

Hair: On point! I naturally have wavy hair but I wanted something more made up but relaxed. Medyo malabo but Egay delivered! 128522128522

Make-up: It was a roller coaster ride but it ended well hehe Initially, I was excited. And then there came a point I thought he didn't know what he was doing... But later on I was thinking maybe his method is just different.

The end result was what I wanted, a natural look. But I just had to request him to add upper eyeliner and maskara.

I ended up liking the end result of the make-up too. But my boyfriend just made a comment about the maskara, which wasn't surprising because Egay did it differently than how I would usually. And the eyeliner I had him put was kind of off.

Mani and pedi: On point! I had Joan do french tips and I loved the silvery white color I found in their selections. 128133

Overall, I felt gorgeous!!! I felt like a Princess. 128120

Definitely going back here, maybe to have my hair colored again next by the famous Karina! 128105

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