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2/F Metropolitan Club, Estrella Ave., Makati, Metro Manila

Regine's Spa
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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Spa date with my little girl!

The staff were as usual so accommodating and supportive of me when I tag my daughter along. They gave her a robe, a towel, slippers an her own bed!

The service was good and professional as usual. Used up all my coupons here but that won't stop me from coming back! Great experience!

My masseur even massaged Cherienne a liitle and the staff who did my facial also cleaned Cherienne's face - just with cotton and warm water 128541128516128525

The little girl liked everything so much! They even served her with her own iced tea!

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Another night of pampering!

Complete Facial - it was a long rigorous process that absolutely felt so good afterwards!

- Facial cleansing
- steam
- Facial scrub
- Diamond Peel
- Facial Vacuum
- Facial Mask
- steam
- Facial Cleansing with toner and some other stuff
- Laser
- Facial and Head massage

Done! I feel so young! Ahahha! 128540

As usual, their staff were professional and polite. Facility was clean with calming piped in music. Temperature is just right. Perfect cap for the weekend!

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Back here for some pampering! This time, I was with my bff and the little girl. We had around 2hrs of non-stop Spa treatment - full body massage, facial cleansing, facial scrub, facial mask and diamond peel. Felt so fresh afterwards! We wanted to get body scrub too but time did not allow us.

The staff were friendly and professional as ever. The masseuse made sure that she was applying the right pressure and would check with me every now and then. It was so relaxing. I could have slept the entire time if only the little girl was not with us. 128134128581128582

Since we got there at around 8pm and they close out at 12am, the facial service was kinda rushed off. The last time I had facial here, I went home feeling so young! Ahahaha! But this time, it felt as if each step was shortened. Could have been 127775127775127775127775127775 if they gave more time doing the diamond peel just like the last time. I didn't get the rosy cheeks effect after the facial! Ahahah!

Anyhow, it was the first time that I brought the little girl to a Spa. They were kind enough to let her stay in a bed beside me, give her an over sized robe, pillow, blanket and iced tea too! Ahahha! The little girl was over joyed, wowing each and every time. 128109128076128124

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

About last month, office people were all over this voucher promo of Spa offering freebies and discounts. One of their personnel got me into her sales talk skills and convinced me to buy two vouchers worth 399 each. It has the following:

128073 1 free whole body massage
128073 1 free foot massage
128073 2 coupons for pay one service and get another of the same or lesser value for free - can be shared to another person
128073 4 coupons for pay one service and get another of lesser value for free - can't be shared
128073 6 20%off coupons

See, it's actually a good deal. So, hubby and I finally decided to try it out and tagged mom & dad along. The hubby & the dad used up the free massage, the mom and I used up the get a free service.

Cleansing facial with diamond peel and facial mask + body scrub for only 850php! 128076128076128076 the staff was very professional, always asking for permission before starting on something and always checking if everything was alright. She was also very gentle and polite. It was so relaxing that I actually didn't want to get up anymore! Ahahaha! What I paid for included their amenities already - bathroom, sauna, locker and drinks before and after the session.

The facility was fairly new, or could be just well maintained. Simple elegance banking on white walls and minimal design. Everything was clean and neat, not so spacious but ample room to move about. For the price I have paid, I would say that it was all worth it!

Ahhhhh... Such a relaxing day! I would definitely go back for more pampering!

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