Rene's Saigon Restaurant

Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Rene's Saigon Restaurant
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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

When you visit puerto prinsesa, do yourself a favor and go look for a chaolong. This chao long is simply Pho that is being offered at most vietnamese restaurants here in manila. But why would you go for chaolong at PP? Simple-- because their chaolongs are super affordable and close to authentic (vietnamese refugees resided at PP during the wars..)

Well, I almost missed the opportunity of getting to taste this. Good thing this place is only a 5 minute tricycle ride from the PP airport. And yes! I suggest you go here if you did not have time to eat at the Viet Ville.

128204 128525beef stew chao long @70php
I love the rice noodles. It's mildly spiced to give you a little flush. Add the sprouts and basil leaves for that fresh veggie taste. Please please order with tis the french bread or garlic bread. Best to dip it sa soup.

128204 rolls
Not so stellar. Just dip it with the peanut sauce.

128204128525 french bread with beef filling
It's not exactly what it is called, but it was delicious. It tasted burger in a crispy bread--bahn mi!

The thing is pabalik ng airport. You need to look for a passing-by tricycle and do pooling. Haha.

Don't expect classiness in the place. It's a karenderia type which was totally clean and okay.

Oh, usually these places are jampacked on evenings. This is their ramen version--pampalipas laseng. 128541128518128077🏼

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Ingrid A.
5.0 Stars

Back in the late 70' s, Vietnamese refugees landed on Puerto Princesa and today their food bacame just like a local delicacy such as the famous chaolong beef stew and banh mi. Out of the many Vietnamese Restaurants and food stands in Palawan, I must say that Rene's Saigon got the most authentic taste.
Today, I had Fresh Pancit (rice noodles) Salad with Pork Spring Roll and Garlic french bread. The special dressing and crushed peanuts just blended so well with everything in it.

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Lester P.
4.0 Stars

It's been a long time since I wrote my last review, and now am sharing it again some of the foodie houses that cater great and yummy food.

This review is for HOA KIEU but loloo couldn't find the place / restaurant, though the owner of Saigon and Hoa Kieu are friends and both from Vietnam so I decided to put the place as Saigon but don't worry when it comes to food and service both are great :)

Some would call Vietnamese food simple, and it typically is, but never boring. I traveled up and down in this country—spending time in Saigon, discovering some beautiful places like foodie houses, market and even coffee shop and surprisingly am being amazed that even me tried the yumminess of their food and specially their coffee, simple yet the aroma is definitely captivating.

But what makes Vietnamese food special?
I guess the balance of herbs, heat, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and the powerful ingredients / flavors that make Vietnamese food really special and authentic.

And talking about Vietnamese food I found a perfect place that really captured and embraced the culture when it comes to Vietnam foodie, and believe me you don't need to travel just to taste it. Hoa Kieu restaurant in Brgy. Roxas in Palawan is truly a famous restau when it comes to Vietnam cuisine, and most of their ingredients came from Vietnam. As we all know until now many Vietnamese People still in the areas or lives in Palawan, that's why the tradition of goodness of food came from generation to generation of Vietnamese People or even to filipino people.

Hoa Kieu restaurant offers variety of Vietnam food, they make sure that all the ingredients and seasoning are better combined and well prepared, plus the staff and even the owner is truly A+mazing when it comes to customer service.

Another Vietnam Food house located at the City of Palawan is Rene Saigon which also cater Vietnam dish. Puerto Princessa Palawan offers not only local or pinoy food but also they give a glimpse and a taste of other country cuisine like Vietnamese Food. So many Vietnamese restaurants offers so called authentic taste of Asian but only a few can pass to our sensitive and delicate palate and it's up to us how we want to judge them. Oopsss before I forgot try Hoa's shake Guyabano definitely awesome!

Wifi: 128077128077128077
Service: 128077128077128077

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Robbie C.
4.0 Stars

The French bread was excellent! I ordered the one with the BBQ filling which went well with the beef chao long. The chao long noodles were cooked spot on - al dente with the right amount of chewiness

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Gordon C.
4.0 Stars

We stopped by Rene's on our way to the airport for merienda, which consists of two viet iced coffees and French bread with pork aka bahn mi. It's almost like we're in Vietnam again. A good place to stop by after visiting the World War II Museum, which is also worth checking out in Puerto Princesa.

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Yvette M.
4.0 Stars

We weren't able to drop by Viet Ville after our Underground River tour, so we decided to look for a Vietnamese place nearby for dinner. We ended up at Rene's Saigon which was also near the airport. My friend from PPS actually suggested this place and even the tricycle drivers knows that this is one of the authentic Vietnamese places in PPS. Chao Long and Vietnamese dishes is quite popular in PPS that even carinderias offer them. Anyway, we were told to try their french bread, because they are also known for it. The plain ones were sold for as low as Php 10. Quite cheap eh? We ordered lumpiang Palawan for appetizer as well, and decided to skip the rice and got ourselves the beef stew rice noodle soup, vietnamese spring rolls, spicy fish, and spicy squid. I guess I wasn't much a fan of the soup, but the spring rolls and both the spicy squid and fish were really delicious. Money-wise, their price ranges from Php 10 to Php 200, so it's really affordable. 128077

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Eunice R.
4.0 Stars

Try the Vietnamese Iced Coffee! 128523

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Roshelle M.
4.0 Stars

Springrolls are ok, vietnamese noodles sweeter than we used to have in manila, ( still preferred the vietnamese noodles from manila). The iced coffee milk with tea is ok too, for 55php drink, expect the serving is on a small glass. What we really liked on this place is the french pork bbq bread, all the review about this bread is all true, must try!

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