Residential Lodge

South Rd., Sagada, Mountain Province

Residential Lodge
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Dan F.
5.0 Stars

A very affordable transient for backpackers.
Clean rooms and bathrooms.
Perfect place to stay if you're backpacking with friends!

The owner of the transient was very hospitable, and even gave me a discount!
Stayed there overnight while my friends spent an extra night.

Would not think twice to choose to stay here again if ever I go back to Sagada.

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

11088️ warm welcome
11088️ comfortable beds
11088️ clean rooms
11088️ private t & b
11088️ free wifi
11088️ overflowing arabica coffee
11088️ courteous staff
11088️ cooking facilities with no extra charge
11088️ common rooms with tv
11088️ super kind owner
11088️ super cheap rooms
11088️ location is in the middle of everything

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Enaj F.
5.0 Stars

Our first choice and will always be my choice if I will go back to Sagada. Just imagine the rate per night, for 250-300 you will enjoy a clean room, a hot bath, a free arabica coffee, a common room with TV plus a wifi. The staff are really nice and accomodating128516128077. The only downside of it was they have a curfew hehehh.. Though I'm not sure if it is being impose in the whole of Sagada.

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

After that 11 hour drive we've finally made it to Sagada, the drive on the curves of Benguet and Mountain province was very entertaining, with tulips wildly growing on the foot of each mountains, the mountains pierce through the dancing clouds in the clearly unpolluted sky blue wall paper of the sun. It's like God was showing off his skills to us.

We arrived on a saturday and it was a market day but good thing people here are well disciplined, the road is maintained unblocked for the tourists' vehicles that passes by. Just around a hundred meter going down the main street of Sagada from the market area, you'll find a nice blue 5 story building, the residential inn. This is one the pioneer inns of Sagada built around 2007 and owned by a very hospitable and friendly native of Sagada, Mama Mary. Yes, she said we could call her that just like how most of her customers would call her.

For our first day, we got to have the first room up in the fourth floor, in here the comfort room is shared, one for girls and one for boys, it has a thermoregulator for the shower and is maintained clean but could be a hassle especially when the floor is full. The building is old compared to the other nearby inns but is well maintained by the owners especially when it comes to cleanliness. The room we had was good for five, so generous that they give it to us even we were only five. Two double bed and one single. Not so much room to roll around the floor but good enough to accommodate my mom's 6Bags and one from each three of us. They have one plastic table and chair and a cabinet with hangers for the occupants.

The other day, the basement rooms were cleaned after a huge group of 28 heads checked out, we were advised to transfer to the third room as what we have requested prior. The room is bigger (shown in the picture) than the previous room, primary meant for 6heads, it has three double bed, a veranda overlooking the mountains and trees, a comfort room with flush and hot shower, table and chairs and a desk perfect for mama who's working on a vacation.

Our stay costed 300 per pax per night, a very cheap rate for a very especial location. And with the free unlimited arabica coffee and wifi located in the lobby, the 300 sure is very cheap! A modest living room with a not so high end television set is in every floor. They also have a kitchen in the basement where you can cook, free of charge, utensils and other cooking equipments are available at your request, also free of charge. But sadly some people are taking too much advantage of them, the 28 pax from the previous night had left a huge pile of trash scattered on every rooms they've occupied and dishes were left in the kitchen sink. Just a reminder for everyone who plans to stay here, the 300 pesos overnight price does not come with a butler, please clean your mess!!!

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