Reyes Barbecue

Puregold, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Reyes Barbecue
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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

I could simply whack my foodie-head and tongue for having "snubbed" Reyes Bbq for all these years that they've existed. Not quite the exact flavors loyal to the Original Aristocrat or a second to Alex III's , BUT pretty much a bbq-foodie's choice indeed! Afterall, regardless if one fancies Aristo, Alex III, Or Reyes BBQ--- they all come from the genius minds and taste buds of a gastronomical family ---the Reyes Clan----it's all in their foodie genes I guess.

I've always been a fan of Aristocrat's Pork BbQ and/or Chicken Bbq with Java Rice and a squeeze bottle or two or three of their terribly addicting peanut sauce (drenched on their java rice...yummy Pinoy simple joys). I recall this bbq dish made a mark in my palate way back in my grade school years when my grandfolks first brought me to Aristo at Roxas Blvd.

Fast Forward college: Aristo fever at DLSU Taft's college canteen (dead-giveaway of my batch in college hahahaha)---this was one of my fave lunch fares where I'd try to manage saving on my weekly allowances between this, Tia Maria's, and----who among that generation can ever-never-forever fail to remember---ROSIE'S DINER!!!!! The first ever American Style Diner located at Bocobo!! All College jocks, dudes, dudettes, cool, geeks, nerds, wanabees, would flock to Ermita that time . Kids born in the 90's----this was way before present day's Mexicali, Chili's, Fridays, etc---and we're talking here of excellent, good, affordable, true-blue American Diner experience (complete with neon lights and signs , a working 45rpm record and cassette jukebox, waitresses in rollerskates, vinyl-covered diner stools/bar, food booths etc). One of the 1st 24-hour open diner. It was simply Archie Comic Book's Riverdale meets Pinoy 'elitistang-iskul-bukol'. ---I miss their huge Taco Salad, burger sliders, chili dogs, and humongous Milkshakes. Oops...sorry I am carried away and thus digress... Back to the bbq128540

Then came Alex III to my childhood neighborhood. It was San Juan/Greenhills' nearest family style dining to savor Aristocrat's BBQ and other specialities. To date, Alex III has been a "fancier--more upscale-more refined" neighborhood place where we could get as close as possible to the Aristo taste experience.

I am very aware of Reyes Bbq. I recall when they were just starting up, they had a ihawan-kiosk along the intersection of Meralco Ave and Julia Vargas--a test market of sorts --- located where one of those used car trade-in lots were. One of my post grad barkada would always bring a bilao of the bbq to drinking sprees of the group in someone's house nearby. Being a purist , I only enjoyed the bbq of Aling Nene's , 3-Sisters, and Ambers. I guess, I ate a stick or two of Reyes--but quite unmemorable.

I was at Puregold for some groceries and spied on the Reyes BBQ kiosk. The smell of grilling bbq meat was just too hard to resist. I ended up taking home their Boneless ChickenBbq and a couple of sticks of their Pork Bbq. Intrigued with their bottled condiments, I also purchased a bottle of their Frank's Peanut Sauce.

Oh man, I have been missing out on this! The Boneless Chicken Bbq, good thing I had it slightly grilled more--yummy, oily, slightly spicy sweet tender bbq grilled taste. The chicken skin-- nicely grilled and nicely crunchy. Their pork bbq, less fat-more-meat (at least from this branch ), filling, slightly spicy, sweet--a good Aristo alternative. Sarap!!!The java rice though was a tad bit too oily for my taste. More acharra pickled sidings please! Coz the acharra serving's bitin.

The Frank's Bottled peanut sauce--Oh My Sauceness! Sarap! A Spicy, salty, sweet, ground black- peppery peanut take on the popular Aristo peanut sauce. Excellent too dabbed on white steamed rice! Yummy sarsa for home cooked fried seafoods and other grilled/roasted ulam. I often buy Alex III bottled Peanut Sauce--Alex III 's is less creamier and subtler.

My take: Aristo will always be Aristo---period- the original is more on the smooth creamy, peanutty, sweet, flavorful take . Alex III, is a fancier/ more refined/subtler alternative. Reyes BBQ is a readily accessible, more affordable BBQ fix---more pronounced flavor---sweeter, spicier,saltier, sharper. Swak for everyday peanut sauce craving.

A "new" fast food fave of mine. Good thing , they're easily accessible and price is affordable with branches / kiosks all over the Metro. This is simply one of the good bbq's foodies should never miss out on. Quite a lengthy review for a simple BBQ outlet. As I said, I hate having "snubbed" this brand for so long. Now that I'm a convert, I thought an appropriate review for Reyes BBQ was in order.

I think this BbQ will be my week's everyday simple indulgence.

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Alfred C.
2.0 Stars

My team just lost. Still it was a good basketball game. What was more annoying was the quality of the BBQ at Reyes BBQ. It's like watching your favorite team lose by 30+ points. Totally not worth it. The two star rating I gave is generous.

It's disheartening to know how the quality of food goes down when it's franchised. This is a good example. Aristocrat or Alex III. BBQ would not even attempt to sell this kind of badly made product.

If you're going to sell BBQ that's tough enough to knock one of your teeth out you better sell something else, or be able to recommend a good dentist. Lol.

It was bad. :)

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