Rice and Dough

G/F Venice Grand Canal Mall, Upper McKinley Rd., McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila

Rice and Dough
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Mark C.
5.0 Stars

Trying to decide which was better - the rice or the dough. In the end I think the dough won out. It was great sushi but better pizza.

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

US Angus Beef Tenders served with Garlic Rice, Egg and a choice of Iced Tea or Coffee for 259.00, BOGO until August 31.

I almost forgot to write about this before the month ended. Thanks EJ B for the tip!

Being on a mother-daughter date (more like I'm to lazy to cook night) I had the other one boxed already. I really liked my order! I normally don't order tapa in a restaurant because it's something that can be easily made at home. but I can see myself coming back here for breakfast. The meat was so soft. Perfect tapa taste for me, as I don't like my tapa sweet. Egg cooked just the way I like it, a little soft in the middle. I even placed half of my rice on the side, thinking I probably won't eat it, as the meat looked bitin, but I ended up finishing my plate. With the BOGO, 5 stars of course!

I can see that some might complain about the serving size of the meat. While it's on BOGO, maybe you can take advantage of the promo and order the whole set for yourself.

Didn't like the sickly sweet, artificially flavoured, instant red iced tea. I normally just drink water with my dinner. But since it was free, thanks anyway.

May daughter ordered 2 successive orders of 2 eggs for herself for 120 pesos. I must say, they were very consistent in frying those eggs.

Service was great. Guard handed my daughter that tiger balloon in the third photo. Restaurant looks very pretty, as with other restaurants in the mall. Please drop by. The restaurants here need a lot of love.

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Laarni d.
4.0 Stars

This place is newly opened at the grand canal Venice Piazza mall. Their concept is really good and the food is exceptionally good my sister and I have tried:
Prosciutto Focaccia Focaccia dough filled with prosciutto, mozzarella and tomatoes
This appetiser is something you can share with at least 3 people. Don't order it if you are on your own! I'm not so impressed with this one. It could have been better for an appetiser, might as well just order a proper size pizza if you are going to order this one.

World War Roll (Best Seller) Soft-shell crab, kani, tamago, unagi and tuna, topped with battered shrimp togarashi, unagi aioli cream, served FLAMING! I love the taste and texture of the soft shell crab and the whole combination is just good all together.

Stone-cooked U.S. Angus Beef Tenderloin Wrapped with Bacon, Served with Gravy (Best Seller)
I love the concept of hot stone to keep your food warm and this is not something that you can have every day at the dining table. The steak was cooked just the way you like it! I would come back for this steak again.

Jabanero Baby Back ribs – Served with rice and some vegetables – they could have thrown a little bit more vegies in there is all I can ask for. The ribs are so soft and yummy! Again if you are not a big eater then you can share this with someone.

Drinks selection- My sister order a mojito but I don't think its a hand made the mojito. It was way too sweet for my preference I wouldn't recommend ordering a mojito. I have tasted a really good mojito somewhere else and cheaper. Sorry, just being honest. I might give their other cocktail drinks a try next time.

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Livid G.
4.0 Stars

Perfect catch for 339 Php - yummy,crunchy but can have more salmon

Steamed angus beef belly with sesame ponzu sauce for 339 Php - winning in life haha

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5.0 Stars

Kung ano nakikita ninyo sa picture Php259.00 lang binayad ko.

Yes! For Php259.00 mayroon na akong 2 plates of US Angus Beef Tenders with a choice of Coffee or Iced Tea. Akala ko simpleng tapa lang kasi mura pero hinde US Beef talaga at parang Salpicao (sauteed with mushroom and garlic) hinde tapa. 128046

Samahan mo pang magandang interior at view ng Venice Grand Canal Mall.

Plus accommodating and courteous staff.

Saan ka pa? Sobrang SULIT di ba? At Pwede mag-takeout... 128540

US Angus Beef Tenders served with Garlic Rice, Egg and a choice of Iced Tea or Coffee - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Buy One Get One Promo is until August 31,2016.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Meg M.
4.0 Stars

Another weird photo because I have to crop us out! HAHA 128514

I love the Perfect Catch Sushi which has salmon and cream cheese rolled over panko crumbs, golden fried, topped with bonito flakes and unagi aioli cream.

My friend loves the chicken alfredo and pizza but it's so-so for me. 128522 I'll come back here for the sushi. 127843

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4.0 Stars

Can't sleep! That's why I decided to go out and eat. I went to Rice & Dough Sushi and Pizza Bar located at GF Venice Grand Canal Mall, the people behind this new restaurant are the people behind TORCH. The place is bright and have modern interior. It also have an Italian touch which is the concept of Venice Grand Canal Mall. I tried the Mighty Cheese Pizza and it comes with 5 different kinds of cheese - mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, fontina and ricotta 11088110881108811088️ 4/5 And of course it is also a Sushi Bar and I got Spamago Nigiri (Spam Sushi) 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5 127829127829127829127833127833127833

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Aillra L.
4.0 Stars

Actually, I'm really avoiding Venice Plaza because a lot of people are visiting the place but since there's a new restaurant, let's give it a try!

The food was really good. The pizza, which I forgot the name but I remember it has "steak" in its name, is really good!!!! 128525 The Chicken Alfredo Pasta, was yeah kinda okay, just a typical pasta, but it is good! And the fish, which I also forgot the name, all I can remember the price, which is 779.95 is really really good!!!! My guy said that its the best fish dish he ever tasted! 9786

What I dont like about the place is that it was too noisy. Me and my guy cant hear each other when we talk or maybe its friday night that's why its crowded but all in all the food and ambiance is good 128525

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Last friday night, my family and I decided to walk and have dinner here at Rice and Dough. I am a fan of Torch's pizza and sushi so I was excited to eat here. I always see this whenever I go to the supermarket but there weren't that much customers most of the time. But during our visit, it was surprisingly full. Maybe because it's friday?

Anyway, this is located along the Grand Canal. Once everything is done, I can already imagine how nice and romantic it will be eating here while enjoying and appreciating the view. 9786

The place is simple, not so spacious but not crowded, as well. Bright white lights and comfy chairs and sofa. Same feel with Torch. 128513

If you are a fan of all things carbs, this is the perfect place for you -- Rice and Dough. They have a number of unique sushi creations, pizza, and they even let you customize your own with their DIY Sushi or Pizza. You'll be given a list of all the possible ingredients and it's all up to you. Do whatever it is that your heart and tummy desires! 128521

They have soup, salads, sushi, pizza, pasta, mains (like ribs, pork belly, steaks, and fish). They even serve breakfast food (at a very very reasonable price, around 150-250 only) but until a certain time only (Not sure with the time but I think it's until 10am on weekends and 5pm from mon-thurs).

We weren't feeling that much adventurous and since we're with my lola, it's best to play safe. We ordered salad, sushi, pasta and pizza for sharing.

127811 Bacon & Egg Caesar Salad
Two strips of bacon and poached egg on top of parmesan romaine lettuce, served with Caesar dressing.

This was just an okay salad. Serving size was small, too. The poached egg was weird and for me, it didn't worked well with the lettuce. But the bacon, omg! When this was served, the smell of the bacon was so tempting that got one strip right away because.. BACON! Haha but again, nothing special with this salad. I think it's overpriced at 230++.

127843 Perfect Catch
Raw salmon and cream cheese rolled over panko crumbs golden fried, topped with bonito flakes and unagi aioli cream.

This was surprisingly good. At first, it looked really plain and simple. And the salmon was too small/tiny. But when you finally get to taste it, one bite and wow! It was packed with salmon and cream cheese goodness. Nagtatago pala sila sa loob!! No wonder why this is one of their bestsellers!! If you like salmon and cream cheese, you need to try this!! For the price, yes kind of pricey, but you get 8 yummy pcs!! Ate 2pcs and I was already satisfied. Best to eat this with your hands, dip it and add a lot of the yummy addicting binito flakes!! Sarap!! 128077🏼

127837 Chicken Alfredo Fettuccini

The pasta was just okay. Since I don't really like white/cream based pasta, I only tasted a small portion plus a slice of the chicken. But was surprisingly good. If I'm not mistaken, this is almost the same with the one we tried before at Torch. Chicken was juicy and tasty! Cream-based pasta fans will enjoy this!128076🏼

127829 Philly Cheesesteak
US Angus Beef, caramelized onions, mozzarella, cream cheese

127829 Grazing Pig
Prosciutto, arugula, tomatoes, mozzarella

Though, their bestseller is the Philly Cheesesteak, it's the Grazing Pig that we enjoyed and liked more. It's balanced in such a way that you have meat (prosciutto), veggies (arugula & tomatoes), and of course, the goodness and yumminess of the cheese! 128518 It's not too complicated and tastes really good. 128077🏼 As for the size, it may look small at first but 2 slices (at most 3) can already make you full. Toppings are very generous, as well. They have the hot chili oil/sauce w rosemary. At first, I though it's their version of Gino's chili honey dip but nope (nice try, Rice and Dough). Hmm, there's nothing extraordinary with the sauce. Best to just add hot sauce or chili flakes. 128513

Service was excellent. The place was full but the servers were all very attentive, friendly, and very approachable. 128077🏼

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