Rice Lane

3/F Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), Eastwood City, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Rice Lane
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Elvis T.
5.0 Stars

We ended at this place as we couldn't decide where to eat at Eastwood. Since it was humid outside, we decided to stay at the new mall. Their menu is limited and we ordered catfish salad and their version of kare kare. When the salad came we thought that the catfish would be whole but it turned out to be flossed, but when we tasted it, it was simply wow! We loved the flavors, specially the dressing. The kare kare was great too. The peanut sauce came with real peanuts and the meat was tender. Did I mention it was great?! It came with unlimited rice and complimentary red iced tea. We really loved what we ate. Definitely we will be back! Kudos to the chef!

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Migs C.
4.0 Stars

Vietnamese spring rolls, pad thai, and green curry in photo.

They serve good Asian cuisine. Wala nako masabi, haha.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Mother's day special. This new restaurant that opened up during the 1st week of May had us bonded together for a mini mother's day program. The place outside is a market where you can buy fresh proteins, and other ingredients where in you can have them cook after purchasing--does this sound familiar?? Of course, we all know that they patterned it like as Epicurius at the Shangrila--because they also came from the same group!! 128568

Headed by three chefs, i was able yo interview one of them. Chef michael (CCA), who was also dining with us told us about ricelane. He told me that they serve rice bowls and that a lot if the ingredients in the menu are made up of rice. Its cuisine having rice in its menu focuses mainly on south east asian dishes.

128204 fresh spring rolls with peanut hoisin sauce
Thai. The glass noodles found inside these rolls are made up of rice. It has greens, carrots and shrimps, i did not get to enjoy these cause it's bland. Well, it needs to have a lot of hoisin sauce for me to enjoy it.

128204128525 catfish salad
I like the sour dressing. The minced catfish weren't too many it got ripe mangoes and carrots to add color.

128204128525chicken and lemongrass soup
This soup is goood. It tasted like tom yam but then its not spicy and more cocomilk.

128204128525 chapchae
So tasty. I dont know but do get this for a good korean noodle option.

128204 pancit palabok
No. Walang lasa. I did tell the chef na walang lasa which he agreed naman. So the restaurant took note of it and will be revamping it.

128204128525 pork belly kare kare
It's ingredients were separated. The sauce is absolutely thick (still balai dako got the thickest) the sauce got peanut chunks. How cool is that?! The veggies were rightly blanched and the pork belly??? Absolutely tender and divine127908

128204 beef rendang
Opposite of the previous dish, this beef is so tough. Upon offering me the left over, i said "no thanks, chewing it kinda feels like gym." Well, the restaurant also did take note of this.

128204128525 galbijim
Too bad i did not get to taste the korean beef, but the sauce that goes eith it really tastes korean!

128204 lemongrass cooler
You like Halls lemon candy? Get this.

128204128525 thai iced tea
I asked chef mike if this came from a can. He said mo, it's an actual thai tea they bought somewhere Eastwood and added condensed milk. True thai experience!

128204128525 mango fusion
I like that the mangoes weren't too sweet. The pandan flavor at first tasted like lychees for me. Go try this cool invention.

The place is big. It may only fool you on its facade (market place) but do explore inside and you'll see yourself aghast it can accommodate up to 50pax. They have a function room as well that can accommodate 20-25 pax.

The interior is made up of really intricate wood designs, lights that can fully light all four corners and very accommodating servers.

There's no CR though, but you're really near the mall CR.
Well, we'll be still looking forward for its revamping and finalization. 128521

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