Rio East at Azure Urban Resort Residences

South Superhighway cor. West Service Rd., Marcelo Green, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Rio East at Azure Urban Resort Residences
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Andi E.
4.0 Stars

Azure Urban Resort and Residences: The Paris Beach Club.

The Azure Paris Beach Club says that it is your escape in the city. You know, escaping from the city in a city seems to be a paradox, but it made it possible by creating a secured place with amenities that people enjoy during vacation while relaxing and still be within the city. As the name implies, it highlights the man-made beach with fine white sands. Other popular spots include the large wave pool, lap pool, beach volleyball court, indoor restaurant, and much more!

You can expect great amenities that can be found in other top hotels, resort & residences. Strolling within the vicinity, you’ll find corners that are instagrammable and nice for taking some photos.

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Dan P.
4.0 Stars

Everybody usually travels far, pack so much for overnight and spend tons of money just to have a decent vacation during Holy Week. It was to our surprise that a friend had found an elegant paradise just within Metro Manila. She discovered it via cash cash pinoy and informed us about the sweet deal. All three families agreed to try the Paris Hilton inspired getaway.

The pro's:
1. Didn't have to travel far since its just (yes if coming from Pasig area its somewhat a few minutes away) along Bicutan area.
2. They have white sand which was very fine.
3. Parking was never inconvenient.
4. Ambiance and square foot area was enormous
5. One will never be bored since you can dine al fresco and bring your own food at the roof deck, play games at the game room (X-Box, hockey puck game), play room for kids, and 2 pool areas perfect for pictorials.
6. Waves, waves, waves!!! Once your there you would know what I'm talking about128521128076🏻
7. SM is near-by so if you need anything just drive your vehicle (yeah we didn't pay for our overnight) just to buy paper plates, water and stuff.
8. Staffs were friendly
9. If your a guest, pay (P20) and sign up to swim. Not bad at all!128077🏻128077🏻
10. Save a lot. How? You can bring food128076🏻128077🏻

The con's:
1. It seems the people renting the units are either not hands on or their caretakers do not check it before having it rented. Since we are 3 families we had three types of rooms. One had no vide, the air-con wasn't strong, toilets don't work, our dvd player won't play the 2 DVD's provided for kids, etc. Overall, the designs and view (we were transferred for some reason and we didn't get the pool view) would vary. Double check before booking.
2. Waves had specific times has to guess when it comes put huh?
3. Strict life guards. Good and bad actually since you feel secured they're their. But one lady was "whistled" because of an improper attire. People had to stop having fun and see who was being called upon (as if in detention or by the principal). Then the walk of shame ensues after discovering that the lady shouldn't have worn a certain attire. Honestly they should screen people before coming in the pool.
4. Time - No night swimming and waves only a few minutes. Yes I personally experienced "the waves" twice since we stayed 3 days and 2 nights. Time is insufficient to experience everything at the man-made resort. Yup they likewise have a certain tume for swimming. Saw a lady just come-out the locker area ready to dive-in when in fact the lifeguard just notified the swimmers to come out of the water. What a bummer!☹
5. Personal Service - Since you are just basically borrowing a unit it is not a hotel. You do everything yourself. Maybe they should offer or add staffs for those with special disabilities or with babies (yup me and a friend fall under these so it was quite taxing moving around).
6. Maintenance/management - They definitely need to improve their service in terms of checking the lockers (my first key wouldn't work so double-check keys). Some of the numbers have chipped away in the lockers. The kids playground in the pool = never saw it work128544. My son had difficulty sliding and nobody have fun since no water was coming out. 3 days and never saw it turned. Playground for display purposes only?128545 Not one staff help fix our concern with the cable/DVD player
7. Pricy - If you want to relax and drink in their bar better think twice. P200 for a fruit shake?128514. Imagine the rest...
8. Lack of orientation by the guards. Yup you'll notice they aren't strict...yet.
9. Wonder why we couldn't use the amenities on the first day.🙄
10. Lack of restaurants to dine in.
11. They have an exquisite movie room. Need a resident to watch there though.128518
12. No wi-fi.

A lot needs to be completed and improved. If you just want a posh staycation with waves, white sand, cute shades near the beach-like pool area and avoid hours of travel then this is the place for you. Your into perfection when it comes to customer service, convenience and affordable delicious dishes, then these are areas if improvement on their end.

Overall, it was an awesome experience (did I mention the waves? 128166) with family and close friends. Brought our own food and chatted until wee morning. This place can be a future goldmine if they can only enhance the aforementioned minor flaws. Just happy our long awaited plans for a getaway had pushed-thru and the time spent with family was priceless.


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Emric I.
4.0 Stars

A good place to relax and chill out.

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Cezanne Merthel M.
5.0 Stars

Everyday we exhaust our energy from school, work, taking care of our kids. We tend to forget to take care of ourselves.

Find time to hang loose and unwind! This is the perfect place to spend your day off. Be stress-free from all your problems. You can even bring along your family, relatives, friends and officemates! Complete with all the amenities that you need - pool, sunbathing beds, cozy condotel rooms, basketball court. Not just perfect for adults but for the kids as well.

I've been one of the customers who was really astonished on this fabulous place. This really enticed me to go back again and again and again! #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway #loolooapp

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Anne O.
5.0 Stars

Been here to celebrate my Birthday with my special friends a very nice place and great experience and they have friendly staff... If you like Beaching out but you don't have enough time to travel out of town this is the best place to go for they have man made beach and they also have wave pool and infinity pool a very relaxing ambiance surely gonna comeback here even its not summer time ...

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