Rio Verde Floating Restaurant

Tagbilaran East Rd., Loay, Bohol

Rio Verde Floating Restaurant
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Sun M.
5.0 Stars

YES. First review for our Bohol getaway would be the finale! Haha.

The last activity for our 2-day stay in Bohol was Firefly Watching at Rio Verde Floating Restaurant. They said they used to have the dinner buffet together with it. 128534

I thought this one is better though because I can focus on the fireflies rather than the food. #lol haha! (I know. I enjoyed the beach much that I looked like a floating white dress. Haha!)

This was part of our tour with Love Bohol Tours that was recommended by Marc G. Thanks biggie!!! This wasn't originally included in our country side / sea tour as this is part of the Panglao Day Tour most of the time. I requested to have this included because I really wanted to experience it. Love Bohol willingly arranged it after our sea tour and early dinner. We just had to pay additional. 128522

If you don't have a tour, you can still go here and pay Php350 per pax. The trip starts at exactly 7:30PM so be here at least 15 mins before. It comes with a tourist guide who will share stories and trivia about fireflies.

We rode an open round boat that looks like a buslo, that is being supported by two small boats underneath. This is my first time so I was truly amazed!!!! It was so enchanting to see the colony of fireflies twinkle in the dark Loay-Loboc River. Before going back, we also got to see Egrets Bird or Tagak Bird! Though they are white in color, manong had to use a flash light so we could see them resting at the top of coconut trees.

Alongside with the firefly watching, we couldn't help, but to be just as amazed with the stars last night. Basically, it was firefly watching + star gazing! Given that the area was soooo dark, you will see the layers of stars and it looked so near us. Such an incredible night view!!!

The tour lasted for about 45 minutes. Only 5 pax were allowed to stand up alternately to take pictures of the fireflies to maintain the balance of the boat. There was a part where they will allow you to take a photo with a minimal flash. Reminder: be sure to wash up after the activity to avoid any allergies or any unwanted reactions with your skin, especially for those who touched/caught a firefly...


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Driane B.
1.0 Stars

We were the last one to board, everyone was already eating when we got our sit. We are still eating when we got to the Ati Tribe, a small man-made village which I find nice and cute. So, we went down had a few photos and when we got back to the boat almost all tables are cleaned up including ours. The food trays were also covered and close the only thing that you can have was a few pieces of small bananas and rice cakes. Shouldn't they be cleaning after the tour? I was totally pissed off by their gesture, most especially that my daughter haven't eaten much because kids eat slower than us.

Did not even enjoy the food nor got our tummy's satisfied. The corn soup was horrible it taste nothing, just hot and creamy. We ate the fried chicken and bbq which I think is the only food that taste "ok". And we didn't even got to finish our food!

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Mitch N.
4.0 Stars

It's one of our to do list on our Bohol trip to try the floating restaurant for lunch. There were actually 2 of them now but this Rio Verde is the new one. Our tour guide said that the food here was better so we decided to have our lunch here.

I don't remember the exact price but it ranges from 400-500 pesos per person. Food was filipino buffet but drinks are not yet included on the fee. Choices are barbeque, fish fillet, pancit etc. You can start getting food even before the cruise starts. Food was just okay (i'm not into filipino food). It was very relaxing and windy while the singer (i think he's a local) sings for everyone. The last stop before turning back to the deck was at Ati Tribe wherein you can take pictures with them and borrow some of their costumes. Some has iguana and blowing of fire for props, there's also some hut, tree house and this huge crab etc. good for taking pictures. They don't really ask for payment but they have tip box. We stayed here for like 30 minutes for picture taking. Going back one of the staff asked us for picture and then after 10 minutes she already have the printed picture for P100/ print ang bilis! 128514 It was actually nice to have lunch in a cruise and the water was so smooth while music was playing.

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Krizia Anna C.
1.0 Stars

Their food sucks. Good thing it was on a scenic river.

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