Roadhouse Barn Restaurant

G/F Albergo Hotel, 1 I. Villamor St., Lualhati, Baguio, Benguet

Roadhouse Barn Restaurant
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Miguel D.
5.0 Stars

I had dinner here alone to kill some time. The place is very homey and rustic while still giving off a authentic western steakhouse and barn motif.

I had the ribeye steak medium rare and was pleasantly surprised at how perfectly cooked it was. They cook it with a generous amount of butter but not enough to overpower the meat. If you avail of a steak, you get two free sides.
The serving size is a bit small for my preference, but I'm a heavy eater so take this statement with a grain of salt.

Customer service is great. May, the server, knows when to stay and when to go. The staff make you feel that they have genuine concern for your well-being.


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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Last night in Baguio and we had our dinner here. For a Friday night, the place was not full and only 3 tables (including ours) were occupied. 🤔

We ordered right away as we were all starving. 128563128563

FISH and CHIPS for Lola.
SALAD for me.
And for sharing, CHICKEN and RIBS.

I can't remember their exact names anymore. I'm sorry. 128528 Hmm, they're all just okay. Nothing extraordinary or special. Good but not memorable.

- Fish was good. Usual fish and chips.
- The chicken was bland but with the sauce, it tasted better. A bit bit dry, too.
- The ribs was good. Tender and tasty. 128069
- Salad was hmmm sad? I guess I expected more since we're in Baguio and salads are supposed to be AWESOME. 128528128528

SERVICE was good, though. Staffs were all nice and warm and we all felt "at home" while having dinner here. Also, the place is nice. Very roadhouse barn-y. 128518

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Lesty C.
5.0 Stars

Friendly staff, cozy ambiance and superb food128513128541 Happy tummy, happy me128513

Best of all, a pet friendly restau in the city of pines128054128062

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Karen L.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Rocky R.
5.0 Stars

When I think about the word 'roadhouse' in terms of names of restaurants, I imagine that my plate smothered in a dish large in quantity; similar to restaurants found in Texas (U.S.). And I have found that place here in Baguio City.

Roadhouse Barn is a new establishment that opened last month. Their menu is a collection of recipes stemmed from the southwest region of the U.S. If not familiar, southwest cooking is a fusion of Spanish, Mexican, Native American and frontier trails (cowboys) that creates a beautiful harmony of rustic and robust flavors.

Some food enthusiast do not realize that American food is not all about burgers and pizza. So to have a place like Roadhouse Barn in Baguio, it will introduce Filipino foodies to a portion of what American cuisine really is.

Roadhouse Barn has a plethora of southwestern style dishes. During my visit I ordered their Barn Chicken, a pork BBQ wrap, and a beef wrap.

The main dish that Roadhouse Barn is well-known for is their Barn Chicken; an oven baked chicken rubbed in southwestern spices and served with their secret sauce called Karre that will surely whet your appetite for more. Along with the chicken, it comes with two sides of your choice.

Both wraps that were ordered were very fulfilling. Each have their own distinct taste. Because both wraps were delicious, it will be difficult to choose which wrap to order in future visits. These, too were served with a side of fries and homemade salsa.

The servings on all orders were huge. Most definitely I got what I paid for. Not only in the food, but the service given to us by its staff. I urge you to visit this place and try real American food!

Happy Eating!!!

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