2/F CLDG Bldg., 249 Sto. Rosario St., Angeles, Pampanga

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Jenna L.
5.0 Stars

Organic heaven!!! We ordered their Tuesday and Sunday naked sandwiches. The Tuesday sandwich was Mexican inspired and hence super spicy, well at least for me. Despite it being super spicy, I couldn't stop myself from eating. It was that good! The Sunday sandwich on the other hand, was Vietnamese inspired. It has peanut sauce so it was on the sweeter side which is totally opposite of the Tuesday. It was delicious as well! Don't be fooled by the word sandwich because the serving was big enough to replace your normal meal of rice and ulam. 128513 For drinks, we had their bestseller frothy (or frosty?) basil and the superfood mocha. Both drinks taste good! Price range for their sandwiches is around 200-220 and for their drinks it is around 160. Not bad for something that is delicious, ORGANIC, heavy and healthy! I am definitely coming back for more! I still have five day sandwiches to try 128523. I also heard they now serve voodle (veggie noodle) pasta.

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Marsh C.
4.0 Stars

I'm not use to eating healthy food but Roarganics convinced me to try being healthy. Such unique way of representing pasta. And I super duper loved the chocolate drink I ordered. The vibe of the place was to die for. Good place to just chill and be healthy. 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128522

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Daryl Bernadette C.
2.0 Stars

Healthy living it is! If you want to go all organic, you should visit this place. I gave it a low rating since I did not totally enjoy the food. Perhaps, I just can't appreciate it because I'm not a health buff. The place is cozy and the staff are accommodating. We ordered the Sunday Naked Sandwich, probiotic smoothies (Frosty Basil and Choco Maca), and the Tropical Wrap. Plus, before you leave, they'll ask you to sign in their birthday book. You'll get a free naked sandwich on your birthday.

P.S. Think twice if you are on a tight budget though.

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Lena L.
3.0 Stars

My first visit was okay.
Waited for almost an hour for our orders.
( Good thing they are aware we're a bit irritated and gave us some free barley shots)
I tried their Wednesday Sandwich - fruity salad with pesto sauce and their papaya ginger smoothie. I liked the sandwich however the papaya ginger has an after taste (because of the ginger)

Wednesday Sandwich according to their website is Php 199.00, their menu says it's Php 200.00
Papaya Ginger - Php 160.00 ( a bit pricey )

Verdict: 5 as the highest, 1 Poorest
Place - 4
Food - 4
Service - 3
People - 4
Location - 3

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