Rock View Beach Resort

Patar Rd., Patar Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Rock View Beach Resort
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SherieAnn O.
5.0 Stars

We did a short stop over to this place to see the rock formation. This was one of the highlights of my second back to Bolinao Sunday trip. They did not ask for any entrance fees since we were just there to take pictures and a short dip into the water..There were also empty nipa huts around the area where you could rest and eat.

The place was all to ourselves and before you reach the shore, you will be greeted by tall palm trees..Reaching the beach to see the rock formations was overwhelming to see..It looked like the whole thing was a masterpiece painting and the pictures may looked fake you have to be in it to believe this place was real!!

The sound of the waves hitting the rocks were natures way of calming you. Unlike the rest of the patar beach lines, this area was wavy...and bet the water was deep since it was in its perfect blue color.

This experience is another one for the books and a must see when in Bolinao.


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Gwen I.
5.0 Stars

My favorite place in Bolinao! 128525

This was 3rd on our itinerary. It's along the road going to Patar and there's a big sign for it so you can't miss it. 9786

After you turn right, you'll see dead corals around which tells you that the entire area used to be submerged in water. 128561

When you get off your vehicle, you'll be walking on a weird brown sand that'll make your feet sink deeper than the usual. 128513 And since it was scorching hot that day, the sand was hot as heck as well making it harder for you to walk. Extra effort paglalakad. 128513

And then, there it is, the Rock Formation. Ang gandaaa! 128525 I was unexcited to go here at first since it's not as popular as Patar White Beach, but damn, it turned out to be my favorite! 128525 It felt like nasa dulo ka na ng Pinas when you're standing on top of the rocks! 128513 Plus, it's not crowded! 128522

The white sand, the green & blue color combination of the water, the rock formations, the vast sea.. everything is just magnificent! 128525

After taking buwis-buhay photos & selfies, me & my new friends went into the water to swim. Be careful though, the water is already deep just a few steps from the shore. 127754

Before I forget, the resort offers accommodations with or without AC. Cottages are also available for rent. The water supply is good. I don't know how much is the entrance fee though, probably just below 50 pesos.

It's best to go here early if you're on a day tour. We only stayed for 3 hours (I think). So bitin! How I wish we stayed longer! 128557

This is a Must See when in Bolinao! 128522

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Pearl R.
5.0 Stars

Rock View Resort where the rock formations, wild waves, deep blue water and sunset are simply breathtaking. The location is a bit far from the town but close to the Light House and Patar Beach. You can choose to stay in the Kubo Cottage with or without a CR or Air-conditioned rooms, they offer 24hr accommodation. The room that we actually booked is the Closed Nipa Hut with CR good for 5 pax and cost 4000php, but when we arrived our room is already occupied by other guests. They apologize and told us that we'll just stay in the AC Room. No big deal, we just say it's okay. Our room consist of one double deck and one queen sized bed and a CR. We take our breakfast and just chill for 1 hour. After taking a nap, we decided to explore the resort.

The place..... Oh the place. We just fell in love with this place, it's so picture perfect, and like what they've said in the reviews, it's truly a Photographer's Haven. We're so amazed by the deep blue clear water, big and rushing waves, the cliff and rock formations that are made of corrals, mini cove and cave. We had nothing to ask for, heaven of nature, a paradise. The beauty of this place captured our hearts. 10084

Overall, we really enjoyed our overnight stay in Rock View Resort. The owners are very accommodating and hospitable. Highly recommended.

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Diane S.
5.0 Stars

Joined a group of travel group for a change!
1st to lessen the hassle of arranging a trip and 2nd to just enjoy without worrying about anything at all. 9786

Lovey and My friends decided to unwind from all the stress from work and home so we went to bolinao for the weekend. This resort is so nice! Not a hotel-ish type but it's decent. The room was nice. Huge double decks, bathroom was clean. I couldn't complain at all. And plus they cook the food for you! Just tell them what you want and they'll prepare and cook it for you. Parang dampa style 9786

Enough with the rooms 128513, the view here was so great! You can see the rock formation just by a couple of steps from your room. It's so peaceful, kami lang ata nakacheck-in that weekend. Imagine weekend na un kami lang (well we're 13 with 3 rooms) pero still as if kami lang ung nakacheck in. And we have the beach all to ourselves 128525

Everywhere you look sa beach it's so beautiful (im about to say instagrammable kasi i have 2weeks worth of IG photos sa beach palang na to lol kidding!) you don't need filters kasing blue na blue then the rock formations are perfect. Even at night nagstar gazing kami sa beach, super liwanag ng moon and ng stars we even saw a couple of shooting stars!☄The only downside was nung lumindol yup that was last sunday morning 3:40am the power went out until the afternoon. And narestore lang pacheck out na, but that was fine kasi we toured the city naman the whole morning 9786

When you visit bolinao try to check in here, accomodating sila and plus the rock formation is so near! Plus the sunset was breathtaking!128525

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