Rockies Creamery

3/F Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave. cor. Roosevelt Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Rockies Creamery
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Ice Cream
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Reopens: 10:00a - 10:00p


  • Sunday
    • 10:00a - 10:00p
  • Monday
    • 10:00a - 10:00p
  • Tuesday
    • 10:00a - 10:00p
  • Wednesday
    • 10:00a - 10:00p
  • Thursday
    • 10:00a - 10:00p
  • Friday
    • 10:00a - 10:00p
  • Saturday
    • 10:00a - 10:00p

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Most Recent Reviews

Alexandra N.
4.0 Stars

i love you very MATCHA 128154128154128154

  • No. of Comments: 3
Marianne P.
5.0 Stars

Say Holla! 128516 I really enjoyed this kind of Ice cream. Made from creamy milk mixture. We tried Mango base ice cream with cheesecake bites, grahams, real mangoes and caramel Lava. 128525 Will try oreo next visit.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Yshkael C.
4.0 Stars

I found out about this place from a blog post and to be honest, it got me quite curious! I knew that I had to try this place out!

I went for their smaller cup which will cost you 75 bucks. This includes 2 toppings and syrup of your choice.

My order: Coffee Ice Cream. Chocolate chip cookies. Crushed Grahams. Caramel Syrup.

The wait time is pretty long to be honest, there is one guy making the ice cream 128513128513128513 also there is only one machine as well. Yikes! But! Taste wise... It was actually pretty good. I liked it. Yeah, I see myself coming back to try out their other flavors.

Please also have more branches!!!!!!

  • No. of Comments: 4
Amyxal V.
4.0 Stars

What I used to see only on YouTube is now actually here in the Philippines, and Rockies Creamery brought this worldwide ice cream trend not more than two weeks ago, I think

To order the ice cream roll:

🔹Choose the size of the cup: Tiny (2 Rockies + Lava) for P75, and Biggie (3 Rockies + Lava). We chose the Biggie

🔹Choose your cream base (8 flavors). My date and I both chose matcha.

🔹Choose your Rockies (sweets/cereal/nuts/fruits). I chose chocolate chip cookie, brownie and banana while my date opted for chocolate shavings, almonds and lychee (what a weird combination lol). I should have chosen walnut though.

🔹Choose your Lava. Warm chocolate for me and sweet honey for my friend.

While you wait, just entertain yourself by watching how the ice cream rolls are made. A cream poured onto a chilled pan and it was fun to watch how the lady was "stir-frying" the cream as it solidified, and finally rolling up the now-ice cream. Fun to watch. 128512

It's just like any other ice cream, except that there's the interest factor, the reason why I give this cute ice cream stand one extra star. 128522

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