Rodem Farm and Garden Korean Restaurant

Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Rodem Farm and Garden Korean Restaurant
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4 Reviewers

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Ruth S.
2.0 Stars

Just an okay Korean meat all you can. 128564 If I was only able to write this review before we tried Sing Sing, it would have been different. Still not a 5 star worthy review but at least 3 stars? 128517

Why not worth it?

- Service was bad. Servers were everywhere plus they all looked exhausted. There were around 5 servers but still service was slow and it was hard getting their attention and asking for refills. It's like they're trying to avoid the customers because they're so tired already. They should consider adding more servers to accommodate everyone.
- At 500+ per head, not worth it. Pricey!!!! The meat wasn't tasty, super bland and not at all tender. The pork belly (cut) was too thick as well as the fat! There was nothing special about the beef, as well. 128563128563128563128563
- The side dishes were not good, weird! Except for the Kimchi and the Salad which were both pretty good.
- Lettuce was not that fresh, makes me question if they even washed/cleaned it well. 128529
- The restroom was not clean and they don't even have hand soap! In a place where you're supposed to eat with your hands, they should at least have soap. 128534
- Sing Sing is just near which is so much better and cheaper! Go there instead! 128529

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Kaye B.
5.0 Stars

This is second time here and will definitely go back. I think this is the cheapest and yummiest samgyupsal in BF. 127881127881127881

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Unlisamgyeopsal!!! Chalk up another check mark to my personal Aguirre Korean bbq crawl. What makes this place different is that they serve a wider array of veggies/leaves to choose from to wrap your grilled meat in. And normally, you'd also be given garlic and/or sliced chili to wrap along with your meat, but here they don't. Some of the leaf wraps already have a distinct flavor to it (not just the sesame leaves)... so i surmised you had to mix n match to get the flavor you want in lieu of using garlic and chili. Its not the same, but hey, it still works for me either way. 128076

They're probably called Rodem Farm and Garden because their main thrust could be the use of fresh veggies and ingredients in their dishes. The variety of leaf wraps for the bbq is 1 indication, as well as the crunchiness in their kimchi and 'fresh' taste of their other banchan offerings. Well that's just a guess, or me just overthinking the restaurant name. 128517

I suggest to go for the pork bbq (samgyeopsal) since you can order-all-you-can for P300! 128522 Goes really well with their kimchi jjigae -> spicy kimchi stew loaded with kimchi + pork + tofu!


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Flo A.
4.0 Stars

Our first impression of Rodem was their efficiency in service. Within moments of sitting down our table was full of side dishes, a side soup, magic napkins, and a pitcher of water. After ordering, the unlimited samgyupsal came out right away and was on the grill. I also ordered sundubujigae (tofu and vegetable soup) which was a little spicy bit quite tasty. Overall, the meal was certainly enjoyable, and the atmosphere in the restaurant was very homey. We found the quality of food to be somewhat higher than other Korean restaurants we've tried in the past. We ate our fill and the bill was very reasonable. No service charge was added, but we of course left a tip for their excellent service.

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