Romeo Art Cafe

452 El Grande Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Romeo Art Cafe
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Mico C.
3.0 Stars

Due to Sucat traffic, we ended up entering BF homes through Lopez St. Traffic cut our eating time so we went to the first place which had parking. Being very near the gate, Romeo Art Café won.

What greeted us was a place I could bank on to be a hole-in-the-wall establishment. It was very promising, with its homey feel and simple decors. We sat beside the waterfall window. Don’t know what I’m trying to describe? Visit this place. I honestly don’t know how to describe it concisely. Help me out. Their glasses as well have colored bottoms. Quite interesting.

We were a 6 person group. I ordered the clubhouse sandwich. The rest ordered either a pasta meal or a rice meal. The waitress told us that the food will take 15 minutes. I jokingly asked her if it was 15 minutes or 50 minutes. Unfortunately, my question was apparently valid. She was able to serve everything we ordered after an hour. That was terrible! It took them 20 minutes to prepare my clubhouse sandwich. The rest of the orders trickled in after that. Worse, they had to open the door to the kitchen, making the whole place quite warm.

Service aside, we all liked our dishes. My clubhouse sandwich was very filling and was priced reasonably. Try their desserts! I am not in a position to describe them as I didn’t order any but my companions liked what they ordered. What did they order? Something with Oreo.

That’s it for now. This might be a good date place. I suggest this place for parties less than or equal to two. Service time will give any pair enough time to get to know each other more. Take care everyone!

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Before our yoga class we drop by this new Art Cafe just beside the famous japanese restaurant Tatsunoku along El Grande. This Art cafe is a two floor cafe with the 2nd floor having an al fresco veranda. The place is a simple small cafe with some great paintings on the wall. The waiter told me that the father of the owner is an artist and most of the art work in the cafe are his fathers work. If you are an art lover like me you'll appreciate the beautiful paintings in this cafe. They are also selling some of the artwork for around 15K up depending on which painting.

This cafe also serve all day breakfast meal. I ordered for their hungarian sausage meal. The meal comes with the sausage (off course hehe) and a choice between toast bread or rice and bacon or hashbrown. I went for the rice and bacon for some carbs and cholesterol to burn. Their suasage is on the peppery side but I did like it. The bacon you can never go wrong with bacon! Serving size was big and not bad for 175PHP for the meal.

For the coffee I tried out their roasted hazelnut latte. It came out with a weird latte art. I asked what was the late art was. They just told it was leaf but for me it looked like some kind of sea corals. It was indeed an art that always depend on the perspective of a person. For the taste umm it was a little on the sweet end. I did like the roasty flavor and strong kick of coffee just a little lesser sweetness would have worked better.

Overall this place is a great cheaper alternative to other coffee shop. Place is less crowded and lots of power outlet. They also conduct some art painting class which I would love to try. Hope to discover some hidden talent. 128522128076

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

So i came across this bright little cafe right beside Tatsunoko (or Bento-ya) along Presidents Ave, BF Homes. Strolling in and checking the menu, i see they serve all day breakfast! Hooray!

This is essentially an art gallery and cafe in one, so expect a really chill vibe and ambience. Great place to work or study imho. The terrace is great, though it can get a little hot outside. And the food? A must try is their Artist's Breakfast platter! You've got a choice of sausage/corned beef/tapa/tocino with 2 eggs, toast, sauteed mushrooms & rice, hashbrown, and pork n beans. Whew! All elegantly prepared and beautifully plated. A feast for your stomach and your eyes! 128512 Their cheesecakes and omelettes make for good choices too 128077

I think the south is in dire need of more hole-in-the-wall delicious all-day breakfast spots, and this is one good step in that direction. 128521

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