Royal Ace Driving Range

Don Antonio St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Royal Ace Driving Range
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Golf Course
Business Hours
Open: 6:00a - 9:30p


  • Sunday
    • 6:00a - 9:30p
  • Monday
    • 6:00a - 9:30p
  • Tuesday
    • 6:00a - 9:30p
  • Wednesday
    • 6:00a - 9:30p
  • Thursday
    • 6:00a - 9:30p
  • Friday
    • 6:00a - 9:30p
  • Saturday
    • 6:00a - 9:30p

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Most Recent Reviews

Cherry V.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Lesley Ardelle V.
3.0 Stars

Ton got hit by the golf bug, so he convinced me to go driving with him one Sunday afternoon. 9971 The nearest driving range to my house is the Royal Ace Driving Range, recommended by my parents who are golf buffs.

I agreed to go with him, but with much hesitation. I took golf lessons one summer back in high school, and I didn't really enjoy it. My fingers would lock in the joints, and my back would ache for days. I wasn't like my siblings who were naturals at golf; I sucked at it, so I hated it. Haha!

I wanted to support Ton's enthusiasm to learn a new sport, so I tagged along. Turns out that my muscles have good memory! They still remember the right positioning of hands, the right grip, and the right stance. Unfortunately, they don't seem to remember the right swing. LOL. I looked so awkward trying to hit that damn golf ball. It's too bad that |ooloo doesn't have video uploading. 128516

It's amazing how much sweat you generate just by standing in one spot. I was sweating profusely just a few swings in. Didn't really help that the afternoon sun was shining directly on us. Tip: maybe it's best to go there in the mornings, to avoid the heat!

Unlike other driving ranges, this one charges by the bucket (Php 75 / bucket, 20 balls per bucket). This is better for me, so you don't have to feel pressured in trying to hit too many balls just to maximize your hour. Quality over quantity. Practice your swings till you get it right! You can stay for as long as you like, even with just one bucket Just remember to tip your "tee girl" once you're done! 128522

I'm still not sure if I'm keen on relearning golf. I still have this sharp pain in my lower back ever since our trip to the driving range 2 weeks ago. I feel like such a lola whenever I would walk with my hand on my hip. 128117 I think we have golf lessons lined up next month. We will be sure to try other driving ranges, next time. 128522

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