Royal Kitchen Seafood Restaurant

Hobbies of Asia, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay, Metro Manila

Royal Kitchen Seafood Restaurant
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Kaye A.
5.0 Stars

Try some freshly cooked seafood at this Dampa restaurant. Their salted egg crabs are the best, they provide a healthy scoop of the slted egg deep-fried in butter oil.

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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

We had the whole KTV room to ourselves! P8k consumable. We stayed until around 4 hrs from 7-11pm....

2 staffs patiently stayed outside the door waiting and serving us during the 4hrs...assisting us on everything even on slicing the cakes. The ktv room was located at the third floor.

We all had fun eating the delicious Seafoods paluto plus the non stop kantahan which was the best...We were dancing and singing and laughing...128525
You'd better try this Green Beans fried with itlog na pula, sooo yummy!!!

Paluto fees cost around 5k.

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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

Few weeks ago, my hubby's family had dinner here for the Birthday celebration of niece and Mama. This is located in Dampa and they're known for Paluto just like the other restos around here. One of the owners btw is close to our family.

First time and was too excited to try their food here. I have mentioned couple of times that I love chinese food. 128525 So much so that hubs and I are too happy to be part of this dinner. We came late so I wasn't able to take a good picture, hahaha all the food on our table was served 30 minutes already before we arrived. But we're just glad that we have tasted this very enticing and flavorful Crabs!!!!!!! This is a must try! My very first time to have something like this. Salty Crab na parang fried...they used Red Salted Egg in frying...hence, pati balat malinamnam!!!!!

We have Calamares and fried rice too, both just okay. Lapu Lapu with veggies on top wasnt appealing to me so di ko tinikman.128540

I also would like to recommend French Beans! Oh it was crunchy and tasty and salty in a good way! Wow! Ive never tasted something like this as well...I can eat a plate of it without rice! Really must try! 128076128525

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レロン テ.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Anrey C.
4.0 Stars

just got home from here for lunch after my niece graduation from kinder :) ,
We had I remember is 7 or 8 dishes yta yun,. I don't know most of their names, but I know few since we always have them when we eat here, let start to my favorite;
-sugpo cook in tempura style
•it's good as always, crunchy , and yummy even without the sauce or sawsawan 128513128523
-sea mantis
•cook well, a little spicy..I didn't finish eating it when I saw the tempura , i just set it aside for a while and my tita took it and the who finish it 128517..
-we also have another recipe of sugpo, it taste like sweet and sour and a little spicy ..i just took one to try it, well, i like it a little,
Also, veggie , i think that's talbos ng kamote , boiled slight and flavored in garlic and salt.
we also have two types of fish recipe; the first one is the normal steam fish, na nagsiswimming sa soy sauce, the other is sweet and sour with shredded ripe mango and onion as toppings ,
and also ensalada , the one with dice indian mango , onion, and seaweeds , just mix the bagoong on it, yourself,
And two dish with shells,
The one is looks like baby oyster and the other one is salted crab..i didn't taste both,. but they looks yummy namn din... we just have plain rice and softdrinks and water for drinks...the place is just ok, clean enough and decent, a little crowded .. and you'll see a lot of running kids around, include my niece ..service is good, staffs are nice and attentive :) ,
so to sum it all, i can say that, it's worth the next visit and try more of their other dishes...
and the price, since it's paluto style, it's not that expensive..kindly asked the parents of the graduate hahaha they are the one who paid it as treat hehehe...

PS: most people visits are more like chinese , so just focus on your foods/ or your own businesses if you finish eating and don't bother to eaves drop , if you don't want to nosebleed so bad.. because they speak their language which is chinese or korean or so whatever...

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Richard B.
5.0 Stars

The best golden crab I've ever tried!

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Jeniffer C.
4.0 Stars

Top: Crab in Singaporean Sauce, Bottom Left: Buttered Shrimp, Bottom Right: Shrimp Tempura

Seafood Macapagal is a place with lots of restaurant inside and a public market. You can ask Royal Kitchen to cook what you want after buying from the market which me and my friends did or you can just choose any food from their menu.

Buttered Shrimp is perfect and also the Shrimp Tempura matching with their awesome Tempura Sauce. Crab would be better if we didn't ask them to cook in Singaporean Sauce.. if they just boiled it in Sprite :)

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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

Yesternight we had dinner here after 4:30 pm mass..
their recipe is good..but my tita and cous in law saids hongkong master cook is much better, but for me I don't see any difference 128517128513..
Place; it's full of people mostly chinese/korean,.specially it's weekend. (family day) clean enough..
We are placed in the second floor since ground floor is completely occupied..

Yang chow rice good for 6person
We had two types of shrimp recipe:
deep fried tempura and sweet and sour?..
steam fish
salted crab
and I forgot the last one.. Lobster yta yun eh, yung may matigas na shell na parang bato and served uncook..

Drinks: 1.5 mountain dew, mango gulaman, sprite in can for tita and pepsi max for tito also san mig light ( hindi nya nainom yung pepsi max kaya ni take home namin)
price: 128517128513 was ok much cheaper than in hongkong master cook according to tita..

Scenario; ( I just ate rice and the two types of shrimp recipes and a little of seaweeds plus drink of course)
so we're busy eating when the food was served, while the kid at my left side (my niece) is busy messing 128517128513 , what's new bout that hahaha...
and I while eating is watching her and I was like 128561128517128513 make facing to everything she does and says to give her symphaty and attention , and the rest are still busy eating and chatting...
and there's this one korean/chinese guy came near our area na may kausap sa phone at nakatingin lang kami since we don't really understand what on hell he's saying haha ..
then we got back to our own businesses..

tsk seems like the waiters would clean a lot after we left bec. Of all the mess and tissues played by my niece 128513. Then. K.bye ..and the waiters are saying thanks to us while we're leaving .. Very polite and attentive..

sorry guys no photo since I didn't brought my phone and left it charging at home..

Ps: we're supposed to go to hk master cook but it's fully occupied so we are forced to try another place and we end up here..

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Dax Ventura V.
4.0 Stars

Great prices.... Above average Chinese Food.

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Neil R.
2.0 Stars

Since all of my mom's siblings who live overseas were here in Manila for my grandfather's 95th birthday, my dad took them here for lunch.

Specializing in affordable Chinese food, Royal Kitchen Seafood is one of the bigger establishments at the Seaside Market.

For this meal we had yang chow fried rice, pancit canton, crabs, shrimps and fried pork.

Yes, this restaurant will give you value in terms of quantity but not in taste. The food was ok yet underwhelming. Notice that I mostly just listed the major ingredients of our orders. I don't even remember how they were cooked. Again, it wasn't bad but it was totally forgettable.

I think you'll be better off going to one of the "paluto" joints in that area.

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