RoyalView Seafood Restaurant

2/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, JW Diokno Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

RoyalView Seafood Restaurant
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Reopens: 11:00a - 10:30p


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Most Recent Reviews

Mela C.
5.0 Stars

1st time to try the food here after reading reviews that the prices were quite affordable. It was only me and yaya dining in so i just tried the roast combination platter which came recommended by the maitre d. I also got soup for drei ofcourse.127861
Glad to learn that the platter's actually quite delicious! I especially liked the seaweed hehe, you might think that its cooked similarly in all restos- but its not. I dont like my seaweed saucy so im glad they got this just right. And nothing too chewy please. Im happy to report that the viands included were yummy, and priced at P420 i felt that i got more than i paid for.💲
A++ for the location, ambiance and view.
A++ for the wait staff who were very attentive to our needs especially since drei was kinda acting up.
A++ for the affordable prices (based on the menu) and the authentic chinese cuisine.
Im very satisfied hence I plan to bring the fambam here for my birthday (which is soon!)128516

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Herl C.
3.0 Stars

We bought coupons from one of the deal sites at discounted rate. It was affordable since we're in a group when we dine in. We had cold cuts, chicken, dumplings, and I forgot the other menu 128513 But drinks weren't included in the voucher. Okay naman, typical Chinese food. 128076

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Karol F.
5.0 Stars

Let me just say if i could give 6 stars for service and ambiance i would 128521. Excellent service

For my post bday celebration we ordered:

Sweet and sour pork - typical taste i jst wish it comes with more pork slices. 128540

Steamed suahe - they have a promo for 180 php for 300 grams of shrimp now thats a very good deal 128540

Half peking duck- also a promo for 699 you get it two ways. The skin wrapped with hoisin sauce and the 2nd way is fried. I think for additional 200 php you could have it minced and wrapped in lettuce leaves instead of fried9786

Pan fried cake in xo sauce - just soso nothing special

Crispy belly lechon - small 6 pcs of 1 inch square serving not worth the price

Yangchow fried rice

Over all it was still a very good experience 128525

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Abi J.
4.0 Stars

Got invited by my friend's dad in a private room at the royal view restaurant. I definitely enjoyed the good food plus the nice view of the Ferris wheel and the sea. :) my favorite would be their salt and pepper crab and mango sago dessert. :)

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Jazz J.
3.0 Stars

It was a busy saturday night. Almost every restaurant has a waiting list. This was the first restaurant we asked that had a vacant table for our big family of 18.

HAKAW 127775127775127775127775
(Wrapper was falling apart)
(eewww 128534 parang luma na ewan niluwa ko)
LECHON MACAU 127775127775127775127775
(I've tasted better)
LUMPIA 127775127775127775
(di ko maintindihan lasa)
PEKING DUCK 1st way 127775127775127775
(may weird taste)
PEKING DUCK 2nd way127775127775127775127775127775
(a bit spicy which I loved)
PANCIT 127775127775127775127775
(I've tasted better)
CRISPY PATA 127775127775127775
(may weird na lasa malansa na ewan)
BLACK GULAMAN 127775127775127775
(Kulang sa sweetness)
YANG CHOW 127775127775127775
(May weird, again)
AMBIENCE 127775127775127775127775
(liked their tables, chairs and lighting)
(some not worth it)
SERVICE 127775
(lahat ng request more than 3 times namin niremind and one waitress even answered back in a sarcastic tone, when we said it was taking too long, "pasensya na madami kasing tao")

AVERAGE: 127775127775127775

*I grabbed a photo from the internet, I forgot to take a picture sa gutom haha!

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Olive Y.
5.0 Stars

I loved everything about this restaurant. The place is so big and well-lighted. Their food was awesome. You'll get the feel of a queen dining in.

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Samantha U.
3.0 Stars

Very nice interior. Staff is not very welcoming, though. A smile every now and then would've been nice. One of the waitresses accidentally knocked down a glass of water on our table while serving food. The food is great, but costly. What I really love about it is its location. While you savor on delectable servings of fresh seafood, you get a really good view of the bay, giving justice to its name, RoyalView.

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Belle D.
4.0 Stars

the main draw was the half peking duck at php 699. not the best i tasted but it was clever they made the luxury affordable.

the seafood spinach soup, dimsum, and salted egg prawns were good but i don't think they will shine in my foodie memory.

onwards to chinese food badge!

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Edmond T.
4.0 Stars

Great chinese restaurant! Love the view of the bay 128525

They got promo for 1/2 peking duck for only 699 two ways and 300g shrimps suahe fir only 180. Good deal!!!

Too bad they dont have VIP room 128547

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Nick R.
5.0 Stars

Very nice meal. Yummy

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Daniel O.
3.0 Stars

Had a light late lunch here yesterday, nothing really spectacular...there are better Chinese resto out there.

Didn't order the Peking duck cuz I don't think it's better than Peking garden. They have a promo for Peking duck, P660 for 1/2 bird cooked 2 ways.

So to cut story short just got me assorted BBQ, steamed suahe and sio long bao and didn't get a photo of "cha-misua".

The dimsum was dry, it's supposed to be juicy neehh...

Shrimp was good, fresh!

BBQ is ordinary.

Misua was bland.

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John B.
3.0 Stars

The food was ok.. Not that splendid but their pecking duck was awesome. They had a promo that you could buy pecking duck for just 600 php. But i was expecting they were going to serve the whole pecking duck but they didnt. It was served in two ways. Im just not sure whAt it's called but one thing im sure of, it was not a whole pecking duck... The price was ok and the place was awesome! I love their chandeliers. And also, they gave us a free dessert which is a plus for them! :)

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