Ruby Jack's Steakhouse & Bar

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Ruby Jack's Steakhouse & Bar
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Most Recent Reviews

5.0 Stars

Celebrated our anniv here just bec we really had no plan and COD seems to never be packed so.. yeah, we're aging like that, I guess. Lol. Anyway, loved everything here from starters to dessert! The cheesecake.. is amazing btw! Missed having a super good steak like this! Can't wait to go back here!

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Marc M.
5.0 Stars

The preggy wifey was wanting some Foie Gras after her work shift and there is none other closer to home than Ruby Jack's.

Since I've been eyeing the place myself I gave in knowing how expensive it may seem. Happy Wife Happy Life I believe 128514? Plus I thought to myself I'd probably just get some salad or soup since she would not be able to finish the thing because you know, "naglilihi". Konting tikim lang ang gusto then ayaw na. 128514

So we got the Seared Foie Gras. To my surprise she ordered steak. The Japanese A5 Wagyu pa! It was P2,250 per 100gms. BUT for a minimum of 300gms 128561 Calculator in my head started to malfunction 128514.

But hey she really wanted to try it and deep inside I did too 128513. So I just skipped my order and went with hers since, well, she will probably just take a portion anyway.

We agreed 1/4 Medium Well for her and 3/4 Medium for me. Because rare is a no-no for her and beyond Medium Well is a waste of great steak.

✔️Seared Foie Gras - 2pcs of quite large chunks of Fatty Duck Liver 128525. Perfectly seared served on top of seasoned black pepper and pineapple. Loved this starter! Silky texture and would really go well with steak. So we decided to not finish it and wait for the steak.

Turns out the servers were waiting for us to finish the Foie Gras before serving the steak. 128514 Good thing they asked if we want the steak to be served already. Talk about standard fine dining. 9996128513

✔️300gms A5 Wagyu (Medium) - Wow! Super Tender and totally melts in my mouth. I literally close my eyes everytime as it touches my lips. Effortless to slice. Effortless to chew. Their signature steak sauce which is made of Horseradish infused with chicken stock (according to the server) goes really well with the steak! It was like a mellow version of worcestershire but a really thick one. I can't exactly describe it but it's really good even with the side of fries.

Staff are very accommodating and they know their menu very well. You can ask suggestions from them if you are lost with the terms or specific ingredient in a dish you want. Even the manager is hands-on on the tables for any of your concerns. 128077

If you want to impress a lady this is the place. If you want somewhere private or if you're celebrating an anniversary or whatnot this is the perfect place. It's not for everyday dining.

Take us for example. Our craving run instantly turned into an advanced anniversary dinner. 128514

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Peach L.
5.0 Stars

We were supposed to meet our friends at Hide Yamamoto for dinner but since we arrived late, we had to follow them at Ruby Jack's for our customary after-dinner drinks.

I got a bit disappointed because I was already hungry and was looking forward to trying Hide since my friends who went were raving about it.

When we got there, they were already starting and they opted to stay at the bar. Ruby Jack's interior reeks of sophistication. The restaurant side has tables with crisp white linens and leather-upholstered seats. There are a number of booths, too --- for those who don't want to be disturbed when eating. Heh. 128513 The lighting was cozy and it gives you the impression that they respect your need for privacy when dining. At the right side when you enter the big door is the bar. It has the same theme as the restaurant -- wooden floors, wooden bar, high stools, and cozy ambience. From the outside, you could easily spot who's drinking because of the glass wall.

Soon as I sat, I asked for the menu. At first they gave me the bar chow menu, which is just proper because I'm in the bar. So I asked for their restau menu and they said they have to ask the kitchen first if it's still open (yes, we were THAT late). I gave the bartender my cutest, dopey-eyed look and told him if he could find a way to make the chef cook something for us because I was really hungry. He came back with a nod and the menu.

So I quickly scanned and chose:

French Oysters, Natural (250/ea) - Since I already set my mind on eating something raw, I ordered the fresh oysters. The bartender said that they only have the french ones so I asked for 4 pcs. It was served on a silver platter on top of crushed ice with lemon on the side. Looked pretty. The meat was plump and juicy and big. However, the taste did not meet my expectations. It wasn't fresh, I couldn't taste the sea and it had a little bit of a fishy taste. I was kind of disappointed because for 250 apiece, I expected more.

Ruby's Caesar Salad (550) - my date didn't feel like eating heavy so she said she'll just have the salad. It arrived neatly placed on a large white plate, the top of the salad was flooded with strings of parmesan cheese. I have to say that it's one of the best caesar salads, if not the best, that I've ever had.

For the star of my night, I had the:

John Dee Super Gold 160 day Grain-fed Black Angus T-Bone (800g, 4500) - When I asked my friend what he can recommend, he said to try the steaks because they're quite good. The menu had enough steak choices to make me confused because everything sounded good on paper, so I "phone-a-friend' the manager. He recommended that I try the T-Bone so I did, and had it cooked medium. When it arrived, I couldn't help but voice out a loud "wow!". It was huge! About the length of a 12-inch ruler and almost 1 inch in thickness. I had to ask for a steak rice to match this humongous meat. Mapapalaban ako, eh. 128513128526

From experience, I know that when a meat is thick, sometimes the flavour is sacrificed. It's either bland or bland. Lol. So I looked at my steak and wondered if this would be a disappointment again. As I sliced the meat, I noticed the juice oozing out and it made my excitement intensify. Soon as I popped the first morsel in my mouth, the tender, juicy, buttery goodness of the meat brought me to the heavens. It was soooo flavourful that I almost didn't touch the gravy for fear of losing the raw goodness of the meat. It was a wonderful, wonderful first-bite experience. The next mouthfuls, I forgot my manners and my friends, and devoured the impeccably-textured, juicy beef. At first I thought it would be impossible for me to finish a steak that big and thick, but after I shared a few slices with my girlfriend and some of our friends, I was able to finish it all off!

I didn't know I had it in me. Apparently, it will only take a proper steak to unleash my potential. Lol!

After a few burps, I asked the bartender to whip me up a couple of what our friends were drinking. It was a mixture of Bombay gin and lemon and tonic water. I forgot the name but it was very good.

RJ's is definitely a place where you can get good food and good drinks to go with whatever you choose to eat. The people at RJ's are also quite friendly and does good service. The foodie downside is the price. But then again, you get what you pay for. So, if you want to treat yourself for being good, and you want to de-stress, go here.


You're right, Peanut D. , the web version really makes you write more. Lol.

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Tina N.
3.0 Stars

I have mixed feelings about this. My husband and I decided to dine here last month. To start off, earlier that day, I called and reserved for a seat in the booth and it was confirmed. I even asked the name of the one who took our reservation. When we got there (on time of course), I gave them my name and they led us to a different table. I told them I reserved a seat at the booth and I told them the name of the person I talked to (Thanks for nothing, Denice). The manager checked their computer and he seemed like he didn’t know what to do since they gave away our reserved seats. Big mistake! You see, this establishment is supposed to be a fine dining steakhouse. You have to take note of every detail especially with reservations. Anyway, he gave us a seat at the far end of the restaurant (in fairness private pa din). I was hesitant at first because I'm way too meticulous and expect good establishments to cover even the littlest things. My husband gave me the look to give the place a chance and so I did. The steak was great. I ordered the USDA Prime Ribeye and my husband got the same. Just kinda salty though. The second mishap was when my husband was about to finish his Lobster Macaroni and Cheese. He saw a strand of hair in it. Uh-oh! We called the attention of one of the supervisors and informed him about it. This time the manager was the one who came back and offered to have the chef cook another batch. We declined since we only told them so that it won't happen again. In fairness, they even offered a free dessert. Again, we refused but they ended up not charging us anyway, when the bill arrived. We just thanked them and showed appreciation. We enjoyed eating their food. We loved their Baked Cheesecake. It was to die for. All the waiters were so nice and efficient. But that's the thing. Two big mistakes from a supposedly fine dining/first class steakhouse is enough reason for me to have my steak some place else.

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Chrisalyn T.
5.0 Stars

I’m quite fond of beef, probably because I wasn’t allowed to eat beef at home. My parents are buddhist and so eating beef is out of the question. We all know that most of the things we’re not allowed to do, eat or drink are what we end up wanting in the end, just soon after we get a taste of what’s being prohibited. I mean who doesn’t like beef? Most people do, because it’s just so darn good. However, beef has different cuts and there are different steaks that you could cook from each cut, but you have to know the right kind of cooking method for each steak to be able to produce a tender and delicious outcome. Having a little knowledge about beef is essential in order to further appreciate the quality of the steak you’re about to eat.

Here is a little something about the kind of steak we end up ordering. Most tender cuts of beef comes from the short loin section of the cow, such as T-bone, which contains a T shaped bone with a small portion of tenderloin on one side, and a larger portion of top loin/strip on the other side. It’s like having a taste of 2 steaks in one. Tenderloin being known as the most tender of all steaks and top loin for being a juicy and tasty steak.

What we ordered:

For the appetizer, we ordered the CAESAR SALAD (Php 550) that you can share for 2. What i loved about this salad is that they added so many grated cheese on top of my salad and I’m a cheese lover, so this definitely was a plus for me.

For the mains, JOHN DEE SUPER GOLD 160 DAY GRAIN FED BLACK ANGUS 800g T-BONE STEAK (Php4,500), cooked medium rare, grilled not too long as to preserve the tenderness of the steak, accompanied with a whole roasted garlic cut into halves and peppers. Steak was seasoned well, tenderloin side of the steak was a lot tender than the top loin side. The steak we had is not like the usual steaks you can just order in other restaurants, because the taste of the steak was different. It was moist, had a balanced and rich meaty flavour. The texture was firm and had a nice bite to it too. The sauce was slightly sweet and it sort of had a hint of cinnamon, i’m not quite sure, but the sauce was really good. It’s quite different from your usual steak sauce, which made it unique.

As for our side dishes, we ordered a bowl of MASHED POTATOES (Php 250) and CREAMED SPINACH (Php 250). The mashed potatoes had thinly sliced deep fried garlic dipped on top of it and it was quite good. However, I liked the creamed spinach even better.

We ended the night without ordering for any dessert, because we were so stuffed already. Who wouldn’t after devouring at least 400g of steak each. No matter, we still had an amazing time and will definitely go back to try the other steaks. Expect prices of the food to be high, but services and quality of food will definitely make you realize that it was all worth it.

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Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

Incredible. I don't even know where to begin to describe such a glorious dining experience. I won't even be able to justify it. But let me try.

Ruby Jack's is everything a steakhouse should be. Quality ingredients flown in from all parts of the world. Impeccable service. Classy interior. And best of all, unbelievably good steak.

Something Simple: Tomato Dish (deceptively simple and light but trust me these Imported italian tomatoes are wow)
Something Rich: Foie Gras (the BEST most Buttery Foie Gras I've ever had in this country)

Other options: Their take on the Caesar salad is interesting. Crab Cake Donut is a meaty, hearty appetizer that does not skimp on the crabmeat. For seafood starters try the Fresh Oysters or Grilled Scallops.

STEAKS (in order of favorite)
1) John Dee platinum
Holy wow perfection. I don't know who you are john Dee but i love you. the steak is Good enough to make vegetarians come to the dark side. Meaty, not too marbled. Just right. This was cooked for us medium rare and it was not too bloody. It was also quite tender.

2) Wagyu with a Japanese name but I forgot exactly what
So sinful you must confess after. And by Confess.. maybe to your doctor. Butter. Melts in your mouth. I loved it but you cannot have too much or else you will feel a little dizzy from the fat. Hehe. But i like my steaks with a meaty taste so I liked the John Dee more.

3) Tomahawk - this is the epitome of a cowboy steak. It's a cow on a plate and has the strongest meat flavor and little marbling. It was also good but when you have the first two it's no contest. This was too meaty for me.

SIDES (in order of my preference)
Creamed Spinach
Steak Rice
Mashed Potatoes
Lobster Mac n Cheese

- Obviously some may find weird that the Lobster Mac is surprisingly low on my list, it's just I wanted something complimentary to balance the steak but mac n cheese is equally rich so it took away from the steak. If that makes sense.

DESSERTS I was stuffed so I only tried..
1) Pavlova
2) Cheesecake
3) Jelly agar thingy with what tasted like strawberry and sorbet
- if I could choose between these I would go for the Cheesecake or the jelly as they are more interesting and unique.

Lobster / seafood Platter - a huge lobster, scallops and fish.

Most importantly - "how much will this cost you?"
Expect to spend at least P3,000 per person.
Work pa more!!!!!

TIPID TIP: big portions, share.
SPLURGE ITEM: Php300,000 bottle of Petrus if you wanna live large. This bordeaux wine was made popular by Erap as his supposed wine of choice. Yes, P300,000. If you wanna feel like Erap for a day (or however long a bottle lasts) this is your best chance.

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