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Creekside Square Bldg., Tomas Morato Ave., Kamuning, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Runner's Kitchen
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Most Recent Reviews

Marili Anne M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

The struggle was real. I had a lot of cravings this week. I almost reached my breaking point and almost ran to the nearest ramen restaurant around my area. But I'm thankful that I didn't, because what I discovered in Kamuning offered something much more than just soup and noodles.

We drove to Quezon City just to visit Runner's Kitchen and enjoy a healthy lunch. We arrived at around 12:15pm and parked our car (good thing a few spaces were still available). We entered the small restaurant, settled, and admired its interiors, with the hanging flashlights and bikes, and the bottles of liquors on the tables being the most noticeable.

Here were our orders:

127744 Tahini Quinoa Super Bowl P330
•mushrooms•chick peas•carrots•bean sprouts•cucumber• lettuce•cashew candy•tomatoes•quinoa•house-made tahini•
Fresh and simple everyday vegetables tossed with quinoa and tahini sauce that had a hint of spice. I liked the veggies part of the dish but the cold quinoa with the chickpeas tasted weird for me. This was too healthy!!! 128518

128525Paprika Prawns P410
•pan-seared prawns•red radish•crispy basil and spinach• sun-dried tomato yogurt•

Choice of Starch:
•Black Rice +P40
•Quinoa +P80
•Roasted Sweet Potato +P110
•Cauliflower Rice +P140

Each starch is cooked with tomatoes, caramelized onions and mushrooms. I chose black rice as my starch and I loved it! I tasted a lot of elements in the whole dish, in general. Even the black rice alone was flavorful enough. The prawns were cooked right. It wasn't chewy. The sauce that came with it had a taste of garlic and it went so good with the prawns. The crispy basil and spinach added some bitterness, texture and crunch to the whole dish. I really loved my order. I still can't get over it. I was actually choosing between 3 mains for my order and the server recommended this, and I'm so glad I went with it.

Service was great. Our orders and all other requests were complied with so quickly.

It's too early to have a favorite dish for 2017 but RK's Paprika Prawns will definitely make it on my most memorable foodscapes of 2017.

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Kristin A.
5.0 Stars

I had a theatre date with two of my high school friends to celebrate our birthdays. Since one was a pescetarian and the other a doctor, I suggested this place for dinner before seeing the play. Thanks to Jayson J and EJ B for the reco!

Sadly, the rainy weather that set in before quitting time boded ill for the traffic situation. My two friends were already in the area and got to enjoy the fruits of my "research" while I had to make do with take-out. So this review is partly credited to them, hehehe.

127843 Spicy Tuna Quinoa Roll - the one thing I got to eat for takeout. It is seriously good. Like, you almost forget it was not made of sticky Japanese rice, and you could almost feel healthy from eating it. I am proud to say I ate my whole order 128523 My friends also had it and they loved it.

127858 Roasted Squash Soup - such a beaut. Also good based on secondhand feedback 128521

127838 Tuna Malunggay Pesto - unfortunately was not able to taste this as I left my takeout box behind 128557 It did look good and I really really want to go have this in the resto for realsies.

I'd love to go "back" to try the other dishes too. I'd also love to take my mum here because they seem to have great options for people with special dietary needs, except they're too far from home.

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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

weekly saturday dinner..
roasted squash soup 128077128077128077 i didn't like it but wifey did
masigla shake 128077128077128077 pineapple mango and something
grilled cheese sandwich 128077128077128077128077
chicken malunggay pesto 128077128077128077128077 the chicken was good
tuna avocado poke .. didn't try it
beef salpicao with starch black rice 128077128077128077128077128077 beef was a bit chewy but overall it was superb
coco sugar cheesecake 128077128077128077128077

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Dexth L.
5.0 Stars

Foodtrip while eating healthy... meals served with black rice
Paprika Prawns (php 410)
Beef Salpicao (php 395)
Spicy Tuna Quinoa Roll (php

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4.0 Stars

First of all I want to say thank you to Christina R for giving me a GC 12815310084128155128154128156

It's the last day of the validity of the GC that given by Christina to me for Runner's Kitchen. Before I'll go to BGC, I dropped by at Runner's Kitchen located at the Ground Floor of Creekside Building, Tomas Morato to have lunch. I got pasta, smoothie and a dessert! Oooppps... for FREE!128556 Sulit! 127881

Chicken Malungay Pesto for Php350.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5 "Actually ang sarap nito, Pramis!" 128588🏼128077🏼128154

Maliksi (Watermelon Smoothie) for Php100.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie for Php60.00 - 110881108811088️ 3/5

Runner's Kitchen offers fresh from the farm dishes. Natural and organic. Healthy and hearty food. 128515

Total bill - Php510.00 (exclusive of service charge) less Php500.00 GC = Php10.00 only. PANALO! 128540128588🏼

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Runner's Kitchen is another restaurant that advocates farm to table ingredients, supporting small local farmers. It offers organic food with dishes made entirely from scratch using only the healthiest cooking techniques.

Lucky that I was able to score 1K worth of GCs for Runner's Kitchen from |ooloo, I dragged my family all the way to Quezon City to finally try this restaurant. Months of drooling over their dishes posted in social media finally came to an end. We got there a little after dinner and there was only one table occupied. We checked their menu and though there wasn't a lot of dishes in their list, I still had a hard time choosing coz I wanted to try a lot of dishes. When we have decided, we got the following --

Adobo Whole Wheat Nachos for 320Php

This was our choice for "appetizer" and I'm so glad we ordered this. Imagine a bowl full of whole wheat tortilla chips that do not get soggy right away, served with generous heaping of lean organic pork Adobo flakes, mixed with pineapple and mango salsa, fresh corn, house made mayo and cheddar cheese - MUST ORDER when in Runner's Kitchen. There was an explosion of flavors from this hearty bowl - loved the natural sweetness from the pineapple and mango chunks, the saltiness from the flavorful Adobo flakes and added flavor from cheddar cheese. Come to think of it, you can also easily whip this up at home and your mom will thank you for putting left over Adobo into good use!

Aside from the nachos, we also got an order of Spicy Tuna Quinoa Roll. If you love sushi but you're looking for a low carb alternative, this should be your top pick! Japanese Rice substituted with quinoa, this sure was a lighter version, carb-wise and texture-wise. But do not be deceived because each piece packs a punch! Rolled with cucumber and mango, each quinoa wrap was topped with raw tuna, coconut cream and finished off with some ginger soy reduction. It was also served with sriracha aioli on the side. Also, you can request for a non-spicy version or just like what we did, we got 4 spicy and 4 non-spicy rolls. Such a genius hack for sushi, this was so good you wouldn't even think it's low carb!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich for 340Php

Grilled Cheese Sandwich was the choice of my daughter. I asked them though to serve the balsamic reduction on the side instead of drizzling it over the sandwich. Served on a chopping board with a side salad, the toast was thick and was cut into three. The grill marks were gorgeous and gave the sandwich a nice crunch from the outside but as you sink your teeth further, you'll be welcomed by a soft bread with oozing gooey cheese - cheddar, mozzarella and kesong puti. The side salad is something that should not be missed because as simple as it is, it was really good! Fresh greens, juicy cherry tomatoes, chopped onions and their pineapple-mango dressing with fruit chunks made this small bowl refreshingly good but light.

Tuna Malunggay Pesto Melt for 340Php

I also opted to get a sandwich - Tuna Malunggay Pesto Melt. Served the same way as the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, with side salad too, can I just say that THIS IS THE BEST Tuna Melt that I've had in my life? I kid you not. When most would use canned tuna, Runner's Kitchen used fresh tuna. Cooked with Malunggay Pesto, the tuna chunks were sandwiched in between grilled bread together with some tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Each bite will give you generous heaping of tuna and the Malunggay Pesto wasn't overpowering in terms of taste. I loved every bit of this sandwich!

Beef Salpicao for 395Php + Black Rice for 50Php

Hubby opted for Beef Salpicao and paired this with Black Rice. Plated nicely with white as it's canvass, we also loved everything about this dish. Tender chunks of organic sirloin cooked in a light soy sauce with just the right kick of garlic and less salty than your usual Salpicao. The dish came with wilted kale and tomato confit. Make sure include some leaves into each spoonful of rice and beef for that overall "healthy" feels lol

For dessert, we got the following --

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie for 60Php

I love chocolates and lately the sound of Malagos Dark Chocolate brings delight to my ears. This was the reason why tried their Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie. I really didn't know what to expect since this is organic and vegan and I'm used to the egg rich and butter fed cookies. When it was served, it looked dull despite the tiny leaf it was decorated with. It looked like a raw cookie with all the wrong ingredient proportions. Maybe this just isn't my thing but it was dry and sad and was not delicious at all.

Coco Sugar Cheesecake for 250php

Coco sugar in a cheesecake is something new for me. This was creamy with tangy notes from the cream cheese. It wasn't too sweet and I liked the topping which was a compote of fruits with sweet sauce that also had lots of cinnamon. The cheesecake wasn't as rich and crumbly as those that I'm used to but this was not bad.

For drinks, we got the following --

Marikit for 175Php

Healthy, freshly pressed juice for hubby that had a rich orange color. Carrot, pineapple and ginger were the ingredients and it was indeed refreshing! There was a strong ginger taste but it was tolerable and balanced by the sweetness from the pineapple.

Masigla for 160Php

Cherienne loves mango smoothie so I got Masigla for her sans the kale and pineapple. The ripe mangoes used were overripe but my daughter liked her drink anyway.

Iced Mocha for 200Php

I got an iced mocha for myself and boy it was strong! They used Malagos Dark Chocolate so it had this signature bitter but deep chocolate flavor plus the coffee was very strong and bitter! I added some sugar and that made it better.

Our visit was overall pleasant. The servers were patient with all my requests and they were attentive too. I loved the place as well! It wasn't big but it was well organized and well thought off. I loved that they used wood for their tables - small tables with lamps, long wooden table in the center of the restaurant with flashlights grouped together hanging, lovely! They used lots of wine and beer bottles as accents, greenery here and there, black board as menu and some other trinkets - nice!

I really wish they have a store in the South so we can visit often.

  • No. of Comments: 12
Julie J.
3.0 Stars

Had dinner here with health conscious friends, perfect place for them as they were looking for organic food...The place is quite cute, cozy and homey, we were able to try a few dishes :

127807 Watermelon Kale Salad @280 - Locally grown kale, watermelon, lettuce and cucumber tossed in balsamic vinegar and candied pili nuts. 4/5

127844 Paprika Prawns @410 - 3 pcs pan seared prawns, crispy basil and cauliflower rice 128077🏼 4/5

128046 Beef Salpicao @395 - Organic sirloin, wilted kale and pineapple mango salsa on black rice or cauliflower rice - this would've have been pretty good but was such a disappointment because I specifically told them i wanted it done RARE... what came was medium well 128553🙄 the beef was quite tough to bite into 128542 2/5

127843 Spicy Tuna Quinoa Roll @250 - 4/5

127848 Chia pudding panacotta @90 - chocolate & banana chia pudding with mangoes and coconut cream topped with cacao sugar added. 3/5

Overall, Food was good albeit a tad expensive, understandable though as it's organic and healthy. Service needs some improvement, the servers were mostly behind the counter, making it kind of hard to call their attention when we needed something.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

This is another option for breakfast since they open early--like 8am-- offers quality organic food! This is especially good if you are health conscious, and another organic place (aside from adam and yves) who offers big servings (not big plates!)

128204128525 5k breakfast @345php
This one is dairy free, gluten free and nut free! House made chicken tocino were tender. They're not sweet. The vinegar to go with the tocino is not that sour as well so i did kinda diss the vinegar. Hehe. To go with that is your one piece free range egg. I always love wet egg yolks, and too bad they don't offer poached, so instead i had a sunny side up. The side salad was immensely good. Some side salads has scanty vinaigrette, but this one has the vinaigrette all over it. They mix it before adding in your plate. 128077🏼
Could i forget talking about the black rice? Super yummy and healthy. Its texture is a little rough and it makes you feel much faster to get full with this kind of rice.

128204128525 mushroom and kesong puti omelette @290php
I thought this would be just omelette served. I was surprised to see two thick sliced wheat bread and a side salad as well! I was not able to taste much kesong puti. The bread was toasted too. The salad--i am a lover of this resto's offering.

128204128525 malagos hot chocolate
Malagos semi dark tasting chocolate in cashew milk. The chocolate is quite thick/heavy.

128204 flat white
I kinda was confused the place's offering of cafe latte and its flat white because the description of the two were the same! Then i asked the server why is that, and she said that it really is the same pero the flat white does not form a foam (when it's supposed to be) so i ordered the less costly flat white over the cafe latte. No latte art. It was a bit bitter, not so cashew-y. I like wild flour's almond latte more

Went here as buena mano of the restaurant. Parking is good! Mga 10 cars narin. Although i am fearful if flood occurs here because it's near a creek. The place has a good vibe din. Woody and .. Studious? Ahahaha. Good for studying cause there are power outlets and good wifi connection. They play R&B songs (at that time) which would easily attract young customers. Service is amazingly good, and knowledgeable of the menu.
Oh yeah, this is as well as Bianca King's but i dont know if you would catch her here. There's a clean common CR beside the cashier if you want to peepee or poopoo. Lol.

Here is for the people (at least who i am knowledgeable at ung mga naabutan ko pa) who has GCs over at RK---recommendation! Wahahaha! 9786128518

  • No. of Comments: 2
Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

I was able to use my Runner's Kitchen GC last Saturday before its expiration today.128517

Met with a friend in Trinoma and I urged her to check the place out for lunch. She willingly agreed after telling her the magic word "GC". So off we go!

I must say I'm impressed with the restaurant itself! Spacious and well designed. Thick long wooden table with dangling flashlights at the center and different herbs are designed to feel the clean & comfy atmosphere.

Expect the price to be a tad higher than your usual resto since most of their dishes are farm to table. I did my homework and got their Adobo Whole Wheat Nachos and Beef Salpicao.

The Beef Salpicao's meat is organic with wilted kale and pineapple salsa. I chose to pair it with black rice. I noticed the dish is bland! My friend told me to include a leaf on each spoon and she was right. Nasa dahon ang lasa!128514 All the salty flavor are hidden in the wilted kale.

I liked their adobo whole wheat nachos! The adobo flavor lies in the organic pork and it compliments well with the pineapple mango salsa cheese, corn and mayo. The tortilla chips are made from whole wheat. It must be the reason why it's sweeter compared to the usual nachos and expect a different crunchy texture. Yum!

All in all, we enjoyed our visit but it's too far from where I live so it might take time to visit them again. If you're watching your weight or a health conscious type then Runner's Kitchen is your go to place! 128170🏼

  • No. of Comments: 7
Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Thanks looloo Crew and Runners Kitchen for the GC! 128522

We had the following and we actually liked everything. There were some minor hiccups, but they were bearable.

🔹 Adobo Whole Wheat Nachos. Watermelon Kale Salad wasn't available so we had this instead. This has lean organic pork, pineapple mango salsa, cheddar cheese, fresh corn and house-made mayo on top of whole wheat tortilla chips. I loved the pineapple mango salsa. It gives a sweet-refreshing taste.

🔹 Pan-seared Chicken. This is served with stir-fried garlic sitaw, pickled cucumber, and kaldereta sauce on the side. I wasn't sure if that tasted kaldereta though. The starch for their main dishes has to be ordered separately. For this, we chose black rice.

🔹 Paprika Prawns. Three pieces of prawns. It was good. This one was ordered with quinoa.

🔹 Beef Salpicao. Ordered with black rice. I was slightly disappointed with this one because it was a little bland and a little tough.

Service was great. They were very courteous and I felt that they really want their customers to have a pleasant stay.

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Meg M.
5.0 Stars

Pan Seared Tuna with Cauliflower rice- I'm crazy for tsashimi so I love that it's raw in the middle! Hahaha I rarely eat veggies but I really liked the cauliflower rice even if I have to add 150 PHP for it. 10084

Beef Salpicao with Black Rice- One of their bestsellers. 128556 It's so good! Order it!

Glutten-Free Banana muffin with their homemade peanut butter and jelly- Nothing too special about the taste but I love peanut butter (plus the fact that they made it lang) so I'll definitely order it again on my next visit. 128522

Pandan Lemongrass Iced Tea- My friend is raving about it but I don't like it because... lasang ginger. Too strong for me. Hehe

It's quite pricey because you have to add pa if you prefer cauliflower rice, black rice or quinoa but at least we get to choose what we want diba? 128522 Plus sobrang worth it naman. 128513

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

Just went here earlier, it was a rainy sunday late lunch and there were only a handful of customers so it was a perfect relaxing healthy lunch. I like the interiors of it, it gives the vibe of organic and healthy environment. I personally like the GOT moose decor near the big sliding door.

So we ordered:
1. Pan seared tuna with black rice - it was really really good. I like how the tuna was raw in the middle with healthy black rice it was a winner.

2. Vegetable Super bowl with quinoa - dont be fooled by this light meal, it will make you full. Dont forget to toss it up first and tou have one of the most yummy veggie salad around.

3. Beef salpicao with black rice - the beef was good but it would really help if its a bit less chewy but nonetheless the taste was not bad.

The food being all organic reminds me of 'your local' but a bit less expensive and much likeable interior and more volume. 128521

I personally think that they shouldnt allow pets inside the resto for hygiene reason. They just dont have organic chicken for today so thats a bummer, their seared chicken seems good but overall we alll came home happy so its a 5 star. And thanks |ooloo crew and Peanut D, you know what i mean. 128521

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

I'm still currently enjoying my smoothie as I write this 🤑
I've won a P500 GC from Runner's Kitchen, thanks to Looloo and Peanut D.!

I'm no healthy eater. I hate veges and I avoid vege intake as much as I can. Haha! Not being OA, but that's how I feel about vegetables. Though, I can drink it through smoothies or juices sometimes but I can't really EAT it. So when I won this GC's medyo hesitant ako to try it cause upon searching Runner's Kitchen serves organic food and veges, gluten free and some dairy free food. Medyo malayo yata sa mga kinakain ko yun, Nakakaintimidate. However, it has a lot of REALLY GOOD REVIEWS. So here I am trying it out!

Upon entering the restaurant, ito lang ang nasabi ko (deep inside kasi nakakahiyang isigaw) Haha, but if I can I would. It was like WOOOOOOW. ANG GANDA.

The interior design and the details were very intricate. Sobrang detailed to the point na hindi ka mabobore tignan isa isa yung displays. It has a rustic theme to it. Wooden chairs and tables, fancy wine bottles, hanging flash lights, Typography Boards, Plants for Flatlays haha, NAME IT! Feel ko binili lahat ng items sa TYPO. 128522

I've ordered the ff:
127835Beef Salpicao P395 (No Rice Yet)
Organic Sirloin - Wilted Kale - Tomato Confit
- Upon seeing the menu, Beef Salpicao automatically caught my attention. Pag may Beef Salpicao ang isang restaurant, it's like the first thing I would have to order. I just had to try it.
- The beef is so tender. And surprisingly, I was able to eat the Kale! Thanks to the garlic na talagang nagpalasa sa over all taste ng beef. The saltiness is just right and bagay na bagay sa rice.

127834 Additional Starch - Black Rice P50
- I'm a HUGE RICE CONSUMER. As in I can eat few ulam as long as marami yung rice. So I got a little afraid cause I ordered a Black Rice which I know walang lasa and usually makunat and might no be able to enjoy it. But apparently their Black Rice is so delicious. It's cooked with garlic, sobrang malasa talaga. I enjoyed it and nabitin pa ako.

127865Malusog P160
Spinach - Oats - Banana - Cashew Milk
- All I can say is, I made the right choice. SULIT NA SULIT. From the serving/ size, to the taste. ALL WORTH IT! Spinach is probably the only vege I can eat if pinilit ako so I ordered it instead as a drink. I got really curious on how it would turn out and true enough, it tasted so GOOD I want to make one at home. Sobrang sakto lang yung sweetness, mararamdaman mo pa ung tiny bits of leaves. The banana complimented the overall taste and the cashew milk just made everything balanced. ANG SARAP TALAGA.

Overall Rating: 5/511088
I will definitely come back kahit wala ng GC. Haha! And hopefully matry ko din yung ibang smoothies nila. The food here is quite pricey but you get the value for your money. Don't be intimidated on their food especially if you are a VEGE HATER like me, cause you'll enjoy it and you won't even know you're eating something healthy and YUMMY!

All photos taken by my Iphone. Medyo nakakahiyang magpicture picture but the place is OBVIOUSLY SO INSTAGRAMMABLE!

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Marc G.
5.0 Stars


The interiors gave me that rustic and relaxing feeling. I love the set up of the place: the materials they used, the wooden tables and chairs and all the decors. It‘s spacious, well–lighted and a good dining place not just for health conscious, but also for everyone who just want to try eating organic and healthy food.


Chicken Malunggay Pesto on whole wheat pasta

I wanted to try Gourmet Tuyo and Tomato or Prawn Arrabiata but they serve only kind of pasta that day. I don’t eat pesto but I’m really craving for pasta, so I try it na lang. Surprisingly, it’s good. The chicken breast is perfectly cooked, not greasy and seasoned well.

Coco Sugar Cheese Cake



Taste weird at first sip. I can’t imagine drinking peanut butter mixed with Banana, Cacao Nibs and Cashew Milk. Afterwards, I enjoyed it. It's so refreshing and very healthy. You can pair it with any dish you order.

I was able to take my time and enjoy the ambiance and the food. Thank goodness, it was not crowded when I went!

Overall, I had a great time at Runner’s Kitchen. I will definitely go back and try their other dishes.

MANY THANKS to looloo for the GC! 10084

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

I was born a carnivore and thought I'd stay carnivorous forever. When all these healthy places started to come to light, I was one of those who would not spend a dime for a vegan or organic food. Just like what Doc April H mentioned in her review, I also have that image about healthy options, that it is tasteless, dull at lasang papel or cartolina. Over the years (haha! Tanda na ba?) I have tried different restaurants that served organic food. Some experiences were disappointing while some got me fervent, even writing about it in my food blog. Make it or Break it. That's how these healthy places operate. You need to have the right cooking skills, ideas for alternatives to come up with a stunning dish that's not only healthy but flavorful too. Or else wala ng babalik. Dining at these places is a gamble too. Prices are a little steep because the ingredients they use are free from any chemicals and were grown genuinely as if picked from the woodloots. I am not willing to pay PHP400 to PHP500 for tasteless food.

I only have a few healthy places I can strongly recommend that even carnivores like me will surely enjoy. The recent looloo rendezvoos introduced me to Runner's Kitchen that I will add to my list of places that serves delicious and healthy food.

It was a little surprising that it was located in a not so familiar corner, especially for those living in Makati, even Pasig. It's the only place in QC that serves organic food.

I like the story behind Runners Kitchen. The owners, Glaiza, Bianca and Xander love running which is why they named it Runner's Kitchen, a name that can be easily identified for healthy choices. The very entertaining Abby was our host for that night and it was all fun and good food.

Everyone's favorite. The whole tortilla chips are to die for. Yun pa lang solve ka na and I kid you not! It was so addicting that we were still eating it just before the desserts were served. They used lean organic pork for the meat with pineapple mango salsa, cheddar cheese, fresh corn and house mayo on top. It's a must try!

I thought if you eat sushi healthy na. Runner's kitchen has a healthier alrernative. Instead of rice, they use quinoa as substitute. Each roll has cucumber, mango, sriracha aioli, coconut cream, ginger soy reduction and raw tuna on top. Not sure if they put wasabi but it has that subtle spicy kick in each roll.

Smart play on this salad dish. Kale and balsamic is too common and boring. So they added watermelon for a sweet and refreshing take on a custom salad. Kale is locally grown and it also has romaine lettuce, pili nuts.

Anong food pun kaya maiisip ni JP for Quinoa. 128512 One can tell right away the freshness of the veggies, squash and string beans. I love the cook on the beef as well, lightly flavored and tender.

Starch used is cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms and caramelized onions. The prawns were delicious and what's not to love about paprika? Hehe it was server with crispy basil and spinach on the side, seasoned well, na akala ko kangkong 128514 and was perfect with the prawns.

At this point I realized that we ate a lot. It was filling but did not feel like my tummy was about to explode. My second favorite. I wasnt too enticed looking at it because it was all veggies pero tao lang. Mushrooms, carrots, bean sprouts, cucumber, lettuce and cashew candy and rolled in a whole wheat wrap. How can this be? All healthy ingredients but it tastes delicious! Customers have the option to add chicken for just PHP90.

This is for the not so healthy food lover but it's still healthy. You have chicken tocino, longganisa and grass fed beef tapa served with black rice and eggs on the side. Longganisa reminded me of the ones I tried in Vigan. Very similar in taste but a healthier option. I loved the sweetness of the tocino too as if I was eating pork and not chicken. It's really amazing how they find ways to ensure that they keep the flavors while controlling the carbs.

I Love malagos chocolate. The bitter taste and the richness is just to die for especially when partnered with something sweet. The glazed bananas were perfect for it. The texture of the waffle was a bit different to what I am used to and it is perhaps because I still prefer to eat a not so healthy waffle. Also, there maybe some ingredients used in usual waffles that are not incorporated in a gluten free waffle. I dont know if I made sense 128514.

The perfect ending. I enjoyed the sweet taste coming from the freshness of the fruits and coco sugar. The pie was perfect and was served with vegan ice cream on top.

We also got to try different types of smoothies.

MALUSOG - Spinach, Oats, Banana and Cashew Milk

MALIKSI - Watermelon with coco sugar

MASIGLA - Kale, Mango and Pineapple

MATIPUNO - Banana, Peanut Butter, Cashew Milk and Cacao Nibs

MATALAS - Banana, Espresso and Chocolate Cashew Milk

All their smoothies were very refreshing and perfect for this summer. My top two picks are Masigla and Matalas. I love the bitter sweet taste of Masigla and Matalas. Also, there's a hint of sweetness with every sip.

RK's pricing is very competitive compared to other healthy places. I like that they are able to still serve delicious quality food and keep the price at a friendly standard given that all the ingredients are also very expensive.

I will definitely bring some friends here para ma baptize na rin sila sa healthy food. I hope they branch out soonest!

Thank you again | especially to you Peanut D! Bato ka nanaman. Para maiba, sedimentary rock. Had so much fun with all of you as always JP G and April H. It was nice meeting you Mei O, na akala namin tahimik and also Tj M, hahanapin ko yung ozonator. 128514

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April H.
5.0 Stars

2,000 reviews!🙃🙃🙃

I finally reached it! And isn't it just fitting that this review is for a rendezvoos? 128515

I was invited to dine at Runner's Kitchen, a restaurant that I have been eyeing for sometime now... It's an organic resto located at the far end of Tomas Morato (near E.Rodriguez), which is one of a handful of establishments in QC with a farm to table concept... Owned by a group including the gorgeous Bianca King, Xander Angeles and Glaiza De Castro, this restaurant fills a void of healthy yet delicious food this side of the metro!

A lot of people have this notion that organic food tastes like paper, or pertains to just salads or veggies, or is senselessly expensive... It's really not the case... Healthy food doesn't necessarily mean bland or tasteless food, but they do utilize healthier methods of cooking like grilling or roasting instead of frying... Less fat or less salt do not a bland dish make; all that is needed is a bit of creative flair to look for alternatives to season their dishes...

Organic food is not diet food... It doesn't necessarily mean depriving yourself of calories... It's just that those calories come from a better source. 1000 calories from simple sugar is NOT equivalent to 1000 calories from proteins or complex carbohydrates... Substitutes for high glycemic index or high cholesterol food is utilized. It's like swapping out candy for apples; still has calories obviously, but it's not empty calories...

Organic food isn't equivalent to becoming a vegetarian either... It is consuming food that has not been treated with harmful pesticides or antibiotics; plus no hormones injected to the meat! No harmful chemicals added either... That is also why it is more expensive... The produce takes longer to grow because they do it the natural way... Animals are given a strict healthy diet as well, so they don't become way too big or fat... They are also treated humanely-- no overcrowding in farms or injected with unnecessary hormones... Your money doesn't go to waste when you support these small organic farms, because even the farmers are paid decent and fair wages... Everyone benefits from this symbiotic relationship-- from produce to farmer to distributor to the consumer... That's what the wholesome and organic movement is all about!

But I digress... Back to dinner at RK!127752

We were welcomed by Miss Abby Asistio, one of the partners of this health-conscious group... The lovely Miss Abby is a singer, host, alopecia advocate, and all-around wacky person! She told us how Runner's Kitchen came to be... Their group used to jog daily around the UP oval early in the morning... After their workout, they wanted to hangout somewhere and have a healthy breakfast... Unfortunately, there was slim pickings of these kinds of restos in QC... The idea of opening a restaurant brewed and was slowly developed...

The result is a homey yet stylish establishment with beautiful wooden tables and great lighting (of course Xander Angeles IS a co-owner)! There are kitschy touches all around, like a wooden moose & a bike hanging on the walls and flashlights dangling from the ceiling... Little potted plants decorate the tables and are grouped together as focal points on the walls... The effect is very welcoming with a just-the-right-amount of hipster vibe...

I have read the reviews and I was really looking forward to trying the food. First off, can I just mention that the food presentation was on point? Totally! Each dish served was visually interesting, as you guys can see from the pictures by JP and Kiko...128517 #nahiyanamanako #kulangsaamorpowers

I also want to point out that their menu has a legend that indicates which dish is vegan or vegetarian or gluten/nut free... I really appreciated this touch, as I'm sure customers with special diets will too...

Let me just run down some of the dishes and drinks served... We started off with their smoothies, which were pretty heavy already! No simple syrup included, which is amazing since they all tasted delicious!

128692 Malusog-- a blend of spinach, oats, banana and cashew milk. I like this one... You can barely taste the spinach so don't hesitate trying this one! #tiwalalang

128692 Matalas-- banana, espresso and chocolate cashew milk makes for a great smoothie! another good choice for me and one that I would recommend!128077

128692 Maliksi-- watermelon sweetened with coco sugar, I thought it was okay but similar to other watermelon shakes in the market...

128692 Masigla-- kale, mango and pineapple... I like eating kale, but I have never been able to appreciate it in a smoothie... But the bitterness of the kale wasn't too pronounced in this smoothie... Still not my recommendation among the five options though! Sorry kale!128513

128692 Matipuno-- banana, peanut butter, cacao nibs and cashew milk... Yummy again!128525 I'm willing to bet that this has more calories than the other smoothies... But they are all great for the scorching hot weather we have been having!

For the appetizers, we were served the following:

128692 Adobo Whole Wheat Nachos-- please do yourselves a favor and try this out! Organic pork, pineapple mango salsa, cheese, corn and mayo made in house sit on top of toasted whole wheat tortilla chips... Sooooo good and addictive!128525 Namaaaaan! Definitely one of the faves for tonight and a great reason to come back to this joint!

128692 Spicy Tuna Quinoa Roll-- Tuna, cucumber, mango, sriracha aioli with a ginger soy reduction... Swap the rice for quinoa and voila! Low carb alternative for sushi lovers! The crunch helps one to feel more satisfied and the fiber helps you feel full after... Pretty good actually! I liked the bit of spice that makes the whole dish flavorful!128077

We got our dose of antioxidants from these veggie dishes:

128692 Watermelon Kale Salad-- Like! Kale and watermelon in a balsamic sauce... I thought it was refreshing, a perfect summer salad...

128692 Stir Fried Veggies, Quinoa, and Beef-- the sirloin was super juicy and slightly sweet! I have no idea what marinade they used but this is great! The veggies were delicious, perfect for people who want to eat more veggies but don't like salads! I thought this could be a complete dish on its own, if you are gunning for something light...

For their proteins, you can opt to have them alone or with your choice of carbs, such as:

128692 Paprika Prawns with Cauliflower rice-- pan-seared prawns seasoned with paprika, served with a side of crisped up basil and spinach and a sun dried tomato & yogurt sauce... The cauliflower rice was excellent, tossed with garlic and mushrooms for that pop of flavor! Their protein options in the menu tend to be more expensive because the low calorie carbs are charged separately. But still competitive as compared to the other higher end restaurants (not just organic restos)...

The breakfast options that we tried were the following:

128692 Run 365 Marathon Special-- a sampler of their chicken tocino, grass fed beef tapa, and their native boar sausage together with black rice, organic egg and a salad... This is a great dish! Take the time to savor each element of meat... Because when they eat what they are supposed to eat, they taste how they are supposed to taste... No additives, no extenders, no steroids. Wholesome, fresh, clean tasting and tender-- a wonderful way to start your morning! Btw, I think this dish is good for sharing already. I can't help you if you want to try just one of the meats included-- they are all sumptuous...

128692 Gluten free Chocolate waffles-- with glazed bananas, coco syrup and nuts... I will be the first to say that I am still not used to things that are gluten free... The texture and weight of these baked goods feels foreign to me. Over the years, I have taught myself to eat different kinds of veggies and seafood (I did not eat fish or shellfish when I was a kid). I have also learned to eat quinoa and tahini. But I just can't get into the gluten free stuff just yet. I think it takes getting used to and solid commitment to that kind of diet. Their waffles are made with rich Malagos chocolate, but the texture is too odd for my bread loving taste buds. Kudos to RK for putting a twist for the people who need to be on this kind of diet!

Just note that the breakfast option is served until 12nn only...

Amazingly, one of my favorites for the night was sans meat!

128692 Tahini Quinoa Super Wrap-- ohmygoodness! Just heart smart, low-calorie, and flavor dense... To your friends who aren't used to stuff like quinoa, let them try this to make converts out of them... Packed with healthy stuff like mushrooms and chickpeas, carrots and bean sprouts! Size good enough for sharing! You can opt to have it with chicken or to have it without the tortilla wrap! Trust me, try it with the toated tortilla, it's absolutely crave worthy! I am a meat lover thru and thru, so it blew my mind that I felt satisfied with this dish that didn't have any meat at all... If all veggie dishes taste like this, then there is hope for meat lovers like me!128077128077128077
*on second thought, I love steak too much!128514 but I would definitely come back for this!

For dessert, we had their whole wheat peach mango pie topped with vegan vanilla ice cream... Please go ahead and order this... I'll even order it for you!128517 Imagine Jollibee's Peach mango pie... Then elevate it by 10,000 levels-- using whole wheat flour (not gluten free) and coco sugar for sweetness... Using the freshest peaches and mangoes and plating it with panache... Plus ice cream made from cashews, coconuts and coco sugar. Hello! Come on, ang sarap! Namaaaan!128588 Definitely not too sweet or cloying with a bit of crunch. The crust was well-executed and tastes better than some pies made with regular flour... We were all reaching for it up to the last bite...

We also tried the americano which was bright and strong... Would love to try the cashew latte or mocha next time though!128077

I had a happy experience spending time with wacky and half psycho/half genius people last night... I appreciated the wholesome concept and I feel that it is timely. I think as consumers, we should demand that what we eat shouldn't be piled high with crap... No harmful antibiotics, preservatives, hormones, or chemicals. It may be expensive, but think of it as investment for your health... Just look at Abby's skin (kailangan ko talaga isama yun guys128514)!

But seriously. This rendezvoos has perfect timing-- at a time when I have made a resolve to eat better... With the many establishments out there, I hope you indulge in something good for you, not just good for your wallet or for your IG account... This wholesome movement nurtures this symbiotic relationship-- from the soil to your tummy and everyone involved in between... Emphasis on fair trade and self-sustainability... Treat your body well since it's the only one you've got!

Great hanging out with JP G Kiko G and Peanut D yet again! So many novel and way too unique ideas last night guys! 128514128514128514 Lovely to meet you Mei O! You are every bit as crazy as Pea described you! Laughtrip to the max! Nice to meet you TJ M! Love the oxynator machine that you were describing, will definitely look for it! See you guys at the next rendezvoos!128165 Thank u to Chef Jay Recio and the team! I had no idea that you were THAT amazingly talented! Wow, what a welcome surprise!!! Thank you Miss Abby for being a wonderful host and making us feel at home... Super at home!128514 It was a fun night and I'm looking forward to coming back to RK!128588

I don't want a long chorlaloo of thank yous to everyone who has made my looloo journey so much fun! All I know is that I became a better writer and photographer (work in progress) from my constant reviewing... I also became more open to trying new kinds of food and widened my palatte so to speak... I have met so many inspiring & intelligent entrepreneurs and learned so much about the food business... Best of all, I met amazing people whom I am privileged to call as my friends... What more can a girl ask for?

See you guys at a restaurant near you!128155128155128155

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

I saw that | looloo recently held a sponsored rendezvoos at Runner's Kitchen so I remembered my way too long back log (again). Visited them with a friend last month because she got curious about how "healthy food" tastes like. LOL since Runner's Kitchen serves organic food, which means those without preservatives or artificial flavors, I brought her there.

First comment my friend dropped was "mahal" (pricey). Well that's the usual price for organic restaurants so I was not surprised anymore. At least they're a bit less of the guilt we usually get from typical restaurant food. 128514 those vetsin and extra flavors to make the food more delicious.

So we were there just to have some light snacks and the friend chose the Tuna Malunggay Pesto Melt for 340 bucks. It's served with salads on the side because "you must eat your veggies" according to their menu 128514128514 I liked this sandwich but I think the bread was overly toasted/grilled having that extra crunchy but already hard effect. Medyo masakit kagatin ang bread 128517 The dressing, homemade mayo plus the malunggay pesto, was good though I could taste the tuna more than the pesto... Proportion of bread to the filling was good, a bit generous actually. Salad tasted fresh and light. I like eating salads. 128077🏻

Runner's Kitchen is one of the few organic restaurants in the Morato strip but I think they have to work more on their marketing. The location is at the less visited area of Morato, near E. Rodriguez. It's a pretty good choice though for snacks if you're willing to pay the extra amount for it being healthier than the usual. 128077🏻

Place is small and can accommodate maybe 20 people? But the interiors is really nice. An actual-sized bike at a wall, wooden boxes at another side, some flower vases, and etc. they all look nice 128077🏻 very relaxing ambiance for dining alone or with friends...

Also heard that they have a revised menu so I took a photo and sent it to looloo's email Gwen I 128517

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Cyrene C.
5.0 Stars

If you're craving for something healthy but delicious at the same time, make sure to stop by Runner's Kitchen!

I've been here many times already and I always get their Pan-Seared Chicken. It has kaldereta sauce, stir-fried garlic sitaw and pickled cucumber. Starch is cooked with garlic. Gluten-free, nut-free.

The chicken is tender and the sauce is very flavorful. Overall, I get the same delicious and quality Pan-Seared Chicken everytime.

I've also tried their Peppercorn and Sesame Crusted Tuna. It's Lightly seared tuna with orange ponzu sauce and zucchini carpaccio. Starch is cooked with tahini. Gluten-free, nut-free. Which is my 2nd favorite.

Service - they're all very attentive and friendly.

When I come back, I'll try their Power Breakfast! :))

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Melody T.
4.0 Stars

Perfect place for a healthy foodie like me! Only downside is the service of the lady at the cashier. Could use a smile on her face.

Loved the Roasted Squash Soup, dairy-free! Yeay! They didn't have the Kale & Watermelon salad so we had the Beet & Spinach Salad instead and this was yummy!

Beef Salpicao was tasty without being salty. Prawns & Chicken were good as well. We had black rice & roasted sweet potato as add-ons and they tasted good too! The fried basils with the chicken were just a tad salty.

We were surprised that these dishes were filling because they kinda looked small. 128077🏻

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